Friday, March 28, 2014

It's The Little Things

Ashley with Words About Waverly and Jess over at Sadie Sky Boutique have a sweet weekly link up titled "It's The Little Things". Today, I want to share a nightly routine that is just a simple little thing I love.
Days are long and messy with a (almost) 17 month old boy. We love hard and play even harder. By 7:30, we can't get to the bathtub quick enough. Which is totally okay because there is no one that loves being in a tub of water than Connor J.


Watching the tub fill with warm water or lining up our ducks, Connor is easily entertained with such small little tasks. Thanks to his Ma, he has plenty of ducks for bath time and has recently gotten very attached to Pirate and Halloween duck. 

During his bath, I talk him through what body part I'm washing, teaching him words like belly, legs, arms and neck, hoping that he may pick up a word or two. He has belly down so it's working. Washing his hair is quite the task but I've gotten pretty good at doing it quickly to help prevent too much water in his face and eyes. 

What could be more fun than playing in water with you favorite ducks? Brushing your teeth of course. 

The moment his wet little body is pulled from the tub, he is saying teeth, reaching for his toothbrush and toothpaste. He must have both in his hands before he is ready to brush his pearly whites. The entire time I'm drying him off, he is busy brushing his teeth. It blows my mind the our baby boy is big enough to brush his own teeth. 

Raising our son includes a combination of the little things that make life fun and memorable. Not every bath night is picture worthy but that's okay. Every evening, I get a chance to take in the little things like a clean baby, smelling fresh from his bath, tucked warm in his footed pajamas knowing that at this very moment, all is right in our world.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love bath time pictures, they are my absolute favorite. I'm so looking forward to Henry being able to splash in a tub before bed every night, I just know he's going to enjoy it so much.

    I know you are trying to learn Lightroom, can I make a suggestion without sounding all photo-snobby? If you use the eyedropper tool to adjust the white balance, these won't look so yellow. Use the white of his eyes and it should come out pretty balanced. ;)

  2. I have always loved bath time with my daughter. It is a nice time to slow down

  3. This is such a precious post! I nannied for three years and though I wasn't a mom to the kids, It was so cool to be able to share in moments with the kids like helping the little ones learn to read.

    I can't wait to have kids one day and truly have that joy!




  4. He is such a cutie! I'm having so much fun now that Baby D is starting to really enjoy his baths (he's three months old on Monday). He's not quite old enough to play with the rubber duckies, but that time is coming soon!

  5. What a doll! A bath calms down my lil' lady bean in no time flat!

  6. Sweetness! I miss those days... that sweet just clean smell right after bathtime when you wrapped them up all tight and readied them for bed and books and bedtime prayers. Visiting from Southern Girls Bloggers. Glad to "meet" you! (BTW, mine will be going to Miss State in the Fall. And yes, the time does fly.) Come see me over at anytime!

  7. very sweet!! cute bath photos - he's getting so big!

  8. Love that he asks to brush his teeth, and needs to hold the paste. Aria wants to brush her teeth every time we walk into the bathroom. Not a bad thing! Hooray for clean teeth.

  9. This post is so sweet! It's so cute to see how much he loves his baths!

  10. This post is so sweet! It's so cute to see how much he loves his baths!

  11. This post is so sweet! It's so cute to see how much he loves his baths!


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