Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Year and a Half - 4.30.14

18 months, sweet boy! 18 stinkin' months. I don't know where to start so I'm going to talk and talk, showering you with a year and a half worth of love.

You have the best personality. You are so full of spunk and we love every minute of it. Not every day is fun because let's face it, that's how life with a toddler is but overall, life with you is good. Nearly perfect, really. You are full of laughter and smiles. You keep our world full of joy and there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do to keep you smilin' buddy.

As perfect as our days are, there are hiccups that cause me stress but don't seem to phase you. For example, every other night you wake up between the hours of 2-4:30AM. You fall right back to sleep as long as I let you sleep with us. That's not cool, little guy. So we are currently working on remedy that this week. Next area of concern is your absolute hate for vegetables. No matter what I do, you will not eat them. The only way you get them is if I hide spinach in your smoothies or give you a yogurt with a pureed veggie mixed in. Sooner or later, you'll have to get over it and I'll be serving you veggies every chance I get.

After some investigation, we've determined that you do in fact have a dairy intolerance. You don't handle cow's milk, ice cream or milk chocolate well. We have eliminated those items from your diet and you seem okay with cheese and yogurt still. You now drink almond milk and you seem to enjoy it more than you ever did cow's milk. I'm hoping this has solved some of your allergy issues as you haven't had a runny nose in quiet some time. 

You are all boy. You love climbing, running, jumping, stomping and making as much noise as possible. You have really taken a liking to the wind and trees. Which is a little odd, really but that's what toddlers are... odd! You have some killer dance moves and still love to sing and play your guitar. I'm starting to think we have a performer on our hands. I promise not to be (too much of a) stage Mom.

Some of your favorites right now include...
... rocks ... slides ... ducks ... running... hugging and kissing ... playing cars ... fruits of all varieties ... chasing Rudy... "walking the plank" ... peanut butter ... blankets ... cuddling ... talking ... and honking noses 

Daily you amaze us with how smart you are. You are a quick learner which excites me more than you know. We practice counting, locating our body parts and singing educational songs daily. You still love when I read to you and we read anywhere between 4-6 books a day. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you bloom when you start school this fall.

We love you Connor. You get told this every single day. But it's true. You make our world complete. 18 months ago, I didn't know I could love someone as much as I do you. You are all we could have ever prayed for in a son.

Love you to the moon and back little man!
Momma and Papa Daddy

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yea, I know I'm Short! Guest Post

While C and I are busy with 18 month photos (excuse me, say what?) and a play date with crafts and ducks this morning, you can visit me over at Yea, I know I'm Short where Tracy is allowing me to take over her blog for the day. I answer some great questions and let ya'll get to know me a little more.

Be sure to visit Tracy to learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes of Wife Mommy Me.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Takin' A Breather

Happy Monday!

I've decided to take a much needed and totally overdue blogging break this week. I have been tied to blogger for so long and thought a break would do me good.

We have a busy May coming up and I want to take some time to relax before being swept away in the summer heat that Texas covers us in.

So enjoy the last week of April. While I won't be actively blogging, there will be posts this week. Nothing that took to much time for me to put together but enough so that I don't feel like I'm off the grid. 

And so you don't miss Connor too much, here is a photo of his sweetness! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Blogger Spotlight - Wonderland and Company

Hi ya'll. My name is Amanda and I blog over at Wonderland and Company. I'm a small business owner and a retailer of Plaster Paint by The Plaster Paint Company. We like to fix up, re-finish, paint and re-do anything we can get our hands on. Today I have a small project to share on how to give an update to a kitchen accessory almost everyone has - the knife block. This knife block has honestly been with me since probably college. It's been around for a bit. You will see it is missing some knives - I wasn't joking, this knife block has lived in 3 different states and been with me for 10+ years! My kitchen decor is red, white and black, so it only made sense to use Plaster Paint Old Red in my re-do. Honestly, this color is probably my very favorite of the 30+ colors the line has.

What is so great about using this paint is there is no prep work. That's right, no sanding, no stripping and no priming of any sort. I'm going to wipe this baby down with an all purpose cleaner and get to work. These are the things you will need to complete the project:
  • 4oz jar of Plaster Paint
  • Natural Bristle brush
  • Sanding Sponge
  • Liquid Wax

The first step is painting. Once you've wiped any dirt and dust off, apply your first coat. The dry time is normally 20 to 30 minutes between each coat of paint. I always paint two coats. The first coat almost always goes on streaky, but once you apply your second coat you have an even paint job over your piece with no visible brush strokes.

