Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So What! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! Happy First Day of Lent!

Hold up! Lent? Yes, even this Baptist girl is aware of Lent. In high school, I remember some people giving up things just because. It had nothing to do with their religion or even because they understood what Lent meant. I wasn't one of those. I didn't pay a bit of attention to Lent since we weren't Catholic.

So What! if I am participating in Lent this year? Even though I'm still not Catholic. The reason I'm participating in Lent is strictly based on the true meaning and purpose of the 40 day fast. From Ash Wednesday to Easter, many abstain from certain food or physical activities 40 days. The ideal behind this is to imitate Jesus Christ's 40-day fast in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-2). Some give up smoking, other gives over-eating and cursing. You can give up anything, really as long as it prepares you for Resurrection Sunday.

So What! if I am giving up multiple items. I really want to refocus some of my attention and efforts and what better way then in honor of Our Heavenly Father for the sacrifice He made for us.  Having said that, I know I am not the perfect Christian. I will never claim to be. I struggle like anyone else but my faith and beliefs are ever present. I want to focus more on my relationship with God, my family and my husband. 

So What! if for the next 40 days, I will be fasting from...
  1. Sweets. No more chocolate, candy, cookie, cupcakes, ice cream or cakes. I don't know where my love of sweets came from. I think it happened when I started dating my Sugar Bear. 
  2. Fast Food. Plain and simple, I don't need the empty calories and greasy food in my diet. Adios!
  3. And you may want to sit down for this one.. I'm giving up Instagram and Twitter for 40 days. As a self proclaimed social media junkie, this is going to be a hard one. Maybe the hardest. (I also know that when Coxy reads this, he is going to doubt me.)
So What! if for the next 40 days, I will be doing...
  1. A 40 day plank challenge. I will be repeating days 1-10 to meet the 40 day goal. A 6 minute 40 second plank? Dear Lord help me!
  2. Drinking 120 ounces of water daily.
  3. Spend 30 minutes a day reading my Bible and completing the 3030 Challenge that started on Saturday.
So What! if I may be expecting a lot from myself but really... God's sacrifice was so much more life changing, wouldn't you say? Are you giving up anything for Lent? Do share so I can offer you words of encouragement and support over the next 40 days.

Happy Ash Wednesday!


  1. I'm the same as you... I was always like, But I'm not Catholic.
    I need to figure something out to give up.. just not too sure what.

  2. I'm also not Catholic, but I participate in Lent. I'm giving up soda, sweet tea and fast food. I'm also diving into devotionals and spending time in the word daily.

  3. So what! is right! I'm not Catholic, and have never participated for Lent, but I think it's a great idea!

  4. A lot if my friends who weren't Catholic always gave up something for Lent. I did in college but haven't really since then!! I need to think of something and start today!

  5. I debated giving up something for Lent, even though I'm not Catholic. I may try to give up Starbucks which would probably save me a lot of money but realistically that won't last long. Giving up Instagram would pretty much be impossible for me. haha

  6. Now those are some goals! Good luck, esp social media =)

  7. Wow! You are really hitting it hard core. You are giving up 3 MAJOR THINGS!!

  8. Anyone can participate in Lent - even non-Catholics. Ash Wednesday services at Catholic churches are for anyone who wants to receive ashes on their foreheads.
    As a Catholic, I feel like we spend a lot of time focusing on what we can 'give up' for 40 days. There are many other things I want to ADD during this season: saying more heartfelt prayers with my husband at the end of each day. We say prayers every night, but I feel like most of the time we say them going through the motions. I'm also hoping to add move volunteer work into my life.

    Happy Lent!

  9. I am on a diet and few days in on the no coke. oh my. Good luck with all yours goals. they are kinda hardcore.

  10. I started a 40 day challenge at the beginning of February and gave up Facebook as part of it. I thought it was going to be so hard, but it's been surprisingly easy - and super refreshing. I'm definitely going to reconsider the amount of time I spend just 'checking' Facebook once it's over.

  11. I will be rooting for you. I think that if I were to participate in Lent I would give up excuses. I've been noticing lately that I make a lot of excuses. Definitely time for a change. I never understood what lent was but after reading about it I get it. I hope you are successful in your journey.


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