Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goals Recap - Month 3

Happy April! Are you excited for another month, one filled with sunshine and warm temperatures? I sure am. Before I get too ahead of myself, let's recap what how I did with my goals in March.

Last month, I saw an increase in followers through each social media outlet I'm registered with. Starting this month, I'm going to track my numbers to see if the blogs I sponsor are helping me grow my numbers. Facebook: 504 likes, Bloglovin: 407, GFC: 363, Instragram: 567, Pinterest: 417 and Twitter: 274. I'm currently sponsoring the Tax Day Giveaway which allows one lucky winner to go home with $650! This gives folks a chance of earning some extra money and I get more readers/followers. So everyone wins!

As of the end of March, I reached 30% of my reading goal of 30 books in 2014. March books included:
It Had To Be You
The One I Left Behind
I still need to finish Balanced and I want to start and finish one other book this month. Any suggestion are welcomed! I am thinking something fun and light-hearted!

My next class is going to be a cooking/baking class. I'm looking for something that will help me learn to bake in bulk and how to decorate as well. Ideally, this new skills will help me in the fall and winter when I tend to need lots of tasty goodies, in mass quantities, for friends, family and birthdays/parties.

I'm working on getting our grocery bill down to $80 a week and the lowest it's been is $97. It's been a struggle but I like the challenge and hope to get it down even more next week when I go. Our weekly savings challenge jar has grown to $105 as of this morning. I love adding the required dollar amount each week. Knowing that I'm saving us money for something big and fun at the end of the year makes putting money in the jar that much more exciting.

Last month, I purged ourselves of all the baby clothes, toys and essentials that we would no longer need. Some were sold, others donated and the rest were given back to Dean. I love being able to look into Connor's closet and seeing that everything is in order, leaving only the items we need and use daily.

Would it be wrong to remove this section of my monthly goal? Whomp whomp. One day, I'll get my shit together. I have lost a little bit but it's nothing to get excited about. Let's hope great weather, loads of sunshine and a healthy family will push me a little more this month. On a positive note, I did have my Paragard procedure on the 29th, pushing us that much closer to the "One & Done" side of parenting.

How are you doing with maintaining your New Year's resolutions and goal? 
What areas are you succeeding in? Which ones are you struggling with?


  1. I did not make any resolutions but do need to make a To Do List... honestly.. I'm just unmotivated. BUT this is the second time I have said I need to make a TO DO list today so I had best find that pen and paper and do it!

  2. If you like The Fault in Our Stars, I would suggest reading Looking for Alaska by John Green as well. It's an easy, humorous read...for the most part. I've sucked with my goals the last month. Life has been so good and busy that it has been super easy to push them to the wayside.

  3. Congrats on all your growth! I actually forgot to make a resolution this year. Ha!

  4. I actually did the one word for New Years - Love - and I'm tracking all the times I've succeeded and all of the times I failed miserably.

    I do love how you are keeping up with your goals by writing them down in order to see the results. Great job!

  5. Great job!
    I'd love to hear more about your grocery savings. My guys can EAT, and it seems near impossible to spend less these days.

  6. Way to go lady! <3
    I posted today a list of
    my April goals. Hope I do well

  7. I love how you have broken your goals down into categories!!! Great idea!! Way to go :)

  8. I've been doing the weekly savings thing too but transferring the money each week into Hunters own savings account (which then transfers to his 529 college plan).

    Also how do you spend less than $100 grocery shopping? I'm happy if I stay below $150!

  9. All of my resolutions have been forgotten. I really need to make a monthly goal list instead.

    Your list is great. It seems like you are able to do so much!

  10. I have actually not seen that savings jar, but it's a great idea! I already know what we would do with that money - put it towards our Disney vacation we plan on taking in January 2016.

  11. Hooray for your blogging success!!!

  12. Did you like "The One I Left Behind"?? Read that one and thought it was pretty good.
    Good lord, grocery shopping and I have such a love/hate relationship. I love buying all the things I need for meals, but I hate that I can NEVER spend under $20 per trip. And, I make a trip to the store at least three times a week.

  13. Sounds like you're making great progress! That Tax Day giveaway seems awesome!

  14. I love the idea of weekly savings jar. :-) I might have to 'steal' that idea.

  15. Fitness is always my hardest goal to reach, I really had to break things down and be careful about how I word the goals... for example, if I set a goal to not eat fast food, then I feel restricted and it's all I can think about, so instead I started setting goals that were more "positive" sounding, like "Cook at home 6 nights a week" Good luck with your other goals this month!!


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