Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Family Bucket List: Leaf Art

Recently, our little guy discovered that he loves making crafts. Last week alone, we made a fox Fall leaf, a frog door hanger, a butterfly with noodles, a puppet and tissue paper fish. I wanted to document his excitement because as we all know, he could hate crafts at the drop of a hat. 
So this week, I wanted to kick the week off by checking off something from our Fall Bucket List and what better way than with a Fall leaf art! I had this great idea that I would stencil out the shape of the tree and Connor would provide the leaf part with red, orange, yellow and brown paint. Like I said, it was an idea. That all but flopped. 
The end result was a tree trunk with well... burst of colors here and there. But I'm not one to waste a finished product no matter how unique it is. So I had an idea. Let's add some leafs to the top. So this is what we ended up with. Don't we look proud?

While cleaning up our leaf art mess, Connor decided to paint a little more. You can see the brown paper with his "design" in the photo above. I don't know what it is about his artwork but I can't let any of it go in the trash. I have to save it. I worry that this might be the last leaf artwork ever made by our son. The struggle is real. As is my drama. Along with our framed tree, we now have a beautiful hand-painted leaf by CJ Cox.

Creating a Fall keepsake doesn't take a lot of skill - this is a perfect example - just painting made the time together the best part of our Sunday. 

Don't forget to linkup your Fall activities! Desiree, Elizabeth and I love seeing what you and your families do to make the Fall the happiest season of all!


Monday, September 29, 2014


On any given week, Connor and I will have 3-4 play dates schedule. For example, next week looks a little like this...
With such busy mornings planned, it's important that I pack snacks and sometimes even our lunches so we can refuel and eat on the go when need be. One thing I dislike is having a lunch bag full of Ziploc baggies and having to a) toss them in the trash at the park or b) pack them back up in our lunch bag and bring them back home with us. Either way, we aren't being very green using 2-4 Ziploc baggies a day.

In my search for an alternative to Ziploc baggies, I discovered (via Becky) Allison and her Etsy shop, A.RHEA and MARG and her genius ideas of wet bags. All of Allison's handmade items are practical: you will use them daily - economical: priced as low as $7 - multifunctional: you will use them in ways you've never thought of before and stylish: I'll let you see for yourself!

Are these not the cutest bag to add to your lunch sack, diaper bag or even your purse? And I squealed in delight when I saw my blog name in print. But really, these A.RHEA and MARG bags have so many uses:

+ Sandwiches
+ Snacks like fruit and crackers
+ Baby items like diaper cream, pacifiers or teething toys
+ Cosmetics/toiletries
+ Wet clothes, swimsuits or bibs
+ Office supplies like pens, highlighters and post it notes.

Caring for your handmade wet bag is oh so easy. Each bag can be machine washed and line tired. If you used for something not so messy, you can simply hand wash the inside lining and air dry.

Are you as in love as I am with Allison's brilliant bags? Think of how mess free one of these bags could make your life. Good news - Allison is offering my readers a 15% discount code on any order placed through her Etsy shop. At checkout, used code WMM15.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Guest Post - Amy's Party Disaster