After applying your two coats of paint, you can distress the piece if you wish. I decided to do a little distressing on my knife block, just around the edges. A good tip for distressing is, think about where a piece would normally be handled and have the most natural wear. This is where you want to concentrate on your distressing. I also decided to give it more of an 'aged' look by applying a wash to it using Black Tie. Creating a wash is simple and easy to do. You can use any of our Plaster Paint colors and you can wash a piece directly or you can use a wash over a base color - like I'm doing here. 1. Take the color you are wanting to use as a wash (Black in this instance) and add a quarter cup of water to 4 drops of paint and stir.  2. Add more paint by the drop until you get the desired wash color  3. Shake excess out of the brush and do long, quick strokes You're end product will look like this.

My personal preference is for my piece to look very old, aged and worn. I know not everyone prefers this look. One of the great things about this paint is its versatility. You could leave your piece solid or it distresses easily. The choice is yours. 
The last step in our process is sealing our project. The paint is a water based paint, therefore, it has to have a sealant of some sort. I chose to use the liquid wax from the paint line - mainly because it's easy to use. You simply brush it on. However, there is also a paste wax. We normally do any and all furniture pieces with paste wax. But for this small piece that was going to see a lot of action in the kitchen, I decided to go with the liquid wax because it is a little more durable after it dries.  
It brushed right on and one coat does the trick. And voila, you have a new knife block that is much easier on the eyes. And all your friends will want to know where you got it!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Mom Seeks God Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

Today, I'm sharing a review on my most recent Litfuse book - 'Mom Seeks God'. If you are a Mom, this book is for you! If you plan to start a family, this book is for you! Come to think of it, this book is perfect for anyone who constantly seeks more!
The first months and years of motherhood can be the most challenging and disorienting of your life—and faith. When you’re surrounded by the happy chaos of children, how do you spend quiet time with God if the only quiet time you get is while you sleep? How can you demonstrate a solid spiritual life to your children if you don’t have time to pursue one yourself? When Julia Roller discovered that her spiritual growth had been stunted by the busyness of life with her toddler, she embarked on a yearlong journey through ten spiritual disciplines: prayer, fellowship, submission, study, simplicity, silence, worship, fasting, service, and celebration. As she focused on each discipline, she discovered practical ways to observe them—even in the chaos of her every day.

Julia Roller is an author and editor. Her books include Mom Seeks God (Abingdon Press),  A Year with God (with Richard J. Foster), A Year with Aslan, and  25 Books Every Christian Should Read. Working with Renovar√©, she has also co-authored four spiritual formation guides, including Connecting with God, Learning from Jesus, Living the Mission, and Prayer and Worship. She has written study guides for authors such as Desmond Tutu, Richard J. Foster, Henri Nouwen, Jenna Bush, and Rob Bell. Her articles have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Street Spirit, Group, Rev.!, and Children’s Ministry. She and her family live in San Diego, California. For more information about Julia Roller, her book or the live chat visit her online home at, become a fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.
My days are busy. Every single one of them. And this book spoke to me. Deeply. I am constantly struggling to do all, be all. Julia drives home the importance of prayer and fellowship. Can I tell you how often I get distracted when praying? Or how if I save my prayers at night when I'm in bed 9 out of 10 times, I fall asleep before I finish? And fellowship is so vital for Moms, especially ones who want to surround themselves with Godly examples. It's so easy to just be too tired or too busy or to enter whatever excuse you have here to make it to church, MOPS or a girls night in. 'Mom Seeks God' shares a specific discipline that will allow you to stop unsuccessfully seeking God and start spending quality, heartfelt time with him daily, without hesitation. Julia provides practical tips that are completely doable even in the most chaotic of worlds. 

Thank you to Litfuse for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. Please note, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for writing an honest review. I received no other compensation. If you would love to win a copy of your own, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below! Winner will be chosen next week. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Must Confess

A couple weeks ago, a reader shared how she thought I was in real life. She described me as "a quiet, calm mannered, shy person!" What a compliment... even though she couldn't be more wrong. Which got me thinking I may come across more Mary Poppins than I'd like or am. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pretty wholesome. But like every single human being, I am flawed and have moments that I'm not all that proud of. 

