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Meet Courtney - Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

Hi there! I'm Courtney and I write over at Shiraz In My Sippy Cup where I discuss all things parenting, working mom challenges and the occasional random thought or two...maybe three. I'm just a small town girl with big city dreams living life as a kick-ass Marketing Manager by day and a Wonder Woman mom by night to a beautiful and tenacious three year old (Yes, I'm fully aware that sounds like a Journey song but It works - I'm a huge Journey fan!). My baby daddy, Michael, is my best friend and partner in crime. He also loves to tell the story to people that I got him drunk at a work event and asked him to kiss me first while we were dating. Lies. All lies. I love Tennessee football, a great glass (or two!) of Shiraz wine, pearls, naps and am a proud Kappa Delta alum. I'm tackling life with a lot of laughs, sarcasm and baby wipes and am honored that Stephanie is sharing me with you all today. Thanks, Stephanie!

You are a working Momma and wife. How do you balance a having a career, raising a family and being a kick ass blogger? 
For me, it all boils down to staying organized, lots and lots of laughing (mostly at myself) and always keeping in mind what my priorities really are. Life has a great way of trying to sway us in all different directions so as long as my internal compass is in check, I feel grounded and able to balance it all. When I leave work, I leave it at the office so that my family has all of me. Blogging of course is my outlet but at the end of the day, it's a hobby so when life's challenges come calling, it's usually one of the first things to get put on the back burner and I'm perfectly OK with that. It's also the one place where I've allowed myself to be completely real and honest about my life and thoughts. I'm not perfect but I strive to keep my talk real and on point and in a blog world full of fluff, pomp and circumstance, I think my up front approach is refreshing and resonates well with other women and bloggers. I think it also helps to do life with a strong and committed partner which is what I have in Michael. Without him, I really don't know what I'd do. Single parents have my utmost respect. 

What has been your greatest parenting moment so far with Chickie? Your biggest heartache? 
Wow, this is really a tough question! Greatest parenting moment by far would have to be potty training. It sounds completely stupid to say and I feel like I'm being "that parent" but I'm just going to be honest and keep it real: teaching a toddler/preschooler to shit and pee in the right place at the right time is no joke, y'all. I've done a lot of challenging things in my life but nothing so draining, frustrating and complex as potty training. The first time I realized Chickie was really starting to get the hang of it, I felt like I had conquered the world. It's a feeling that only a parent can relate to and understand and for those of you who've been there and done that, I know you're nodding your heads right now. For those of you who will eventually be in my shoes, you will soon understand. 

My biggest parenting fail by far would have to be the day I realized that I was killing my little girl's soul with my laptop. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Maddy was playing independently with her blocks while I was paying bills, surfing, blogging, and generally just killing time. She came over to me several times to get my attention and each time was met with a, "Ok sweetie, hold on..." I happened to glance up and see the look on her face and she just looked...devastated. I in return felt like the biggest ass in the world and it was right then that I vowed to never lose my child to the computer again. I'm not perfect about this all the time but for the most part, I've really curbed how, when and why I use technology when I'm with her. I never want her to ever think that anything is more important than her. 

You blog over at Shiraz In My Sippy Cup. How did you get your blogging start and what inspired the name of your blog? 
I started blogging as most mothers do - to document our family and our daughter however, I quickly fell in love with the writing and creative outlet of it all and it just kind of took on legs of its own. When it came time to think of a name for it, Michael and I were standing in the kitchen one night enjoying some after work cocktails while Chickie was playing with her own sippy cup. She was also starting to teethe and was horribly, horribly cranky that evening. I started joking that if she was going to keep that up with the whining and fussing, I was going to need a sippy cup of my own filled with Shiraz wine and voila! Shiraz In My Sippy Cup was born. 

Which blogger do you think you would get along with in person? 
Aside from Stephanie (no really, she is my first pick), I feel like I've always had a great connection with Jenny from The Chronicles of We. I "met" Jenny online a little over a year ago and we hit it off instantly. We had a lot in common with feelings on the newborn days, PPD and being a family that feels confident in being "one and done." The funny thing is that at the time that we met online, we both lived in Colorado. We tried to make plans to meet but because of my schedule, it just didn't work out. I hope that changes someday soon!

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After reading these, you will know why Courtney is blogger bestie material.


  1. Love this! I agree, potty training is such a huge accomplishment! Some days you feel like they'll be in a diaper for ages!

  2. Amen to the potty training! Loved this. Courtney is one of my favorite ladies and it was nice reading more about her! The laptop answer made my heart drop, Kins did the same this weekend as I was on my phone and we were playing Cootie. She said, "Mommy! Put the phone down it's your turn". and she's only 3. Broke my heart!!

  3. Yay for Courtney! Love her challenge and greatest achievement answer. Potty training..I don't even. And so true about keeping the computer in its place.

  4. Hehe, I love that story about how she came up with the name of her blog. :) And the story about her being on the laptop and her daughter being sad about, that really hit home with me. That's one of my goals is working on being more present and not working on blog stuff around my children as much.

  5. Love this! Although I'm past the potty training days with a 7 and 8 year old at home, I do have to balance being a working mom quite a bit. You are so right, staying organized is key.

  6. Damn that Courtney chick is one fly ass mama! ;-) Thank you again for the chance to share a little of me with your readers. So happy and proud to sponsor your blog!

  7. Yay one of my favorite new blogs I'm following since Blog Life Community. Very cool!!

  8. Great post! I am just coming up on potty training, ughhh!

  9. Great guest post! I love Courtney (thanks for the shout out!) and her blog is always fresh and honest! So fun to see one of my favs featured on another fav blog! PT is totally no joke!!!

  10. Great post!! This cracked me up!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the name "Shiraz in my Sippy Cup". How cool to know how Courtney came up with the name.

  12. Awesome guest post. Love me some Courtney!!


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