Gone with the Wind: A Cautionary Tale
You know how, when you have kids you enter this weird time warp where days seem to go by in a strange slow motion, but you turn around twice and all of a sudden the entire week has gone by? Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to!
About two months ago I had a fun little conversation with myself where I reminded myself my kid’s joint birthday party was six weeks away and I should probably start the planning relatively soon. Well…fast forward about four weeks and there I was scanning the calendar when I swear my heart stopped. How could there only be two weeks until the party? My body tensed and I could feel the undeniable trickle of nervous sweat in my bra. Crap.
Thank God for the internet, right? The first few party ideas that came up in my Google search were a magician (meh), a clown (nope), and a bounce house. The kids had played on a bounce house at a community sponsored carnival last year and they had loved it! I felt as though the skies had opened up and a single ray of golden light was shining down upon me. I booked one immediately.
I asked my kids what they wanted to eat at their party, my little girl (age 3) immediately cried, “princess cake!” while her older brother (age 5) countered with pirate Legos (don’t ask—I have no idea how they could be considered a food either). Pizza it is.
A few factors I hadn’t really considered 1. The set-up of the bounce house, I just assumed my husband would do it, and 2. The cake, my sister-in-law knew how to bake, she would probably have some masterful idea on how to create a Lego/princess conglomerate—or least maybe she would have if I had remembered to ask her. Yep, that’s right, I forgot about the cake. The night before the party I was up to my eyeballs in pizza dough, sauce and toppings when my hubby asked when I was picking the cake up. I think I peed a little.
A midnight run to the store and a desperate call to my sis-in-law later I was now adding a layer of flour to my already pizza covered garb.
Fast forward to party day (5 hours later, eeekk). My kitchen was a disaster, the cake looked like it had been decorated by my three-year-old and the bounce house had been picked up and looked a like a bit more than a one-person set up job.
I think I blacked out the whirlwind haze of cleaning and setup because next thing I know my backyard is full of yelling kids and milling parents. The bounce house was an immediate success. I was finally starting to relax, and that is when it all went to hell.
We live in semi-rural Idaho. Our property is surrounded on all sides by fields and when the wind started to pick up there wasn’t much obstructing it before it hit my house in huge gusts. I was inside prepping candles on my disaster cake when screaming turned into SCREAMING. Looking out my kitchen window it was as if the hand of God had reached down to gently tickle the bounce house sending it slowly flopping end over end trailing stakes and children while parents screeched in sheer terror.
Okay, it really wasn’t that bad. There were a few scraped knees, multiple mad parents and a few follow up emails. One parent decided to take the passive aggressive route and sent me this: Bouncy Castles and Your Childs Safety. I can’t say I blame them; I probably should have done my research. Needless to say there kids won’t be attending any more parties at my house—we’ll have to go with Chucky Cheese next year.
The good news is, after everyone was sufficiently covered in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Band-Aids no one seemed to notice how terrible the cake looked. They were too busy eating as fast as possible so they could flee from the death trap that now lay abandoned in my backyard. 

Author’s bio: Amy Merrill is a part-time writer and full-time mother who is slowly but steadily learning from her mistakes—especially this one—and is constantly reminding herself she isn’t the only parent who makes the occasional (okay, frequent) parenting mistake. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Treasury of Bible Stories Book Review

A few months ago, I started reading Connor Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers before nap time and bed time. Teaching Connor about Jesus is something that I put importance on but was a bit stumped on how to do it so that he could understand. While he has caught on to praying and gives an awfully cute "ame" (sounds like Amy) for his Amen, I wanted to start reading him from a Bible he would enjoy and connect with.

Children ages 4-8 will be delighted by these rhyming Bible stories pairing spiritual truths with playful illustrations. Featuring lyrical stories full of lighthearted moments, this colorful collection of Magnificent Tales is perfect for reading out loud. As families read these stories night after night, they will make memories together while learning about the Bible.

The author Kelly Pulley was born and raised in a quaint Midwestern town surrounded by corn and soybean fields. He was brought up to love and create art alongside his artistically talented mother, while his father, ex-WWII bomber pilot, fireman and electrician, worked multiple jobs to keep him and his four siblings in Red Ball Jet tennis shoes. Pulley began his career as a graphic artist at a leading sportswear screen-printing company. He remained in that industry for seventeen years before taking a full-time position illustrating dozens of The Beginner’s Bible series of books, including the latest version of The Beginner’s Bible (2005), which sold more than 1.5 million copies. He’s also authored and illustrated four other books in the Magnificent Tales™ series from David C Cook: Food for a Fish, Good News of Great Joy, The Biggest and Toughest, and Daniel for Lunch.

Treasury of Bible Stories is broken up into 20 chapters starting with "Tricked by a Snake" and moving onto "God's Bigger Plan" and the story of Esther and ending with "He has Risen" and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pulley's childrens book offers catchy rhymes and colorful pages that are perfect for reading out loud to a little one and keeping their attention. As our family incorporates this book into our daily routine, we are giving Connor the gift of the Bible and God's word. One of my favorite parts of the book is written in the Lost and Found chapter, which is based on Luke 15:11-32:

"He said, 'Children, I'll only be here a short time.
I say to you, love one another.
Where I go, you can't go.
It's important you know,
you must always show love to each other."

What books do you read to your little ones that share the teaching of the Bible? Both books shared with you today are new favorites and I'm excited to watch CJ grow into his faith.

