Monday, November 3, 2014

101 in 1001

Inspired by Design Darling’s 101 in 1001 list (also known as the Day Zero Project), the project pushes you to complete 101 tasks in 1,001 days (2.75 years). Most of the tasks are not focused on money or material purchases, but more on the experiences I want to have in my life. Some are realistic goals like read X amount of books and visit New York City. Others are more fun like trying a famous restaurant in a new city or hosting family Christmas.

What better way to kick off my 32nd year than with a challenge that will allow me to focus on creating memories and experiencing life to it's fullest? With my birthday on Saturday (11/1), I decided to treat myself to a challenge that I will push my boundaries. 

So without further adieu here is my 101 things...
  1. Travel to California - visit November 2014
  2. Run a 10K
  3. Become debt free
  4. Raise money for an important cause - raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness
  5. Find a pen-pal  meet Courtney from Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
  6. Inspire someone else to create their on 101 in 1001 list - Read Lindsay's List HERE
  7. Open a recipe book to a random page and cook
  8. Meet Desiree and Liz - blogged about it HERE
  9. Watch Ghostbusters per Kristen's suggestions
  10. Dress up for Halloween as a family
  11. Grow a plant from a seed
  12. No eating lunch out for a month
  13. Redesign Wife Mommy Me -thanks to Erin of Designs by Erin
  14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  15. Host family Christmas
  16. Read 1 book a month from 11/1/14 to 7/29/17
  17. Take a couple's cooking class
  18. Donate blood
  19. Lose 30 pounds
  20. Send someone a care package for no reason
  21. Have a Skype date with Beth
  22. Take and complete an online class
  23. Give up Target for 90 days
  24. Write James a letter to be opened on our 10th wedding anniversary 
  25. Take a family vacation with The Underwood's
  26. Spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast
  27. Sleep under the stars
  28. Attend a yoga class
  29. Have a family weekend in Indianapolis 
  30. Give up Starbucks for 6 months
  31. Watch the sunrise from the beach
  32. Enjoy a spa day
  33. Attend a women's conference
  34. Watch Caddyshack per Kristen's suggestion 
  35. Eat at a new restaurant and blog about the food/experience
  36. Spend a weekend off the grid
  37. Build a snowman with Connor
  38. See a movie by myself
  39. Watch Will & Grace from episode 1
  40. Find the perfect color of red lipstick
  41. Volunteer in our community 3 times by July 29, 2017
  42. Attend an Ohio State Buckeyes game
  43. Take a road trip with Tracy
  44. Host a girls only brunch
  45. Have a photo of myself taken every month for a year
  46. Get fitted for running shoes
  47. Complete Connor's baby book
  48. Cook a whole chicken
  49. Start a new family tradition
  50. Take a spinning class
  51. List 32 things I like about myself before I turn 33
  52. Write Connor a letter to be open on his 18th birthday
  53. Make dinner, serving dessert first. 
  54. Get a passport - Cabo here we come!
  55. Have a slumber party with Macie
  56. Complete a "photo an hour" project
  57. Take a photography class
  58. Watch a black and white film
  59. Read Gone With The Wind
  60. Leave 50 Operation Beautiful notes
  61. Buy a stranger coffee
  62. Go a year without {something}
  63. Send a letter to friends in at least 10 states
  64. Write Connor's birth story and share it on WMM
  65. Go apple picking
  66. Watch an Audrey Hepburn movie
  67. Run 5, 5ks in one year
  68. Take Connor on a Mother/Son date
  69. Complete "The Story" Bible study
  70. Start and finish a DIY home project
  71. Have Connor document “a day in the life” with a disposable camera
  72. Leave a 100% tip at a restaurant
  73. Go an entire day without social media
  74. Wear matching pajamas on Christmas morning
  75. BOO our friends/family
  76. Run a family 5K
  77. Spend the weekend in Columbus with Kristin
  78. Donate to Goodwill 4 times - Donated Jan. 15, June 9, January 26 and February 18
  79. Take Connor to the ocean
  80. Frame my own photography and hang it in our home
  81. Attend a musical
  82. Go an entire weekend with no television
  83. Make homemade donuts
  84. Make a purchase from Mrs. Potter
  85. Attend a cookie exchange
  86. Visit a museum
  87. Bake an apple pie from scratch
  88. Send flowers to a friend
  89. Hit 600 followers on Google Friend Connect - completed December 2014
  90. Complete a week of "random acts of kindness"
  91. Collaborate with a blog friend for a project I believe in - Coffee for Two with Courtney
  92. Make our own laundry detergent
  93. Get a professional blowout at a DryBar
  94. Move all my photos from my laptop to an external hard drive
  95. Find our perfect "home church"-Accomplished March 2015
  96. Go on a picnic with the boys
  97. Blog for a month straight
  98. Create a family budget
  99. Spend the night with Tracy for a girl's night in
  100. Make and serve french toast for breakfast
  101. At the end of 1001 days, put aside $10 for every task I've completed
Follow my journey here and on Facebook and Instagram where I'll be using hashtag #wmm1001. Let the fun begin!


  1. I love this list. I made a 101 in 1001 list a long while ago, and I wish I still had it. I think it had it on my old blog which got deleted. I might be the one you inspire to make another one!

  2. I love your list so much! I have a 30 before 30 list going and I think once I complete that one I'll do a 101 list like yours :)

  3. Wow that's a great list! And this is a great concept.... I might have to do this myself. It's an intriguing idea for sure :)

  4. Ooooh, I need to do this!
    I like all you've listed (but really, drop 30 pounds? What? Why?!), but I LOVE number 1 and 2. :)

  5. So fun, love your list this will be fun to follow along with. Maybe I will make a list to!

    Happy Belated Birthday to. I kept thinking about sending you a message on Saturday but I never did :(.

  6. Thanks so much for joining the link party! I loved reading your list! You've got some really good ones - I love the idea of writing a list of 32 things you like about yourself before you turn 33 :)

    Stacy @

  7. I love your list!! Goal lists are a big thing with me, I love writing them and I love crossing things off them even more!! Good luck in your adventure to complete all 101 items on your list :-)

  8. I hope you had the best birthday! And this is such a great list. Can't wait to watch you knock these off your list!

  9. Great list! I love how you included a good variety. I love that some are simpler, everyday activities and others are larger commitments, like trips!

  10. I hoe you achieve every single one. right now I barely have time for 10 goals let alone 100 so kudos to you and good luck!

  11. I've never heard of the 101 list! I love your list - especially #23! ;) that would be hard! I'll have to follow along ... Such a fun idea :)


  12. I love your list! :] #49 should be a fun one! I'm doing a cookie exchange this year too (but not hosting)! Best of luck to you on your goals!

  13. Love your list!!!! I love so many and you gave me so many ideas! I would comment on all of them, but you would probably get bored of me. Of course I love the travel to CA and meet Desiree and Liz the most but there are so, so many I love!
    The only one I think I might have a problem with is the no Target for 90 days. You are a brave, brave woman...

  14. Wooo I totally admire your 90 days without caffeine! I love my coffee in the morning. I no longer drink sodas, but I do drink iced tea. Good luck on your 101 things and I can't wait to follow the journey!


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