I thought I'd start sharing my not so proud moments. Share what real life is like. Just in case someone out there though they were reading a blog by someone who has her shit together. I promise, nothing is ever together in our world. And I thought it would be a great chance for some of you to share with me moments that make you real and maybe even a little less wholesome.

... must days I spend Connor's entire nap doing nothing but wasting time on the internet. I may blog the first half of his nap but the rest is spent cyber judging, catching up on celebrity gossip and shopping for things we don't need. I waste a good 10+ hours a week in the realms of the world wide web.

... my house stays messy until about a hour before James gets off work. I'm okay with it but don't want him to think I've done nothing all day so hurry up and speed clean before he gets home.  Not that he really cares either way.

... I'm {again} learning that people you think our your friends aren't really. That even as an adult, cliques are in place throughout the Mommy world and not every one can be taken at face value. 

... Nothing in the world is ever going to make me consider having another child. Nothing. You can mark my words. It's not for me or for our family.

... I'm not a good housewife. I'm a great Mom and a wonderful Wife but I'm not Betty Crocker or Patty Pinterest (just made that up). Life is simple here. We have easy dinners that can be made within an hour or so, my house is decorated with items purchased from Hobby Lobby, Target and Etsy and crafting more than twice a month annoys me. 

... Getting ready is the worst part of my day. I loathe showering, applying makeup, blow drying and styling my hair. So I don't. Most days I only shower. Is this normal as a stay at home mom? I don't know but really don't care. Park play dates, in home gatherings and Momma/Baby walks don't require me to get ready. Plain and simple, I don't care. 

And that's that. My confessions for this week. What do you need to get off your chest this week? I know for sure that we all have a bit of dirty laundry that needs to be aired.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What a MESS!

Earlier this week, a girlfriend of mine put together a messy play date. What's a messy play date you ask? You gather up different messy goodies like finger paints, slip -n- slide, a bucket of noodles, colored shaving cream and so on. Anything and everything that will let your little one...

Having never really let Connor get messy (hello, OCD!), I was excited to see how Connor would behave in such a hectic environment. Since he is ALL BOY, I should have known he would take this opportunity to go wild and get as messy, wet and slippery as possible. 

We started off with a little finger paint. Clearly, it's best to start your messy day in nothing but your diaper. Connor dove fingers first into creating a special work of art. 

Next was a little slip -n- slide fun. I was a little apprehensive of letting Connor play on it but after a couple crashes, with his feet sliding this way and that, he held his own and played in the water for a bit.

Who would have ever thought a sandbox lid full of shaving cream could look so damn cute? I mean, seriously! Connor wasn't really sure about this station but once he noticed clapping spread the shaving cream, he clapped and laughed his heart away.

Connor really enjoyed the colored shaving cream and spreading it all over the patio and his body with some plastic utensils. You would have thought he just discovered what his little hands were capable of, that's how busy he kept them.

And in true water lover fashion, he ended the party by playing a bit more in the water. He is such a fish when it comes to water. Which worked this day considering how messy he got! 

I'll admit, I was a bit concerned that either a) he wouldn't want to get messy or b) would try to put everything in his mouth. Luckily, he proved me wrong and had the time of his life being a messy, water logged little boy! 

Have you ever taken your little one to a messy play date? If you haven't, schedule one with your friends and their babes! It's such a fun way to spend a warm sunny day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Connor's First Easter Egg Hunt

Easter this year provided our family with a new first. And in true Stephanie fashion, I took more photos than I will ever ever imagine needing #momproblems. 

On Friday, the Mom group I'm a member of had our group Easter Egg Hunt. Connor has been practicing picking up (empty) plastic eggs and putting them in his bucket. Practice paid off because Little Guy did awesome. 

The hunt was at a local park so there was some play ground play before and after the race to find as many eggs as your little boy hands can handle.

Climbing, driving and sliding - a typical day at the park for Mr. Cox. When he was playing with the steering wheel, he kept saying "Beep! Go! Beep!". He is crazy about cars these days. Connor has recently mastered slides. And if he were to have it his way, we would do nothing but slide when we visit parks. He still isn't a fan of swings so maybe we can tackle that next!

When it was time for the hunt, Connor couldn't have been more excited... his face showcases he pure joy of being with friends and hunting for candy filled eggs. Nothing makes the babe happier than a day with friends and seeing a field full of potential.