(I received Treasury of Bible Stoires at no cost in return for my honest published opinions and review by Litfuse Publicity)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book Review: A Broken Us

A Broken Us by Amy Daws

Synopsis from Goodreads: Finley and Brody live in their own little bubble of “us.” Instead of, “I love you,” they say, “I love us.” It’s their own perfect endearment to each other. Finley’s quirky ways are the perfect contrast to Brody’s scandalously sexy passion. But Finley’s picture-perfect world gets pummeled when she gets a hard dose of reality from her doctor that changes everything. Crippled with the fear of Brody’s reaction, Finley does what she does best—she runs. She breaks his heart and leaves behind a life that is just too painful to live. One international flight later, Finley’s best friend welcomes her with open arms in London and she is immersed in a new country with new experiences and eccentric roommates. Nursing a broken heart, Finley grieves for the life she left behind and attempts to embrace the new one she is creating. When a cheeky Brit named Liam, a self proclaimed “fixer” catches her eye, she hopes it’s exactly what she needs to forget. But when Liam wants to help Finley unpack her bags for good, she realizes that her heart is still back home…with Brody.

My thoughts: What if everything you hope for for relationship and your future is taken from you and replaced with a big "if"? Amy's newest novel opens your eyes to behind the scenes of how infertility impacts a relationship. "A Broken Us" shares the rare, real emotions of what so many families and couples on a daily basis. Like she did with Chasing Hope, Amy has the ability to draw out your deepest, most authentic emotions with her words and true to life experiences. If you are looking for your next favorite book, read this. You will not be disappointed! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Family Bucket List: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffin Cakes

Happy 1st day of Fall!

Now that it's officially Fall, I'm going to take this still oh so hot and sweaty Texas Fall by storm and celebrate until I'm so falled out (I just made up a word, didn't I?) and am wishing for Christmas. Wait, who am I kidding? Ya'll know I'm always wishing for Christmas. But that's not what today's post is about. It's time to focus on our Fall Family Bucket List - here is this year's list. With so many fun tasks to choose from, I didn't know where to start so I just started with the first activity listed.

Last year, I came across this PIN. It's a 2 ingredient pumpkin muffin. It was a huge hit with Connor who was just starting to try solid foods and let's face it, it was the easiest muffin recipe ever. This morning, we had a play date and I wanted to take a Fall treat to share with CJ's friends and my fellow Mommas and I thought I would take this simple pumpkin muffin recipe and make it my own.

Ingredients for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffin Cakes
1 box of Spice Cake cake mix
1 15 oz can of pumpkin 
3 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 pack of baking cups

Ready for the ridiculously easy directions? Mix the spice cake mix, pumpkin and chocolate chips together. Fill the muffin cup up 3/4 of the way full. Bake at 350 degrees for 17-20 minutes. And BAM! You have the most amazing, incredibly moist muffin/cupcake with just a hint of both pumpkin and chocolate flavors. The best part? Kid tested and approved!

Now that you've got a simple pumpkin to enjoy this Fall, you can kick back with your PSL, watch some football (Go Buckeyes! Go Bengals!) and know that life doesn't get much better than this! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Favorites Giveaway

Happy Monday! Yeah, I know .. happy Monday? But I promise today is a good Monday. Do you know what tomorrow is? It's the official start of Fall (throws confetti). And because there is only one other time of year I love more (hint: it involved a jolly fat man), I want to kick of the week and the start of Fall with an exciting giveaway! 

Now I couldn't bring you a Fall giveaway without help two of my favorite daily reads and beloved fellow bloggers. So let's meet our giveaway co-hosts and show you want you can win this week. 

Meet Becky from bybmg and Amanda over at Keeping Up With The Haneys. Both ladies are daily reads of mine and I think you should go check them both out! Let them know I sent you their way. But I'm sure you wanna see what you could win this week, right? Here you go! 

2 lucky winners will win a TOMS Flag Zipper Pouch (handmade by Becky) filled with 3 Bath and Body Works products: a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body lotion and hand cream along with a pocket anti-bacterial hand gel. Not pictured? A $10 Starbucks e-card that will be sent to each winner as well by Amanda once winners are picked. Doesn't this giveaway scream FALL? I think so.

Entering is simple. Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter below. Winners will be picked and announced Friday on the Wife Mommy Me Facebook page. Contest rules are as follows - contest runs September 22 to September 25. Winner will be drawn randomly by Rafflecopter.com. Must be a US resident and 18 years or older to win.

