Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas 2014 Photo Challenge :: Day 17-24

Merry Christmas Eve! Today is the last day of our photo challenge. As of this morning, we've had 342 photos uploaded! 342!!! That totally blows me away and I couldn't be happier with the show of support for my first ever photo challenge. If you are wondering if I'll make this an annual thing... well you can beat your Christmas stocking it will be back for Christmas 2015!

Today, I'm sharing days 17-24 with you. You can find our photos from days 1-9 HERE and 10-16 HERE. These photos and many many more can be found on Instagram.

Day 17 || TREE - I've been adding ornaments all year long and finally, it was set for our Pajama Play Date with friends.

Day 18 || GIFTS - The best gifts is the one of friendship, no matter how little the friend. 

Day 19 || INSPIRATION - James, my inspiration to be better, do better and be more. 

Day 20 || PAJAMAS - Connor loves his festive pjs from Aunt Dean.

Day 21 || HAPPINESS - Happiness is being up way past bedtime, enjoying Christmas lights and Toy Story 3

Day 22 || SANTA - Connor's first ever photo shoot in 2012. The theme? Cookies with Santa. 

Day 23 || GLITTER - Ornaments made for our family and friends with just a touch of glitter. 

Day 24 || LIGHTS - John 8:12 -- I am the light of the world; God's promise to us.

Every single day I looked forward to capturing a photo that would detail our prompts. Connor was more than willing to pose a time or a dozen. I hope each of you have a Merry Christmas, spent with the ones you love, making the very best memories possible. 


  1. So sorry I am totally lame and couldn't accomplish the challenge. I LOVE the idea and am hopeful that if (when!) you do this next year that I can do so much better! LOVE all your photos!

  2. Love all of the pictures and can't wait until next year! I will be prepared and will totally rock this challenge. Life got too busy this year and we had so much family in town. :)


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