Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Babies Don't Keep

Plain and simple, babies don't keep.

They grow fast.
They gain big personalities.
Their independence grows by leaps and bonds daily.

Last year, we were parents to this little guy. Someone who hadn't yet discovered his voice or had the ability to move freely, from place to place. I remember thinking that I had never loved someone as much as I did Connor at that point.

Boy was I ever so wrong. My days are now filled with watching this fella grow, discover and make me wonder how in the Hell did I ever get so lucky to be chosen to be his Mom. And I find myself loving him more with every passing minute.

Parenting is tough. Scratch that. Parenting is the hardest responsibility you will ever take on. But hands down, it's the also the most rewarding role I've ever tackled. Connor has changed me in the very best of ways and because of him, I'm a better person and for the first time in nearly 15 years, I am completely comfortable in my skin. I am a confident person thanks to a spunky little boy. 

And since babies don't keep, we make memories. We take road trips to visit our best friends. We stay up late and eat too much while laughing together around the dining room table. We celebrate St. Patty's Day and play with Flarp and we refuse to look at the camera. We rejoice in the good days and pray for bedtime when days are long and kids are just too much to handle in one day. 

And since time isn't on our side, we love every second, minute and day, remembering babies don't keep.


  1. He has grown into the cutest little man!
    Give him an extra smooch, or 10 from me today, please!

  2. Yes, and we must remind ourselves to SLOW down and sit down and play... I'm so bad w 'I'm too busy' or 'hold on' (hoping they forget and get distracted)..

  3. OH I love that baby photo of Conner!!! He's so grown up now but you can still see him in the baby picture! So cute. You are right they don't keep but thank goodness photos do! :)

  4. What precious babies!! I sure miss mine being that little!!

  5. I tell myself this all the time, especially at night when my three year old wakes up and wants cuddles or my 17 month old wants to nurse for the 5th time in the night. They grow up way too quickly so I need to enjoy these moments.


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