Friday, September 19, 2014

25!! Friday Facts

Happy Friday! For some reason, I'm running low on creativity so I thought I'd throw together a quick post, giving ya'll a little more insight as to who I am as a person. 

Five things you want us to know about you
+ I'm not a crier so if I'm brought to tears, it's not good. 
+ I could go without change.
+ My best friend is an almost 4 year old. That's me and her being matchy matchy in the photo below.
+ I always tuck my hair behind my ears.
+ I prefer paper backs over electronic books.

 Five favorite things about blogging
+ Totally saved my sanity as a new mom in a new state.
+ I'm always working to be a more welcoming writer.
+ I don't refer to myself as a blogger.
+ Forces me to dedicate myself to something other than my marriage and son. 
+ Has given me 4 close (real life) friends.

Five things you are doing before the year is over
+ Turing 32.
+ Celebrating Coxy's 37th birthday
+ Throwing Connor another perfect birthday party.
+ Visiting California for the first time.
+ Running a 5 mile race on Thanksgiving Day.

Five favorite Fall fashion staples
+ Leggings
+ Scarves
+ Boots
+ Oversized sweaters
+ Gold jewelry

Five favorite beauty products
+ Carmex 
+ BB Cream
+ Witch Hazel
+ SPF 15 Face Lotion
+ Tweezers
Now it's your turn! Pick a category and share something with me!
I love getting to know my readers a little more. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Sesame Street Live

In honor of Connor's half birthday (yeah, I'm that person, the one who celebrates half birthdays), James and I got tickets to see Sesame Street live early this year. 

One for first shows Connor really watched and seemed to enjoy was Sesame Street. Something about the show would drawl Connor in and I would have a good 15-30 minutes to myself. Even better, I felt guilt-free and good about it because I know our son was watching educational, commercial-free television.  

We arrived early (in typical Cox Family fashion) and snagged us a light-up Elmo Wand and snapped a few photos. Connor wasn't really sure of what was going just yet as he hadn't seen anyone he would recognize (read, ELMO). 

Between singing, dancing and being {this close} to Mo, as Connor calls him, our little guy was mesmerized by the show.

Connor had a great time and although, we left a little early, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. I think he would enjoy it even more now that he is a bit older. Most of the children I saw enjoyed the show - especially the music and monsters. Some danced in the aisles, while others jumped up and down to the songs. 

All the excitement of the day caught up with CJ once we started walking to the car. He took a moment to sit and the look on his face clearly screams "Elmo wasted".

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Mister Takes Over - Part 1

I can't tell you how many times James has asked to write a blog post for my readers. But if you know James in real life, you know how creative, over the top and funny he is. Having said that, I can admit that I have to censor him a bit because boy, he can be a handful. Instead of giving him free range on WMM, I decided to give him some questions and let him run wild with those. And heads up, there was a set of fake answers but TRUST ME, you don't want to read those. 

First things first, how do you feel about being married to a "blogger"?
It's great that you have an outlet for your creative side and I am impressed at how you have grown nothing into something I have enjoyed reading on a daily basis. 

What should Wife Mommy Me readers know about me that they might not know?
You readers should know that you put a lot of work into your blog. You put a lot of work into everything you do and I love that about you.

I'm pretty much a hot mess 24/7. What is one bad habit I have that drives you crazy?
You eat all of the good stuff in the house. I don't know if it's because you grew up with two brothers or what. You are the finisher. Being at home gives you more time to eat the good stuff.  
How have you seen me change since marriage?
You've changed so much, but remained who are at the core. It's fun to watch how you priorities have shifted and the things that make you happy. You went from partying like a rock star to finger paint and play dates. What I love the most is what a happy, fun-loving person you are and that hasn't changed.

