Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Day of Spring

Growing up, I don't think I really look forward to the first day of spring as I do now. Maybe it was because I grew up in Ohio, where it could be spring one day and winter the next. It could've been because I would have been in class all day, followed by practice of some sort and then hours of homework. Regardless of the reasons why I never took the liberty of celebrating spring, becoming a Mom and staying home with our sweet guy has given me the chance to take full of advantage of the warm temperatures and hours of sunshine that usher in a new season.

The First Day of Spring 2014 was no exception. And what better way to spend the day than with friends, ducks and swings! 

As luck would have it, we were visiting Macie Jane and Dean in Oklahoma and was able to kick off Spring with our favorite ladies. Connor is a duck feeding pro thanks to weekend play dates with his Daddy. MJ has quite the arm on her and could really toss the bread out there. From the looks of it, the ducks had had plenty to eat.
The weather was perfect for the first day of Spring and we took full advantage of it. Connor loves the outdoors and there is no where else he would rather be. In true Connor fashion, he found sticks to be much more entertaining then the ducks. He is a total boy. Currently, he is obsessed with rocks, trees and birds.

We moved on from ducks to swings, tunnels and slides. Nothing makes this Momma's heart happier than to see my baby playing with my best friend. When I was pregnant with C and living in Ohio, I dreamed of days when Dean and I would take our sweet little ones out for play dates. Times like these are priceless. 

Friends, ducks and swings made the First Day of Spring this year memorable, one for us to look forward to each Spring Break in Oklahoma with friends. 


  1. Perfect day to celebrate Spring. Connor looks like he belongs outdoors!

  2. Looks like the kids enjoyed being out in the sunshine! Spring is my favorite season :)

  3. I love taking my little one to feed the ducks. She gets so excited and I love to see that bright smile on her little face.

  4. what a great first day of spring! I love his face climbing in the tunnel slide - he looks like he's so happy! I know what you mean about not appreciating spring like you do now. I enjoy all the seasons more. Those mom hormones :)

  5. I can't lie.. I'm scared of ducks... Now if they stay in the water that 's fine but once they get on land and try to attack me for the bread.. I get a little nervous.

  6. What a fun first day of spring!! I used to live by a duck pond and I miss feeding the ducks :)

  7. Perfect little spring day, right there!
    Reading that C loves rocks, trees and ducks just confirms that he and M would make the best real life best friends.

  8. Love that you celebrated the first day of Spring! Feeding the ducks is a top activity around here =)


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