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Meet Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason

As a blogger, you spend hours a day networking with other bloggers who either have the same story as you or something fairly similar. When I started blogging, I never imagined I would meet so many people, let alone form friendships with ladies that are a part of my every day life. Today, I'm want you to meet Elizabeth. She is one of my dearest blogger friends and we are {this close} to meeting in real life. Liz and I, along with Desiree, will be meeting up in November in San Diego. But enough of about that. Here is Elizabeth!
 Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank Stephanie for letting me guest post on her blog today! And second of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth and I blog over at Chasin' Mason, a blog about the adventures of motherhood and daily life with a toddler. I sometimes sprinkle some recipes and other stuff in, but my blog is mostly a mommy blog. I'm married to my amazing husband of 4 years, Seth, and we have a son, Mason, who is 2.

1) As a blogger, we put our lives out on the world wide web for all to see. What made you decide to start blogging? Do you ever fear you are sharing too much?
I started my blog shortly after Mason was born in 2012. And to be honest, looking back now, I wish I had started it from the minute I found out I was pregnant (well maybe not the minute, but you know what I mean). I started my blog to document Mason's life. It originally started out as a place for me to write about our days and updates with Mason so friends and family far away could keep up with what was going on with us. The blog has since grown into so much more, but still remains with my same purpose. I love that my blog is like an online scrapbook of Mason's life and I actually often refer back to old posts when someone asks "when did Mason first start crawling? or walking? or what was his first solid?". As much as I should remember off the top of my head, I have so much going on in there that it's nice to be able to refer back to something that can give me an exact answer.
Sometimes I do fear that I am sharing too much. I've heard so many horror stories of people getting pictures of their children stolen by random people and claimed as their own that it really scares me. The fact that someone can learn about your life through your blog, steal a picture of your child, and make it their own worries me. I've been lucky so far to not run into that problem (or at least that I know of) but I am looking into putting some sort of logo or watermark on my photos so nobody can do that.
2) As a fellow boy Mom myself, I know how fun and reckless boys can be. What is one of your favorite moments of being Mason's Mom so far? Do you have a story you can't wait to share with a future girlfriend? Do share!
I feel like Mason is the cleanest boy ever! He is so funny. For the longest time, he HATED being dirty. Like if something was on his hands, he would shake it to get it off. I tried finger painting with him and he just cried when he got the paint on his hands. And on his first birthday, he refused to touch the cake so my husband (lovingly) smashed his hand into the cake and he shook his hand and cried and we had to give him a bath because he was so upset about being dirty. He's too funny. Recently though he's been more into "boy things" like getting dirty, etc. His new favorite thing is to open and shut the toilet lid and stick him hand in the toilet (lovely I know!). This is followed up by me quickly grabbing him and us washing his hands...another favorite of his. He seems to have a good balance now. He likes to get dirty but then he likes to get clean right after! Baths are a definite favorite!
As for my favorite moment so far... I don't know that I can pick one! I feel like I say this at every stage and every age but I think this age is my favorite. He is now 20 months old and is just so fun! You can really see his little personality coming out. It's AMAZING and awesome to see him learn and really understand things. For a couple weeks, I've been showing him how to pull the trigger on his bubble gun all by himself (to make the fan spin around) and when I walked away the other day after showing him again, he did it...on his own! Seriously, I just had the BIGGEST smile on my face knowing that I taught him that and he now knows how to do it on his own. I let him bring it in the car and the whole way to the appointment we were going to I just heard "whir whir whir" (the sound of the fan spinning) and him giggling and I couldn't help but smile. It's a simple, little thing, but those are the most special.
I feel like the funniest stories are still yet to come, but I can't wait to share so many stories with his future girlfriends! (Ahh!! The thought of a girlfriend... he's growing up too fast already!)
3) If you're life was to be made into a movie, what would the title be and who would star as you? 

Oh gosh, this is a hard one. I almost want to say that the title of my movie would be the same as my blog title, "Chasin' Mason". As cheesy as that may sound, I feel like it is an accurate description of my life right now. I feel like I am constantly chasing him around, cleaning up after him, or just plain playing and having fun. We went out to dinner with my sister-in-law and nieces the other weekend and then walked over to the cookie shop to get a cookie. I could barely shove money in her hand fast enough and was off to chase Mason around the store. Around and around and around the fixtures we went. I don't know how he didn't get dizzy, but I sure was! And as for who would play me... hmm... that's a hard one. I would almost have to say myself (which is a total cop out, I know), but I am a horrible actress so I'll have to go with one of my favorite actresses... Reese Witherspoon.