What's been the most difficult part of parenthood? 
I feel guilty leaving the house if Connor is awake. It's hard to enjoy doing anything fun that doesn't involve him. It's also been tough not having more alone time with you.
I'm the President of the One and Done club. How do you feel about Connor being an only child?
I feel some guilt for not giving Connor a sibling. I do like the idea of being able to give all our time and attention to him. It's worked really well so far. He's such a good kid, it would be hard for the next one to stack-up.
Describe yourself in 5 words.
Bold, logical, caring, loving and selfless.  
There you have it... a little peek into James' mind. Now it's your turn to ask the questions! Leave a question for James in the comment section below. He will be answer those in The Mister Takes Over - Part 2 scheduled for next month!  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Family Bucket List Annoucement

Now that the "cooler" temperatures have arrived here in Austin, it’s time to DECORATE FOR FALL! Yep, I’m starting to put up some signs of the changing seasons. Our door is decorated with a candy corn inspired wreath and there are signs of Fall throughout the house. But it wouldn't be Fall without a Fall Bucket List to mark fun, family adventures off our list!

Does that list not make you ache for weekends filled with family fun? In true Mom blogger fashion, I've teamed up with Desiree over at Macke Monologues and Elizabeth with Chasin' Mason to bring a weekly linkup that will allow us to share our 2014 Fall on the blog and with our readers. Each Tuesday, starting next week (which just happens to be the official first day of Fall) you can share with us what Fall bucket list item you've checked off your list.

So pick an item, start celebrating Fall and come back this way next Tuesday and link up with us! I would love to see how you and your family spend Fall.

Grab our Fall Family Bucket List Button. Just right click the photo and add it to your post. Be sure to tell your readers how to find one of the 3 hosts: Desiree, Elizabeth or myself.

Monday, September 15, 2014

#djv5k Race Recap

When Desiree and Jenny shared that they were hosting a virtual 5k race, I knew I had to give it a shot. I've only ran one another race before and wanted to challenge myself to beat that race time. While both races bring different challenges to the table - The Color Run wasn't timed and this weekend's race was ran solo - I knew that I would be proud of my accomplishments regardless of the results.

The #djv5k was scheduled for Saturday but thanks to a cold front that moved in Friday night, Saturday was completely rained out. Which as a fan of cooler temperatures and Fall like conditions, I was a-okay with this! After chatting with Desiree, we decided it would be okay for me to "reschedule" my run for Sunday when it was going to be dry. 

Sunday morning came and it was still raining but this time more of a light drizzle. Instead of letting Mother Nature still my race from me, I suited up with a baseball cap and jacket and hit the pavement. I wanted nothing more than to just run. For those of you who don't run, it's a hard experience to explain but for me, running allows me to see what this body of mine is capable of. It's amazing what it can do when treated well and allowed to (literally) run and stretch and move. 

My results weren't exactly where I would have liked them. I ran a "practice" 5k a few weeks ago and finished it in 39:14 so that was the goal with this race. I missed it. By 1 minute and 1 second. But instead of focusing on a negative, I'm going to focus on the fact that I did beat my Color Run time by 8 seconds. Which, as Desiree pointed out, means I set a personal record.

What's next on my running journey? Because I don't know my own limitations, I've signed up for a 5 mile walk/run on Thanksgiving Day. I walked 5.68 with some girlfriends a week or so ago and was able to get it completed in 70 minutes. That was just a casual walk amongst friends. What's to say I couldn't do that during a race and BEAT my time? My goal for the Thunder Cloud Turkey Trot is 5 miles in one hour. So that will be my focus over the next 73 days.

Overall, I'm excited to be running (who am I?). I'm loving the race against the clock. Pushing my limitations and abilities has resulted in a lot of pleasant surprises on my end. Because really, I'm only racing against myself. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Football Friday

If you've been a fan of Wife Mommy Me for any period of time, it goes as no surprise that I'm a huge fan of football. From first kick off to the playoff games played during cold and rainy November, there is absolutely nothing to not love about the game. What's not to love about grown men chasing each other up and down the field? Here's a little about my love for the game...

My college team of choose has been and no matter how messy they are one AND off the filed, THE Ohio State University. This year hasn't started off so great but that's just one game and they can get their act together and make things happen for the remainder of the season. O! H! ...

I've been a Cincinnati Bengals fan for as long as I can remember and no matter how the season ends, I will always be cheering for my team - Cardio Cats, anybody? Erin, the host of today's fun linkup pinned this perfect Bengals themed poem and it's perfect for my love of all things Who Dey! ...