Connor was able to snag 12 eggs. And because he is his father's son, he picked the biggest ones in the field. In doing so, we got plenty of playdough which has already been used a few times.

Connor snagged lots of goodies and didn't waste any time snagging a piece of chocolate. Dude loves sweets. The Easter hunt proved to me how much I just adore this age we are in. In the last few weeks, Connor has really grown and is learning and discovering so much. I'm exciting to see what this summer will be like with our adventurous guy. 

We hope you had a great Easter! As you can tell, we sure did!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Motivated Monday

I've been up since 5AM. Yes, you read that right, 5AM. 
Not because of a baby. Not because we had to catch an early flight. 
No, I'm up because I decided today, April 21, 2014 was going to be the day that I stopped making excuses. The day I started achieving goals. 
Today starts a journey that will be difficult. One that I will want to abandon more times than not, I'm sure.

However, the weight isn't going to just disappear. It doesn't just fall off anymore.  
Hell, it's never just fell off.

So while the guys were comfy, cozy in bed this morning, I went to the Y. I busted out a little over 3.3 miles and did a quick arm and leg workout. I'm currently drinking and ENJOYING a Peanut Butter Banana Green Smoothie for breakfast.

There is so much potential lying deep within me. Potential that I've been overlooking, abusing for the last 17 months. 

Each week I will be holding myself accountable. Pushing myself to do more, be more, give me, achieve more. You can follow along here along with MyFitnessPal. My first goal is to rid myself of 19 pounds. I would love to see the majority of this disappear by June 30th. That's 10 weeks. Do you know how much can change in 10 weeks? We're about to find out.

I have a lot of work to do. I have a lot to prove to myself. I want to be the best wife/mom I can be. That all starts with me loving myself, inside and out. 

So dream big dreams. Stick to your goals. Don't give up hope. 
Don't believe for a second that a small step in the right direction is a pointless exercise. 
As long as you have breath in your body, opportunity is waiting for your somewhere.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disclaimer: Real Mom Ahead

A couple weeks ago, I received an email with this subject line:
"Stephanie, your blog was meant for me :)"
This had to be spam, right? I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the email to find a Wife Mommy Me fan, praising me for being open and honest about my experience as a Mom. As someone who puts it all out there, it's ridiculously rewarded to find out that there are folks out there that relate to all my nonsense. Not only was Gwendy a fan, but she wanted to share an experience she went through as a Mom with my readers. Of course, I said yes. Meet Gwendy, first time Momma and your newest best friend. 

