Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stick Together

We just got home from a morning with our friends Chrissy and Sienna. Connor is napping and I'm going to attempt to share some (deep) thoughts with you. Have some patience, it might be a bit hard for me to word it so it's understandable.

Life is hard.
Parenting is rough.
Being a stay at home Mom isn't for the faint of heart.

Before I go on too much more, I have a very good life. I don't want to put out some vibe that I'm miserable in my world. I'm not. Other than wanting a few things to fall in place, my life is good. No complaints. 

But like I said, things get hard, even flat out rough and you better be prepared for a bumpy day here or there. Sometimes it's something like your car needing maintenance and you don't have the extra cash. Or your toddler decided today would be the perfect time to let their inner demon out. Maybe you are feeling bad about yourself. You know? Things aren't what they once were. While not every day is filled with one challenge after another, life has a way of calling the shots. You just gotta be able to roll with the punches.

And stick together. 

I mentioned we just got back from seeing Chrissy and Sienna. It's been nearly 3 months since we've spent any time with our friends. Life is busy and things happen and the next thing you know, you haven't touched base with your core group in weeks/months. 

This morning was just what I needed. A simple walk and park play with some low key friends that don't have expectations for us to meet. We hang out when we can and enjoy every minute of it and hope the next time we get together isn't so far away.

But we stick together. We picked up where we left off and we chatted about the kids, our husbands and life. We took in loads of sunshine and baby laughter and hugs and took time to enjoy the company of another Mom. Chrissy has this calming effect on me. She allows me to just be. And that's a great place for me to escape to every once in a while. 

To piggy bank off that thought, last night I was out until 11:45 PM - yeah, I know... PARTY ANIMAL, with some girlfriends talking, playing Cards Against Humanity and enjoying some responsibility free time. We laughed until we cried, dropped F bombs like it was our job and enjoyed the company of friends without worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing. We were able to just be.

The last two days have taught me that although days are sometimes oh so long with your little ones at home and things happen that blow your perfectly scheduled day to bits, sticking together with those who are in the same season of life as you has a way of making the days less crazy and more manageable. We have a fabulous resource and support system in each other. We can depend on our Mom friends for more than just weekly play dates. They are there to answer your bizarre poop questions. They are just a call a way when you need a last minute sitter when something pops up. They are a shoulder to cry on when no one else seems to understand.

We stick together.

Because if we don't? The little ones will take over. And we all know what kind of shit storm that will be. 

So call a friend you haven't heard from in a while. Reach out to someone that you'd like to get to know outside of your Mom group. Find a few ladies you wanna make it through this messy, tantrum filled, sippy cup throwing phase of life with. 

And stick together.


  1. Thanks for sharing this today, Stephanie! I was thinking recently (yesterday, actually) about a group of mamas that I am a part of and how even though I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like with them (silly working outside of the home job), I really do treasure their friendships. Facebook and texting at all hours make keep in touch a lot easier too 9-)

  2. I have several close friends like this, many I have been friends with since college or before. But we all have kids and lives now and it gets busy but we always seem able to pick up right where we left off.

  3. This is a great reminder. I've become so bad lately at focusing all of my attention on my child, spouse, and work that I forget me. I know that if this is happening to me then it is happening to my mommy friends as well so I need to reach out more. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Last night I was chatting with girlfriends until like 11:30....and I have to be outta bed at 5:50. But it was totally worth it. We talked about everything. Just what my soul needed. I am blessed to have some wonderful friends to walk with in this long, wonderful, exhausting stage of life.

  5. Those are the best friendships, the ones you can pick up right where you left off and don't feel pressure to call, text, or see all the time. I have a few friends like that and it's perfect. I wish we lived closer though. Finding mommy friends is SO important and really does brighten your day.

  6. Support is great! If moms don't get it, they get depressed and forget we are doing the most important job there is. I hear my kids calling me!

  7. I love this. What a great reminder. I wish I had more mom friends to do this with. Unfortunately (that sounds so bad... I LOVE my friends) almost all of my friends aren't married and don't have kids so they can't really relate. I also work full time so I can't really join any mom groups because they all meet during the week. I think that's why I love this community so much. Although I don't actually know any of the moms, I feel like I know some of them and have formed a connection with them. It's crazy how that can happen! But oh so nice.

  8. Soo true!!! I'm fortunate I have found 2 mommy groups I met on the regular basis. Even though it is with babies, just the support and un we have, is priceless!!


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