Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas 2014 Photo Challenge :: Day 1-9

I have had the best time with my #2014ChristmasPhoto Challenge. As of yesterday afternoon, we have had 159 photos submitted on Instagram. Thank you to each and every one of you who has joined us. Celebrating the holidays is what I look forward to every year and photo challenges like this one make it easier for me to have some festive fun with my blogging family. 

If you aren't familiar with the challenge, each day you are given a prompt to photograph and then upload it to Instagram. If you haven't joined us yet, don't worry! Join today - the prompt is stockings - and use the hashtag #2014ChristmsPhoto. I'll be on the lookout for your photos! Then on December 17 and 24th you post a collection of the photos you've taken so far on your blog or Facebook. Here are our photos from December 1 to December 9:

Day 1 || YOURSELF - and I know this isn't a true selfie but only Desiree complains about seeing sweet C in photos #bahhumbug 

Day 2 || RED - our storage room door is prepped and ready for our Christmas cards

Day 3 || TEXTURE - a kitchen table centerpiece full of glitter, smooth ornaments and waxy candles

Day 4 || ORNAMENT - our first Christmas ornament as a couple - dated 2008

Day 5 || TRADITION - 3 years running, we've had Kringle as our Elf on the Shelf

Day 6 || SWEETS - Mom group Christmas party means one thing: all.the.sweets.

Day 7 || LUCKY - being this boys Momma is real tangible proof that some of us just get lucky in life

Day 8 || FAVORITE - Connor was just 6 weeks old in his first Christmas themed photo

Day 9 || ELF - Kringle works hard during the month of December making Connor smile and smile 

Like I mentioned before, we are having a blast with this photo challenge. Connor likes to help me come up with ways to work with our daily prompt into our day.

Christmas is just weeks away and we have loads of shopping and wrapping still to do! Hope ya'll are having a fabulous December. 


  1. Seeing all of the pictures together in one place is so much. This has been such a great challenge. I have yet to ever complete a photo challenge but I think I might just finish this one!

  2. I love this!! I might have to join in!! I love the Christmas season and seeing how other people are celebrating and all their Christmas traditions are so fun! Thanks for hosting this!

  3. Ugh, girl I feel you. I'm so behind on my shopping this year! I think going on vacation the first week in December totally threw me off. :( But I love all the pictures! I want to join!! ;)

  4. Love this challenge! Very fun idea, high five. I didn't even think to do the round up on FB, my blog calendar was already full so that is a good idea.

  5. Love love love all of these! How did you get the collage of pictures as circles? Love it. And I definitely need to join in. Do you have a quick reference for all of the themes for the rest of the month?

  6. This looks fun! I might have to join for the next set! Thanks for sharing, your photos are great! :)

  7. How fun! What great themes! I totally want in on this!

  8. I love these photos. Especially the little one at the bottom

  9. I have really enjoyed keeping up with you through this challenge. That picture of Connor when he was a baby is darling! And I love seeing everyone's elf shenanigans since I don't have a little one to participate with.

  10. How much fun! I love photo challenges! Thanks for linking up. :)


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