Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Q&A & Home Decor

Today, I'm going to answer questions from Faith's Golden Vlog linkup (via text and not a video, sorry Faith) as well as give you a glimpse of our home during the holidays. Enjoy!

What's your favorite Christmas song?
I am 100% old school and love the originals by Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra. When of my favorite Christmas CDs is Christmas with The Rat Pack. Martin's "Silver Bells" is beautiful and again, makes me wish I had been born in the 60's. I also enjoy any Chrsitmas song sung by Elvis because, it's Elvis. And I can't forget Nat King Cole. Like I said, I'm very old school when it comes to my Christmas music of choose. The only modern singers I enjoy Christmas music from is Michael Buble and Harry Connick, Jr. but then again, both have a little bit of that old crooner style of singing that I enjoy.

Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
When we are in Ohio we have to plan around my Mom's work schedule (she is an ER nurse) so there have been times when we've opened gifts Christmas Eve and others on the day of. But this year, we are staying in Texas and we will be opening gifts Christmas morning when C wakes up and has had breakfast (or that's the idea anyway).

Are you a last minute present wrapper or are you done buying and wrapping presents way in advance?
I usually buy presents throughout the year and for a week or so after Thanksgiving and then have one large wrapping session when I wrap so much that I actually start to hate the task just a bit. This year, I'm having a wrapping party with some girlfriends. We are going to bring what gifts we still need to wrap (in my case, it's all of ours) and wrap them together while chit chatting, enjoying some tasty goodies and wine.

What's your favorite Christmas movie?
I would have to say It's a Wonderful Life. I watched it for the first time in 8th grade and remember thinking that there was nothing more beautiful than the sound of bells ringing. Now as an adult, I get the true meaning behind the movie much more and find that it's a classic that must be watched every year. If you haven't watched it do so. Right now, it's available on Netflix.

What's are a couple things on your wish list?
The boring answer is gift cards to: Ulta, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Target. Even worse, Lowe's or Home Depot for the updates we want to do when we move back home. My fun answer would be new running shoes, a fancy laptop bag, new Alex & Ani bracelets, new to do list and grocery pads and an endless supply of sleep. Hey, I'm a Mom. We value sleep like you would NEVER imagine.

What is a favorite Christmas memory you have?
When I was about 5 or so, my Dad had bought me and my cousin Michelle Barbie Dolls. He gave her the one with perfume and I just got the boring Barbie. I was so upset and thought he liked her more than me. I've since moved on from it but it's one of the first Christmas memories I have. I still don't get why I knew he was the one giving the gift; WHAT ABOUT SANTA? 

 If you are married, how do you split your Christmas holiday with both families?
We take in consideration when my Mom works, when my niece and nephew goes to their Mom's, when James's niece and nephew will be with their Dad instead of their Mom. Sometimes we have Christmas a day or two earlier or later depending on each families schedule. It's a balancing act really but overall, we always spend Christmas morning at our home. I want Connor to always wake up in his bed Christmas morning. 

Christmas is such an important holiday for me, hands down my favorite. Yes, I deck the halls and shop to I drop but at the end of the day, I know the real importance of CHRISTmas. While that can often times gets pushed to the back burner, James and I try are hardest to keep Jesus Christ in our home throughout the year and especially on Christmas. From praying with Connor and going to church on Christmas (something we plan to start doing this year), we are always reminded what was sacrificed for our eternal love and life. 

Hope you enjoyed my Q&A and a look at some of our Christmas decor. 
Join Faith, Courtney, Jenny and Beth and share you holiday home with us.



  1. Love the questions mixed in here. I completely agree that the classic Christmas songs are the BEST!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love a place where you can hang your Christmas cards!! I need a place like that!

  3. This is fun! LOVE the decor and I'm a sucker for old school Christmas music too. But I've recently become obsessed with Micheal Buble!

  4. I love classic Christmas songs!! Love your decorations!

  5. I envy your tree! Every year I tell myself I'm going to go buy a tall tree, but I always end up buying a little one! :p So much easier.

  6. I love your old school taste in Christmas music! I love the country Christmas music and I am loving Pentatonix this year. And Michael Buble and Harry Connick…YES!!!!!!! I love all of your décor and your Christmas memory…awwww! My sister and I have some like that!

  7. Love your decorations, and even more so the Q&A! I never used to want gift cards for Christmas, but now, I have a lot of those on my wish list too :) Must be an adult thing. Christmas is my favorite holiday too, and we're doing our best to teach our daughter that it's about Jesus' birthday :) Since you like the older Christmas music/movies, do you like White Christmas? I have to watch that one every year- one of my faves!

  8. Umm, I pretty much think that the way you display your cards ROCKS. SO SMART. I always struggle with where to display ours. It was easier when Mason was little because he wouldn't rip them down (and we had a bigger entertainment unit). But now I need them out of the reach of little, destroyer hands and that is genius. Will have to keep this in mind for next year!
    And your gift wrapping party sounds like so much fun! Sign me up.

  9. So smart to have a gift wrapping party. I haven't wrapped a single thing yet. And it's a Wonderful Life is one of my faves too. I'll have to check it out on netflix this year :)

  10. I still totally love the "wrapped" door for xmas cards and I spy my card up there! Your mantel with the trees, bulb wreathe and mirror is so festive. I might have to make a mental note to hang a mirror above our mantel in the new house! Oh and that tree skirt is awesome. Yay for a wrapping party - that sounds so festive and fun! I'll have to remember that too! Thanks for linking up with us!

  11. I seriously love this little Q&A! Might need to steal it! We open Christmas presents with my dad's side on Christmas eve and then after Caleb and I finish the morning at our place we head to my moms/grandmas side and have a huge brunch! I love it!

  12. Good Lord, even our taste in Christmas is damn near identical hahaha! I LOVE the classic crooners! Matter of fact, I'm listening to Bing Crosby right now and YES YES YES It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie, too. Then comes A Charlie Brown Christmas. I love your tree!! So beautiful - all of it. Love ya!

  13. Love the double post style and I could answer your first question almost the same - add in some She & Him and Celtic Christmas tunes and it's the same =) oooh it's on netflix? That is fantastic, my vhs copy has seen better days.

  14. What a great idea for Christmas cards!

  15. Classic Christmas music for the win. I'm also a huge Mannheim Steamroller fan. One day I'd love to see them perform their holiday show live.
    It's a Wonderful Life!!! Donna Reed is from my home town. It's our only claim to fame. HA!

  16. I love all your Christmas Decorations!

  17. What a unique card display! Loved the tour. I completely forgot about this!

  18. I love all of your Christmas decorations. Your mantel is beautiful. I also love the classic Christmas songs.


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