Thursday, December 18, 2014

I MUSTACHE You Some Questions

Folks, my mind is mush. With Christmas just a week away, this Momma is in full force, juggling 36 different tasks and being stretched far too thin. When Jenny over at The Chronicles of We tagged me for a series of get to know you questions, I thought "yes!!! Something I can handle without much thought". #truth 

Four names other people call me, other than my real name...
+ Steph
+ Stephie
+ Momma/Mommy/Mom
+ TayTay

Four jobs that I've had...
+ Student Services Coordinator
+ BMV Clerk
+ Store Manager
+ Office Assistant

Four movies that I've watched more than once...
+ Dirty Dancing
+ Forrest Gump
+ Shawshank Redemption
+ Gone With The Wind

Four places that I've lived...
+ Miamisburg
+ Dayton
+ Tiffin
+ Round Rock

Four places I have been...
+ Tennessee
+ Florida
+ Colorado
+ Louisiana

Four places I'd rather be right now...
+ Home for the holidays
+ In bed
+ Any place tropical
+ Golden, CO

Four things I won't eat...
+ Kale
+ Sushi
+ Onions
+ Chickpeas

Four of my favorite foods...
+ Anything and everything Italian
+ Frozen custard
+ Pickles
+ Asparagus 

Four TV shows that I watch... (just 4??)
+ Mob Wives -- judge away!
+ Anything with the Property Brothers -- Drew and Jonathan Scott
+ Parenthood
+ The majority of the shows on Nick Jr. thanks to C.

Four things I'm looking forward to in 2015...
+ Being back in Ohio
+ focusing on reaching personal goals
+ Connor starting school in the Fall
+ having Thanksgiving with family again

Four things I'm always saying...
+ I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around your neck.
+ hash tag (insert just about any word here)
+ Take another bite, please.
+ Let's have some patience, okay?

Four people I tag:
+ Kayla :: My Kind of Yellow
+ Liz :: Chasin' Mason 
Happy Friday Eve, ya'll! 


  1. Dirty dancing, Yes! I could watch that movie all the time. Italian food everyday would be just fine with me I <3 carbs. So glad I am not the only one that says hashtag out loud usually it is in some kind of snarky, sarcastic way. Desiree tagged me in hers and I have already posted mine or I'd do it again. But thanks the tag anyways :). I am a sucker for these cute little interviews.

    1. I am actually going to make a hash tag ornament for our tree. Because if there is one single thing that screams Stephanie this year, it's the hash tag.

  2. I love post like this..I love getting to know people better and these types of post help with that. I love it. We love Golden, CO too!!! So you mind if I steal this idea from you? Ha!

    1. Steal away. I would love to read your answers.

  3. love these kind of posts!! my mind is mush too! lol! dirty dancing is my favorite movie!

    1. Between the holiday and our move, my mind is overloaded. I just stare straight ahead more than anything else, thinking of what I could be doing but not. Oy!

  4. Dirty Dancing, another great one that I've watched over and over! And I agree, Kale = blech. Maybe if it's cooked and covered in dressing it's ok, but raw Kale? Ick. Great answers! So much fun reading these types of posts :)

    1. I don't like kale in any form or fashion. I just can't. I also hate lettuce. Which makes me weird I'm sure.

  5. i always sing/say the "i love you a bushel & a peck..." to my daughter.

    1. Connor finishes it now if I trail off. He knows it's my song to him.

  6. haha take another bite, please. Gosh that sounds so familiar. And, amen to being in bed. I mean I'm totally in bed but with the laptop doesn't count, just a couple more to-dos then zonk!

    1. I refuse to take my computer to bed with me. If I do, I'm up way tooooo late and have the stuff I write is complete shit because I'm not really firing on all cylinders.

  7. Umm Jonathan and Drew Scott. Yes! Come over, we can make popcorn, and we can watch Property Brothers all night long! I LOVE what they do to people's homes!
    And I had no idea you had had those other jobs! So similar to me in what I do and what I wish I was doing!
    Thanks for the tag!

    1. I am obsessed with the Scott brothers. I want to go on their cruise next year but James won't give in. I mean, who wouldn't love a dose of that on a ship!!!

  8. These posts are always great! I enjoy getting to know you better this way!

    1. Thanks Rachel. It's a fun post that gives new readers/fans a little more info on me.

  9. TayTay? I don't follow… Please explain.
    Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption for the win!
    "Take another bite." Every.single.meal.

    1. Think 2 year old and the name Stephanie... anything can happen. My niece referred to me as Stiffy for a long time. That was fun.

  10. I love learning more about you!! I'm curious about Tay Tay, too!

    1. Stephanie is just too much for a little one to learn/say so in her mind, it was Tay Tay and it's stuck. I will always be her best friend Tay Tay.

  11. hahaha, "Take another bite, please." <3

    I'd happily trade all the pickles I ever get sent my way in exchange for sushi! :P

    1. Sounds like a solid plan to me, friend!

  12. Fun post! Just learned a lot about you. ;-)

    1. I love giving readers a fun post that provides a little more about me as a person and not just a blogger.


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