I’d like to start this whole confession off the right way—with a disclaimer: I’m a first time mother.
Prior to the arrival of our baby girl, I believed myself to be at least moderately experienced in the realm of child-rearing. I had, after all, been around babies and young children for the majority of my life. In fact, if you were to have taken a tally between my husband and myself as to who had changed the most diapers (prior to the birth of our baby) I would be the hands down winner (although it was difficult not to beat his whopping total of “0”). I’d even acquired keepsake boxes (like these cute ones here) to hold mementos (like baby’s first tooth). Are you laughing hysterically at my pathetic definition of preparation yet? Just the thought of how “ready” I thought was is enough to make my own maniacal laughter erupt like a volcano.
Although there have been multiple motherhood learning curves that I’ve encountered, none quite got to me the way that sleep deprivation did. The whole living-zombie thing has been written about, talked about, and blogged about; but for some reason, I thought it couldn’t be any worse than my sleepless college nights (which came courtesy of test-cramming or having too much fun). Wrong! So undeniably wrong—what the hell was I even thinking?!
I remember the moment my need for sleep nearly broke me (spoiler alert: it didn’t take long for me to crack). A little over a week after we brought baby home I put her down for an eons-overdue nap. We were already pretty delirious; I couldn’t remember what real, uninterrupted sleep felt like. With the baby down, my husband headed to the store (I swear, if I had had any residual energy, I would have fought him to the death for a chance to leave the house) while I began to reluctantly address my rapidly multiplying to-do list.
Fifteen minutes into nap-time, I was frantically trying to half-ass fold the laundry (more or less “pile it” if you will) whisper-talk my husband through deciphering my hieroglyphic-looking grocery list (over the phone) and start some semblance of a dinner. I was getting rapidly irritated with my inability to talk on the phone and function, so my voice was gradually getting louder (read: basically yelling). At some point in my rant about why my husband should “just know” what I need, I heard our baby crying. I panicked and threw one last load of clothes in the wash, then ran back to the nursery hopefully caudal at least another twenty minutes of precious sleep out of her.
While I was patting and rubbing her little back, I smelled something…burning? What idiot started a fire in the house!? Cue the (dim) light bulb. I tripped over myself running to the kitchen to see what I’d even started cooking—I’d forgot making dinner was even a thing, let alone something I was trying to accomplish. Smoke started billowing out of the oven, and I yanked whatever it was I’d put in there out and ran it out to the porch.
The smoke detectors were going off full force by now and the baby was screaming bloody murder; I felt glued to the ground. I knew I needed to open windows and doors and grab the baby (maybe get her some fresh air??) but I didn’t do any of that. Instead I crumpled to the floor and started crying. Hysterically. Like snot-bubbling, tear-pouring, straight-up blubbering.
I don’t really know when I would have snapped out of it if my husband hadn’t come home. He helped me pull my shit together, and I took the baby outside while he salvaged our home from my dinnertime smoke out. I must have told our baby I was sorry a million times; I felt like a failure at motherhood already and it hadn’t even been TWO WEEKS! I was a terrible mom, and this HALF AN HOUR ALONE had only proved that. I decided that maybe I’d call my mom and ask her for help (real independent of me, right?) because, really, who else could see me like this?? Wasn’t I supposed to be rocking motherhood with Food Network recipes and freshly-washed skinny jeans??
It was in this moment that I couldn’t remember what I did with my phone post-laundry. As it would turn out, I wouldn’t be calling anybody (at least on my phone) anytime soon, as electronics don’t take kindly to being washed.
Flash forward a few (10) months, and I have to say; nothing can prepare you for parenthood (except, of course, being a parent). I know I’ll continue to drop the ball, to feel like I’m failing, and to need help. But as I watch our baby grow into a little person, I know that there’s nothing in this world that I love more than her. And even if I have to spend the rest of my life trying to get this whole parenting thing right—she’s worth every second of it.
Gwendy Taylor is a first time Mom discovering no matter how many time she checks the diaper bag, she always forgets something important. When she's not trying out the latest homemade baby food recipes, you can find her writing about family life. 

Be sure to connect with Gwendy on Google+ and follow along as she continues to share her story of motherhood, in all it's messy, wonderful glory.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-At-Home Mom Book Review

As a member of Litfuse Publicity Group, I have the privilege of reading and reviewing books. I am excited to share with you my thoughts on my book choice from Litfuse this month.

Tricia Goyer

I'm sure you are wondering why a stay at home Mom would be interested in a book on how to successfully balance work - what work, right? I may not work outside the house or even receive a paycheck but trust me, I need help finding the perfect balance like all other mothers. Raising a child, keeping our home together, blogging in hopes of making an income one day and juggling family and my marriage along with keeping a social life sans play grounds and story time is no easy task. That's where author and homeschooling mom Tricia Goyer comes in to share her tips for finding balance among all your many hats as a mom. 

In the last few months, I've been feeling like I'm being stretched extremely thin even though I don't have a typical boss or 9-5 job. I never seem to be able to stay on top of things. Tricia's book hits on the following topics to help you tackle all your responsibilities successfully while keeping your sanity. 

The book includes tips on:
—how to create focus themes for your family
—how to prioritize your schedule
—how to utilize your job so it also benefits your kids
—how to keep yourself out of the comparison game
—how to make working at home work for you
—and much more!

In Balanced, Goyer gives us a peek into her home life (a home schooling mother of 6!) and her struggles as a writer working from the comfort of her home. Regardless of your situation, Tricia's struggles are the same hiccups and headaches we all go through as Moms, both who work in and out of the home, with paying or non paying gigs like mine. But more than that, 'Balanced' inspires and encourages readers to follow your dreams and in doing so, to let a few things go. That might be laundry one day or an afternoon play date the next. Which is hard for a gal like me who is certifiable OCD, with a desire to do it all.

The bottom line it we can’t do it all, not today, not tomorrow. No one can. Ever. So we have to figure out what our priorities are, focusing on what's most important to us. If I were to share one piece of Goyer's book that resonated with me most, it would be this statement:

"Balance is not possible--at least not in the form of a perfect schedule or a perfect routine. Even if we find balance one day, it most likely will slip between our fingers the next."

