Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Featured Bloggers

HELLO June! 

This month, I've decided to step up my blogging game by sharing some of my favorite bloggers with my readers. Getting your name/blog out there is tough and I think that as bloggers, the best way we can do that is help others. A few big name bloggers have done just that with this little 'ol blog and starting this month, I'm returning the favor. 

For the month of June, I have 3 ladies that I consider fun, fresh bloggers YOU MUST GET TO KNOW. So without further adieu, here are June's Featured Bloggers...

 {Three facts about Mama}
She's allergic to strawberries and cherries.
Her natural hair color is basically black.
Her weakness? Totino's Party Pizza.

 {Three facts about Carissa}
Born and raised in Texas. She lived in Germany for a few short years when her father was in the Air Force, but other than that, she's been in Texas.
Carissa has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate. Any time she wants something sweet, she has to have chocolate. It's not dessert unless it's chocolate.
She has known her husband her whole life. They started dating when they were 17 and the rest is history.

17 Hour Days

{Three facts about Brittany}
She is a stay at home Momma to adorable little boys.
She has a passion for sharing the gospel and for encouraging people to grow deeper in their faith.
 Brittany is a former chocolate-aholic, trying to give up sugar.

There you have it! Throughout the month, I will be sharing some of each ladies' best blog posts along with having them guest post on Wife Mommy Me. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll find some love for them their as well!

If you are looking to find new blogs to enjoy, be sure to visit Mama, Carissa and Brittany

Happy Sunday!


  1. Yay! Thanks for featuring my blog! I'm excited to get to know the other featured bloggers as well!

  2. Looks like some fun ladies! Heading over to check out their blogs!

  3. How fun! I always love checking out new blogs :) And if they are good in your book, they are good in mine!


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