Orange and black, it's what I bleed,
No other colors will I need.
The Bengals are my team through and through,
If you aren't a fan, well psh- forget you!
Remember this picture of me and my youngest brother at his college graduation? Well not only is he an academic bad ass BUT he played 16 years of football. Started in first grade and ended this past season as a Senior in college. Impressive, right? I've been cheering him on for HALF of my life. Crazy! Thanks to CA and my Dad, I've know more about football than most ladies. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

And lastly, we have these photo of Connor J. Can we take a minute and just take in all that is Connor as a barely 1 year old? Heart melted into the world's biggest muddle. My love of football is being passed down to our sweet CJ with each game we watch on the weekends. Back story: when we were picking his name, I said that I wanted something that could be shorten into a nickname worthy of a football player. CJ fit my needs perfectly! And I can't wait to watch our little guy on the field one day. He has it in his genes to be greatness. Just like his Uncle Stevie and Chet.

Are you a football fan? It's okay if you aren't. I mean, it's just that I might think you are crazy to not be but I promise, no hard feelings. If you are, I love for you to share with me what you love most about the game!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Golden Vlog - Part 1, The Introduction

Happy Friday Eve! Today, I'm sharing with you a fun link up that will get you out of your blogger comfort zone for sure.


Faith over at Life w/Mrs G & The Artist invited me to join her and 3 other bloggers on a monthly vlog series link up. A vlog is something I wanted to do for a while but wasn't sure what I should talk about. Thanks to Faith, I was given questions and just went with it. This was my 7th and LAST attempt at recording it so... don't be too harsh with me, mmkay? Also? I just LOVE how my eyes are closed in the still shot below. #youtubeFAIL

There you have it! My first vlog.
Happy Thursday folks!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Citrus Lane Box Review

Daily, Connor and I walk to our community mailbox. Most days, it's just bills and junk but occasionally, we get a box of goodies from our family and friends in Ohio and even some fun handwritten letters (say what?!) Because Connor loves getting mail, I been toying with the idea of signing him up for one of the monthly subscription boxes. I've heard mix reviews on each company that provides these boxes but thanks to a Facebook special, we signed up for Citrus Lane for just $7. You complete a simple questionnaire from Citrus Lane to let the company know who they are shopping for. A couple weeks after signing up, we got our first box. 

Woodland Growth Chart valued at $20.00
Cool It Buddy Ice Packs valued at $3.73

Total retail value of August's Citrus Lane Box: $49.21

Overall, I was pretty impressed with what we got for $7.00. Without a discount code, the box is normally $29.00. Had I paid full price, I would have still been really impressed with what we received. The blocks and growth chart are what really made this box a winner for me as both are things I have one a "wish list" for Connor. 

If you are interested in trying Citrus Lane out, feel free to visit this LINK. You'll receive 50% off your first box. Depending on what you are sent, $15 is pretty good for your first box if it's as good ours. And if you are like me and don't want to subscribe to an additional month, cancel the same day you get your box and you'll only invest $15. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My ONE Tip for New Bloggers

Wife Mommy Me has been around for a little over 3 years. In all that time, the one thing I've learned about growing your blog, reaching more readers and expanding my social media presence is one thing... 

Like any passion you may have, blogging takes time to groom and grow and became a solid piece of the world wide web. Now please, don't think for one second that I consider myself or my blog an "it" blog. But I must be doing something right because as of today, I have a fairly large (to me) readership.

It's taken 3 years... 3 LONG years of networking, writing, sharing, thinking, planning and pouring my heart out to get the numbers I have today. But along the way, I know that without patience, I would have given up on blogging a long time if the numbers where all that matter. 

The driving force behind Wife Mommy Me has always been and will continue to be to document our family's journey with our loved ones and friends, to share the day to day as a mother, wife and person. But I would be telling a bold face lie if I said the numbers didn't matter. Some.

Connecting with other bloggers on a personal level is so rewarding. Hosting a fun giveaway is always a great way to gain exposure and boost your audience while sharing a product/service you love. Supporting and cheering on fellow bloggers allows them to feel just as valid and important as you do as a blogger when someone offers you that same encouragement. 

So new blogger, share what you are passionate about through your words. Add your touch to the world of social media. Don't change who you are in hopes of seeing a jump in number. Trust me, fellow bloggers can see straight through the bullshit. Blog when you have something to share, not just so you can click publish. And lastly, don"t give up. Because with a whole lotta faith and patience, you can make your blog shine.