Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love Yourself More

Last night, during a "how life is so much amazing once you are a parent" speech with my girlfriend Kristin, I made a (what I thought was) profound statement:

"When I look back on my time as a stay at home Mom, I want to know that Connor thinks he had a cool, fun Mom who took the time to play and laugh and not one that worried about the trash over flowing or the messes that have to pick up." 

And just like that, I (again) realize that a toddler has taught me so much more than any job in the "real" world could have. It also made me recognize that I'm really hard on myself. I put so much pressure to be the best at everything, that sometimes I don't want to be having fun or laughing, sometimes I just need a moment to collect my thoughts and breath, to check something off my never ending to-do list. I'm my husband and son's biggest fan but while I'm busy making sure they are taken care of, I don't give myself the credit I deserve and find myself doubting the compliments that are handed to me. 

The truth is I need to love myself more.

As women, wives, mothers, bloggers, friends, we are so hard on ourselves. We compare ourselves, our lives, our relationships with others on a daily basis. Enough's enough. Let's learn to love ourselves a little more. So I want to play a little game. I am going to list 5 things I love about myself and I want you to do the same in a comments below. I will do a random number generator and the winner will receive a $5 Starbucks E-gift Card. 

 ...sense of independence. Since the day I was born, I've been very headstrong and independent. This character trait has allowed me to adapt to change easily and to our move across the country. I can stand on my own two feet with confidence and am able to single parent while supporting my husband. As much I adore my guys, I am okay being alone, too.

...lips. Simply put, they are must best asset. And I should mention, baby boy got his from me as well. 

...ability to make friends easily. For someone who had just a handful of friends in high school, it amazes me how many girlfriends I have as an adult. 

...desire to give. I give a lot of myself to others without expecting anything in return. Connor and James get my attention most days but I am always a phone call away if any of my family or friends need something. Instead of making money off of the clothing Connor has outgrown, I've passed it on to 3 others new boy Moms. The fact that our little guy's baby items have helped dress 3 other fellas makes my heart happy.

...obsession with documenting our son's life. Looking back, Connor will get to watch himself grow up with all the photos we've taken, the posts I've written and the memories we've made. He will see that from day 1 he was loved with every ounce of our beings. 

What do you love about yourself?


  1. We do need to give more credit to ourselves!

    3-not in terrible shape (ha! a semi-compliment)

  2. I think that's a great outlook to have and I need to remember that more myself.

    1. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.
    2. Even though I'm not the most outgoing person when put in a situation with new people I'm able to talk to almost anyone easily.
    3. I may not be the best mother in the world but I'm the best mother for my child.
    4. I like my eyes.
    5. I can more or less eat what I want and not gain too much weight.

  3. Wonderful post and oh so true! I really need to work on this for myself too. Not good at receiving compliments much less those from myself!

  4. 1- Funny-- I am so funny I make myself laugh and I do believe I have passed this on to my kids!
    2- Giver-- I think of others more than myself.. not just talking about thinking of my family
    3- Good advice giver-- Seriously, if anyone needs advice I am the one to give it w an open mind
    4- Freckles- what can I say.. love my freckles- never try to cover them up- they are what make me ME
    5- Open minded- give me a topic and I can see both sides of an issue.

  5. I hear you on the too hard on ourselves!

    1. I love my curly hair. It seriously makes my days so much easier to get ready because it's product and done!
    2. I love my sense of self. I've always been really good at knowing who I am and what works well for me.
    3. My attention to details. Not in an obsessive way but I just remember lots of little things very easily and in an organized way I can use them.
    4. My ability to build close friendships - maybe not lots of them but deep connections
    5. Silliness - I can make up a silly song or dance or just laugh at most anything. It makes those really long days a little better as a SAHM.

  6. 1. I'm kinda hilarious
    2. I am confident and like who I am
    3. I am a people person and a good friend
    4. I am easy-going and rarely get upset
    5. I am a good mom. I may not be perfect, but I do my best to be the best parent I can. Although it helps that I'm raising the two most amazing kids on the planet

  7. 1. Cooking.. I love to cook and bake and make everyone else fat.
    2. I like people. I talk to strangers in stores.
    3. Kind, I will do anything for anyone.
    4. I make friends easily.
    5. I love my bloggy friends, some of them are real friends in every sense.

  8. 1. Creativity. I like to think I'm pretty creative and come up with all kinds of ideas. Whether or not they get done is a different story. :)

    2. Confidence in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake, especially for friends and family.

    3. Time management skills. Having a baby will definitely make you realize how fast some things need to get done and I'm pretty good at keeping us on a schedule.

    4. Legs. I love to wear shorts in the summer.

    5. Honesty. If you ask me to be straight forward with you, I'll tell you exactly what I think.

  9. In no particular order

    1. My hair
    2. My musical ability
    3. My insane knowledge of random facts
    4. My cooking ability
    5. My love of different cultures

  10. I love this, Stephanie! I'm so glad you're doing this so we have to take time right now to focus on five things we love about ourselves!

    I love my ...

    1. Compassionate heart
    2. Ability to be sensitive to other people's feelings
    3. Family and am, indeed, family focused.
    4. Long blonde hair :)
    5. Desire to help others

  11. Amen, sister. There isn't enough credit given, which is sad. So, here goes nothing…

    1) My ability to cook and bake. I think I'm pretty good at both - the hubs tends to agree.
    2) I'm genero - I don't have a lot, but I'd give the shirt off my back if you needed it.
    3) I'm loyal - if you're my friend, you're stuck with me for life. :)
    4) I can plan a mean party. Refer M's MMCH post.
    5) Every day I strive to be the best mommy and wife possible. Some days are better than others, but every day I try to be better than the last.

    Love this post. Love you!

  12. 1. Caring
    2. Love God. Love to pray!
    3. Good listener (I think people are like books just waiting to be read/heard! Everybody has their own unique story!)
    4. Fun! Love to laugh!
    5. Love to make people feel special (because they are!)


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