Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free Summer Fun - Playscapes

With summer underway here, it's time for us to spend more time outside soaking up the sun and "payin'" as Connor says until we can't "pay" anymore. On any given day, we will head out around 9:30AM to a local park to play and visit with friends until it's time to head home for lunch and nap.

Connor is just now to the point where he has mastered about 80% of most play grounds. There are still a few parts that are too big for him or that I'm just not comfortable with him attempting just yet. I like being able to sit back, chat with another Mom, while Connor plays and discovers. 

One of the perks of living in the south, is that there are parks every where. Our neighborhood has two small ones just inside of our subdivision. With a quick Google search, I discovered Round Rock has over 20 parks listed on their City of Round Rock site. Can you say summer park bucket list? 

I would be lying if I didn't say I simply love that parks wear Connor out. 2 hours of playing, climbing and discovering wipes him out. He goes down for a nap easily and wakes up ready to tackle our chores and errands in the afternoon. But really, the best part about park play is that it's FREE! 

Often time, we spend our time at our local parks taking full advantage of the playscapes but every once in a while, we visit a local spot that has ducks. And well that's pretty much the best. thing. ever to a little boy.

Connor loves feeding, chasing, talking and playing with his friends the ducks. This fun, yet simple and free activity allows for us to get outdoors and explore, meet some new (animal) friends and enjoy the warm temperatures. 

Our number one free summer activity is going to parks. Have you Googled your hometown to see how many parks you have at your disposal? I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised by how many you have to choose from. I know I was.

Share your favorite summertime activity with a comment below.
I would love to get more ideas on how to spend our mornings.


  1. oh man, sitting back at watching at the park?! that just sounds like crazy talk. I think our local park is a little too old for Aria so she can't even get on anything by herself. So that is a job for momma and me! I just love sweating like a pig after a few minutes. We like to just hang out in the backyard, it has water =)

  2. I love going to the park with the kids too--we used to go almost every day when I just had one or two. Now with babysitting, I don't get out as much, but we still make a point to get to the park.

  3. Summer is so much fun -so much to do! We love to have picnics with Grandma and Grandpa. Sometimes we do this at the park, other times at their house.

  4. We are park fans over here! There are so many in our area, but I find we go to the same few. Seeing the ducks reminded me we have a park with a duck pond. Looks like I know where we're headed today!


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