Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Jen from JVKom Chronicles

Happy St. Patrick's Day! While the majority of Americans are drinking green beer, making memories they won't remember, I'm having my own kind of party. It's Spring Break in Oklahoma. I mean... how is that a party? #justsayin. While I'm on vacation, I have a Jen taking over the blog today! I'm a huge fan and I hope ya'll enjoy her as well.

Hey WMM readers! I'm here to take over Stephanie's blog today. I'm Jen and I blog over at JVKom Chronicles. It's a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on healthy living. I really believe in living your best life. I would to have you jump over and say hey :)


Spring is in the air. I can finally feel it. This was my first winter back north after spending the past five in sunny Florida. Talk about a slap in the face. This has been the harshest winter in YEARS! Lucky me right?! The first snow was amazing. I have two little boys and they were in complete awe. It was really fun to act like a kid again and play in the snow. But the second, third, fourth time it snowed I just wanted to hibernate. I am so ready for warm weather. My poor TOMS have been locked away since last October. They are calling to me from the closet. I'm ready to bust them out and paint the town. Since this is our first year in Richmond, VA there is much to explore. I'm ready to come out of hiding and get to know our new city. I'm also excited for block parties. We live in a really great neighborhood. I'm longing for summer nights spent out on the patio.


I am also in desperate need of a tan. I can not remember the last time I was this pale. In Florida everyone always has a natural glow. Not here. I would give Casper a run for his money right now. I'm sure my vitamin D levels are lacking as well. I need the sun. There is just something about the feeling of the warm sun on your skin. I soak up every minute (with a thick layer of sunscreen of course). What are you looking forward to most about warm weather?
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  1. I'm most looking forward to days upon days of tanks, jeans, and flip flops. And yes, its definitely been a harsh winter. The weather here in NC has been all over the place.

  2. I live in Florida and just get a bit of color when I'm out in the yard or walking. Love being able to dress so casual down here though and not layers and layers of clothes. But we haven't had a very nice winter this year.

  3. Thanks so much for having me today!

  4. Pale is good--- you'll be happy in 20 years ;-)

    I can only handle so much snow and then I'm done w it!

  5. Hi, Jen! Nice to meet ya!

    I'm looking forward to spending more time outside (with lots of sunscreen, just like you) and just soaking in the beautiful weather before it gets too hot here in Texas. Spring is almost here... and I hope you see it soon in your neck of the woods!


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