As a Mom, wife, sister, friend, what have you done to help keep your life in balance? Have you learned to give up something in order to accomplish a larger goal? 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Connor's Easter Basket

With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to share (and document) the Easter basket Connor will receive on Sunday. I'll be the first to admit that his basket might seem boring or dull to some - there are some crazy baskets out there nowadays - but it's not about what's in the basket that makes Easter such an important day in our lives, you know? Regardless, I wanted to put together a simple basket with things I know our little guy will enjoy. 

Connor's Easter 2014 Basket

1) Yup, that's face and hand wipes. And yup, that's something our little guy will like receiving. He has entered this stage where he likes to clean his face and wash his hands. These wipes kill 99% of germs which makes me happy while allowing BIG boy Connor to keep himself clean. Bonus? They smell good, too.

2) Our bookworm son, who honestly doesn't need another book, will love these flip the flap books. Any book that allows his little hands to stay busy is a favorite in our household.

3)  Bubbles. Simply put, every kid loves bubbles!

4) Connor understands simple directions and is able to see cause and effect so I thought play-dough would be a great tool, when paired with cookie cutters, for him to learn shapes, how to's and what happens when A does B.

5) Am I earning my BAD MOM badge with putting candy in his basket? If so, I'll wear it proudly. Little guy is exactly like his Daddy and Mammaw and loves himself some Reese Cups. The five shown would be gone in a day if I let Connor see them, he has the eye of an eagle when it comes to candy. 

Each item is strategically placed in Connor's basket. Not only is that the same basket from last year, it was originally used at his baby shower. I plan to use it as long as I can. As an added bonus, we picked up this traintastic Chuggington ball to pair with his basket. Little guy loves playing with bouncy balls so I'm sure he will love seeing a new ball to enjoy. 

Connor will be over the moon excited to dig into his basket. As long as the chocolate doesn't hold him up. Dude loves his chocolate. I have one made for Mister too but since he reads my blog daily (thanks Coxy), I can't share it just yet but will on IG on Easter. 

What items do you include in your little ones' baskets? 
What was your favorite Easter basket item growing up?

Be sure to link up and share your little ones basket![the+good+life]%29

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday!

For the first time in, I don't know... forever!!!, I don't have a real, planned out post written to share with you. And can I tell you how ahhhmazing it felt to take a day off? It's was lovely to relax and not blog. Try it some time, I promise you'll enjoy it.

But truth be told, I am blogging today, just not here. You'll find me guest posting with Elizabeth over at Chasin' Mason about my experience as Connor's Momma. Elizabeth has a series dedicated to us boy Moms. Come on over and visit with me as I share my thoughts on why being a #BOYMOM is the very best. Also, here is Saturday's Blogger Spotlight with Becky. Come meet Becky and learn a little bit about a wonderful mom/teacher/blogger.

I don't want you to feel like you didn't get your daily dose of Connor J so here is a picture from our Sunday afternoon with some of his favorite park buddies, the Old Settlers ducks.

 Enjoy your Monday and I'll be back with a more complete, thought out post.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Blogger Spotlight - Meet Becky

I'm Becky. Wife to Russ. Mama to Henry (4) and Wesley (1). I've been blogging for about a year over at bybmg. I'm a middle school teacher as my full-time gig. I write about what I wear, mommyhood, crafting, and thrifting among other things. I love sweets, all things pumpkin, sewing, thrifting (mostly for clothes), avoiding housework, and making life fun for my boys. I have a small Etsy shop where I sell things made from Toms flags and a few of my other creations. I'm thrilled and honored to be a spotlight blogger here! I love to meet and connect with other mamas online, so connect with me and say hello!

What made you decide to start blogging? 
What part of blogging is your favorite? What do you dislike the most?

I initially had a couple blogs on Posterous (which no longer exists) where I would share my crafts and cupcakes. I started them to really just document what I do and be able to share it with friends and family. When Posterous closed down, I went full-on with my current blog because I had some tutorials I wanted to share. My very first post was the beginning of my short nursery re-do series where I shared how to recover glider rocker cushions. I felt like people needed to know how to do this and that it could be done easily. That post still gets repinned weekly almost a year later, so I know it was worth it.

