Friday, May 23, 2014

I just like to SMILE...

 ...smiling's my favorite...

If there is one thing Connor is good for, it's making us smile. Even when I'm completely exhausted thanks to nightly wake-up calls from the little guy, on a daily basis he does something that makes me smile, laugh and thank God for giving us such a wonderful little blessing.

Earlier this week, we took a day to ourselves to just hang out and not have to rush to and from place to place. The weather was perfect so we got our bike (the stroller.. Connor calls is a bike) out and took a 20 minute walk to the park in our neighborhood.

Connor has been really clingy from day one, it's safe to say it's part of his personality. But lately he has started playing independently, taking the chance to discover his surroundings without my assistance. At the park, he climbed the stairs, crawled through the tunnel and slid down the slide without ever looking over his shoulder to make sure I was nearby.

Connor is and always has been a fan of parks and is always excited when we spend the morning at one. One part of the park Connor hasn't been a fan of is the swings. No matter what we try, he just would rather not be swinging. He is all boy and likes to go, go, go and yeah, you guessed it.. GO! But on Monday, I thought I'd give it a shot. And I'm so glad I did.

Seeing the joy on our little guys face, completely melted in my heart, not to mention that I was grinning from ear to ear. Discovering that Connor has slowly but surely decided to love swinging now makes spending hours at the park, that much more fun. Now, if we could just keep him from throwing rocks and mulch, we would be golden!

What made you smile this week? 
Happy Friday!


  1. What a fun way to spend a morning so glad he liked the swing! Callie is like 50/50 with the swing - I never know if she'll like them or not. But that's kinda her personality -- I never really know what she'll like day to day (high maintenance girly anyone? which seriously where does she get that from bc it's not me!). I love how that park has that pond behind it - such a perfect backdrop. This week I gave callie a fudge pop for the first time and she was such a mess but loved it so it totally made me smile! :)

  2. Aww! I love his smile. Glad he's come around to liking the swing!

  3. So sweet! It's so fun when they become more independent. I remember one of the first times I felt like I didn't have to follow Henry around the playground, and it was awesome!

  4. I just like to see his smile. :-)

  5. AHH I love this! He looks SO happy to be swinging! Mason LOVES the swings and could literally sit there for an hour if I was willing to push that long :)

  6. He is so precious and his smile is contagious. We tried to get out little one to swing the other day.. Nope wasn't going to happen she said her new catch phrase "I don't like it" and then raced off to get to the edge of the slide only not slide again.


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