Monday, June 2, 2014

Goals Recap - Month 5

I'm going to start this accountability post off with some honesty ... the month of May wasn't my finest month. Having said that, here is how the month shaped up for me. 

I've decided to back off on focusing on numbers. Long story short, when focusing on numbers, I felt really overwhelmed and seriously considered taking a break from blogging or even quitting altogether. But after a talk with my best girl Dean and her husband, I've decided to step back a little and strictly blog for one reason only: for my pure enjoyment. So I hope my readers like that because from this day forward, that's what you'll be getting. But starting this month, I do have something new going on. I have featured bloggers for the first time. Each of these ladies are bloggers that I love and enjoy reading and connecting with. Be sure to visit and show them some support. I also have put together a fun linkup that starts later this month. I'm excited to share that with each of you as well.

Last month, I read one book. Scratch that. I read one novella. It was a follow up to a previous book I read. I started Shine Shine Shine and it's damn near torture so I'm hoping to finish that this week. But all in all, I'm at 40% of my 2014 reading goal with 12 out of 30 books read. I'm hoping to get 2 books read in June.

As mentioned before, I'm focusing much of my extra time self teaching myself Lightroom. I've picked up some fabulous tricks and tips. Some our pinned here on a Pinterest board. If you are familiar with Lightroom and have any resources you would love to share, please do! You can email me directly.

Saving money is tough. Especially when you have a large goal/plan in mind that you need to reach when saving said money. And you are a single income family. We've been doing pretty well but of course could be much better off. Pinching pennies and watching senseless spending is in full force this summer.

I totally slacked off in May regarding organization. However, I have a few tasks planned for this month that must get done so I'm hoping to have a better report to share with you next month. 

I have nothing. Zip. Zero. Nadda. But I've already made up my mind that the excuses and BS need to stop. I need to start treating my body and mind better. More exercise, better sleep and less Diet Coke. I've scheduled my entire workout schedule out and it's on the calendar. The only thing holding me back is myself.

Like I mentioned before, this month wasn't pretty. Dang, it was hardly productive at all. Sitting down and recapping my goals has made me realize how much I didn't even attempt to accomplish last month so June is going to be a better month. 

I'm focused. I'm determined! 


  1. Yay for focused and determined!! You go girl! :)

  2. I'm so thankful for your honesty. Looking at blogging numbers makes me want to quit, too, but I just have to keep on keeping on! I realized I love your blog but don't have your button on my sidebar. Adding it today. Hope that's ok! Can't wait for the link up!

  3. May was a tough blogging month for me too, and for a couple of my blogging friends that I've talked to. But no need to see it as a failure--we didn't give up completely. so lets all just bounce right back full steam ahead!

  4. For awhile it was all about the numbers. Then I said skip it. It wasn't fun when I stressed about how many followers I had, or how many page views per day I had. The original goal (which has changed a few times due to life changes, like having a kid) was to document. When I brought that back into focus it became fun again. Good for you for getting back to that place!!

  5. May was pretty much a total wash for me too. I figure June will be better!

  6. You go girl! Get that workout on! I need to do that too. I'm perpetually lazy.

    I'm glad you are blogging for fun! Anytime I start to get overwhelmed I take off a few days, then I'm ready to hop back to it and it is enjoyable again. Never hurts!

    I've been slacking on books so I just picked up some from the library this weekend. Reading Longbourn right now (Jane Austen fan-aholic) but it is kind of dragging.


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