My favorite thing about blogging is the creative outlet it gives me. I love doing things for myself, but it's fun to be able to share it with other people. There's only so much enthusiasm my husband can give about my continual projects and outfits, though he cheers me on non-stop. I've also had friend ask me for help with their own fashion or sewing projects because they have seen what I do. It makes me feel like what I blog is worth-while. I dislike that I still feel like an amateur. I would really like a makeover of my blogging template to make it look professional and my own, but I don't have the funds or know-how to do that right now. It's also difficult sometimes to think of what to write about or continue writing when I'm not sure if many people are reading. But, I write on, even if it's just for me!

As a mother, what do you think the your greatest parenting moment has been so fair? 
Your biggest parenting fail?

I feel like I work to plan fun activities for Henry, so I think those would be some of my greatest parenting moments. I try to be intentional when we have larger chunks of time together, like Christmas break and in the summer (since I'm a teacher). Last summer we hammered a big ice chunk with toys trapped inside and made cool-whip sandwiches. Some people get overwhelmed with Pinterest, but it truly helps me be a more intentional mom. Also at night when Henry comes out for that extra hug and kiss, I know that we've showed him love and affection. Melts my heart every time.

My biggest parenting fails are my temper and prioritizing (which kind of goes back on how I say I'm intentional...). Sometimes I just jump to conclusions or yell too much. I also catch myself telling Henry I'll play with him after I do ______ and then I end up tacking on more tasks to that list of things to do before play. I need to get better at just sitting and being with my boys instead of always having that constant to-do list in the back of my mind.

If Hollywood was to make a movie about your life, 
what would the title be and who would star as you?

I think it would be titled A Crazy Road to Normal because my husband and I have quite the odd history of how we met which includes talking to him on the phone about once a week for a few months a year before I ever knew who he was, me sitting in on his valentine's dinner with another girl, and a our first date being with his parents. It's a long story of interesting events, but we now live a pretty normal, simple, low-key life. I think I'd like Jennifer Lawrence to star as me because she's a great actress and has a realistic body shape.

On your blog, we can find you sharing your cute outfits and thrifty finds. Where do you get most of your clothing? And where do find your style inspiration?

Most of my clothing comes from sales at Gap and Old Navy as well as Goodwill. I'm thrifty, but you wouldn't know it by looking at my closet. I can't remember the last time I bought a piece of clothing at full price. My style inspiration comes from just what I think looks good and is comfortable. I have a style board on Pinterest, but I don't look back at it much after I've pinned things there. I LOVE infinity scarves - there's just something cozy about them, so many of my outfits are based around them.

As a teacher, I'm sure no day is every the same. 
What has been your most favorite part of being a teacher?

I really love the possibility of impact on the future that I have as a teacher. I took on a new teaching job this year, and my classes focus more now on life skills (leadership and communicating) than core academics. I have over 300 students walk in and out of my room over the course of two days. Talk about impact! I take my job seriously and enjoy it because I know the kids depend on me and the skills that I'm teaching will carry with them throughout life.

Using the first letter of your first name, B, describe yourself in 5 words:
Boys' mama
Bargain hunter
Boot lover
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Friday, April 11, 2014

High Five Friday

Ladies and gents, it's Friday. We made it through an entire week of the Momma and Connor show and what a stellar week it's been. Now, let's give out a round of high fives, shall we?

{ONE} Mister and I are getting a very rare date night with a sitter coming to the house. After a week on the road and away from each other, there is nothing we want more than a night out with friends, without worrying about having to rush home to get Connor to bed. This is only the second time we've gotten to stay out past bed time and we plan to make the most of it! 

{TWO} The weather here in ATX is amazing. It's perfect with bright sunshine, nice breezes and cool nights. I would love for it to be this way year round. #wishfulthinking

{THREE} Speaking of weather this week, I love that C can now wear all the summer items I've been dying to put him in. This is a favorite of mine that I found at the Holy Land.

{FOUR} Our neighborhood is having a development wide garage sale Saturday and I am hoping to find a gem or two this weekend. I haven't been to the sale before so I hope it's as wonderful as I'm imagining. 

{FIVE} I save the best HIGH FIVE for last. I want to wish a Happy 5th Birthday to my favorite little nephew. Will AKA Bean is the orneriest fella, who keeps everyone on their toes with his antics. He has the heart of gold and is just the goofiest little guy. Aunt Stephie loves you Bean!

Share your high five moment in a comment below! I'd love to hear how kick ass your week has been.
Happy Friday!