4) You created the #BOYMOMS series and I love you for that! What do you think it would be like had Mason been a girl? How would your relationship be different?
To be honest, before we found out that Mason was a boy, I had wanted a girl. Now, please don't think I was disappointed that Mason was a boy! I LOVE that I have a boy. I just thought it would be so much easier to have a girl... I'm a girl so I would understand girl things. I have 2 nieces so I could get cute, hand-me-down clothes and they could all be best friends. I had a close relationship with my mom so we would be close too. And so on.
When I was pregnant, I had no idea what I was having. You know how they say you have a feeling one way or another? I didn't! It was weird. So when the technician asked if we wanted to know what we were having, my husband and I both said yes and she said we were having a boy. At first, I was like, "Wait. What? It's not a girl?" But then the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. And once Mason arrived, I was just over the moon in love. I can't imagine my life any differently and am so blessed to have a little boy.
So, thinking about it now, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a girl. I would hope it would be exactly like what my mom and my relationship was like (she passed away when I was 18). You know how they say that boys are mama's boys and girls are daddy's girls? It wasn't like that for me. I mean, I love my dad dearly, but there was a special bond with my mom and I and when she died it left a huge void in my life. I loved spending time with her. Shopping, baking, watching soap operas. When I went off to college, I would call her for the littlest things, and she would be so excited for me. I would hope that my relationship with my daughter would be the same. She was the best mom. She was my hero. She always did what was the best for my brother and I, no matter how bad or sick she felt, she made our lives as normal as possible. To this day, she is still my role model. I would want to show that to my daughter.  But, since I don't have a daughter, I will tell Mason about how amazing his Grandma was and try to be the mom to him that she was to me.

5) Using the first letter of your first name, E, describe yourself in 5 words?
Hmm... that's a hard one! Let me see...
E - Evolving - As a mom, things around me are always changing. Mason is constantly learning and growing, which in turn helps me learn and grow. Life is so different now than it was even two years ago that as a mom, a wife, a person, I must grow and evolve too.
E - Energetic - Sometimes the lack of sleep catches up and I don't feel like I am, but I always try to be energetic. I am excited about seeing Mason in the morning and at the end of the day. I am excited about taking him places and always try to make it fun, even if we're just going to the grocery store. As a working mom, I am away from him for the majority of the day so the time I do get with him is very precious and I am excited about and enjoy every minute.
E - Enjoyed - I feel kind of cocky saying this, but I feel like my company is enjoyed. I am almost always a happy, positive person who enjoys being surrounded by people. I enjoy my job where I get to work with people all day and am not just stuck in a cubicle. People seem to be happy around me and enjoy my company.
E - Eager - I am eager to teach Mason more new things and eager to see what he can teach me. It is so rewarding to see him learn and grow and discover that I can't wait to see what each new stage has in store.
E - Early - Before I had Mason, I was always early. Then I had a baby and realized you are on their schedule. You can be totally ready to go and they need to eat, or need to be changed, or spit up, or... so much more. Now that he is older, things are better and it's easier to plan. I like to be early (not too early, but a few minutes early) to things. I figure they are scheduled at a time for a reason and I like to be on time or early.
A HUGE thank you again to Stephanie for having me here today! If you'd like to learn more about our crazy life with a one and a half year old, please pop on over to my blog, Chasin' Mason. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. How fun to meet Elizabeth! Her son reminds me of my first son, who when I was traveling in Canada, I turned my back for just a moment, and he was splashing in the toilet! I realized I could either watch my kid or help with dinner, but not both. :)

  2. Great spotlight post!! Love Elizabeth and Mason!

  3. But, since I don't have a daughter, I will tell Mason about how amazing his Grandma was and try to be the mom to him that she was to me. :: Best sentence, ever.
    Great spotlight, Elizabeth! I can't wait to meet both of you in real life!!

  4. Yay! I love this. Elizabeth is the best. I'm jealous that you're all getting a real life meet-up! I want to come too!

  5. I'm so relieved whenever I hear another mama say she thought she'd have a girl, but she was NOT disappointed at having a boy, even though it was surprising. 'Cause that's my story too!

  6. I love this! I'm a #BoyMom too. I always imagined I would have girls but I ended up with three boys!! And of course, I love them to death and wouldn't change it for the world! :)

  7. This is a nice feature. I think it is a great idea that you are doing it. Great to actually get to know a blogger :) Fellow boy mom.

  8. Definitely going to be checking out the #BOYMOMS series! I've got a little boy myself! :)


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