Thursday, May 22, 2014

10% Happier Book Review

Today, I'm sharing a review on my most recent Litfuse book - 10% Happier.

10% Happier takes readers on a ride from the outer reaches of neuroscience to the inner sanctum of network news to the bizarre fringes of America’s spiritual scene, and leaves them with a takeaway that could actually change their lives.

After having a nationally televised panic attack on Good Morning America, Dan Harris knew he had to make some changes. A lifelong nonbeliever, he found himself on a bizarre adventure, involving a disgraced pastor, a mysterious self-help guru, and a gaggle of brain scientists. Eventually, Harris realized that the source of his problems was the very thing he always thought was his greatest asset: the incessant, insatiable voice in his head, which had both propelled him through the ranks of a hyper-competitive business and also led him to make the profoundly stupid decisions that provoked his on-air freak-out.

We all have a voice in our head. It’s what has us losing our temper unnecessarily, checking our email compulsively, eating when we’re not hungry, and fixating on the past and the future at the expense of the present. Most of us would assume we’re stuck with this voice – that there’s nothing we can do to rein it in – but Harris stumbled upon an effective way to do just that. It’s a far cry from the miracle cures peddled by the self-help swamis he met; instead, it’s something he always assumed to be either impossible or useless: meditation. After learning about research that suggests meditation can do everything from lower your blood pressure to essentially rewire your brain, Harris took a deep dive into the under reported world of CEOs, scientists, and even marines who are now using it for increased calm, focus, and happiness.
10% Happier caught my attention right from the first page. Harris' has an open and candid way of writing that makes you feel like you are talking to a close friend. He doesn't come across preachy, pushing ways to improve your life. By sharing the details on his worse moment, you learn how he was able to step back and take the time and effort needed to fix what was broken within himself. Thanks to the writing style of Harris, you find yourself examining your own life through out the book, wondering if the tips he shares will help you quiet the voice inside your head. I enjoyed how honest Dan is with his lowest of lows and highest of highs. 10% Happier has humor and honesty that you don't often find in a self-help novel. A great read to help you examine your life and encourage self meditation.

Dan uses meditation to help calm his inner voice. What do you do to calm yourself? To reduce stress? A long walk to clear my head and stretch my muscles always works well for me. I always enjoy losing myself in a good book to take me away from any current problems I may be facing. 

(As always, I received 10% Happier at no cost in return for my honest published opinions and review)


  1. This book sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I am so angry that I might have a heart attack.. I calm my voice.. it is really hard.. I am not kidding..I am a yeller.. but the calming effect helps ... kinda like the calm before the storm.

  3. Sounds like a good book. If only I had time to read these days...

  4. It always helps me to stop and pray; but I don't do it often enough!

  5. I always turn to prayer and deep breathing to keep myself calm. Thanks for sharing about this book -I am going to pass it along to a friend who I think needs it and would enjoy it.

  6. Sounds like a great book, I need to check it out.


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