Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What! Wednesday

With Mom back in Ohio and James on a business trip to South Dakota along with the fact that CJ turns 16 months on Friday, I decided to break Connor of his pacifier this week. By myself.

So what! if this has been the hardest transition in my parenting adventure yet?

Connor usually has his pacifier a) during naps and bedtime or b) in the car. I had slowly stopped letting him have it when he was playing at home or out and about. If you remember, I was anti-pacifier but thanks to a horrible case of acid reflux, Connor was given one and we never looked back. While, I won't say he is overly attached to his pacifier, I knew this was going to be a big adjustment for C, one that would include tears and hurt feelings.

I started with nap time yesterday and nearly caved. Our little guy usually goes straight to sleep without issue or hesitation. 25 minutes later, after fits and screams, he passed out and slept for a little over 3 hours (per the norm). When bedtime rolled around, I told myself that under no circumstances was I going to give him a pacifier. With day 1 almost complete, I didn't want to give it. We could do this!

So what! if listening to him cry for 32 minutes caused me to rush in and cuddle and rock my sweet boy, whispering how sorry Momma was. After some Momma snuggles and a few songs, our little guy zonked out and slept peacefully all night. 

It goes without saying that this was much harder on me then him as are most things baby. I could have easily gave him a pacifier and not had to experience Cry Fest 2014. So what! if taking his pacifiers from him has made me all too aware that babies don't keep and before I know it, he will be far too big to only need Momma's cuddles as comfort.  


  1. Go you for breaking him of the paci by yourself! It's so funny how some kids are paci lovers and others aren't. Our oldest was for sure, and I broke him of it at age 2. Boy #2 is a different story. His fingers are his paci, which will be harder to break, but he only seems to use them when teething or sleeping right now, so I'm ok with it.

  2. Stick w your guns and don't go back... My oldest was the only one that had a pac and we broke her at age 3!!! She was very little and sick a lot so she got away w having one. We sent it to the pacifier fairy and she was over it fast when we went and bought her a toy!

  3. Good for you! That must have been hard listening to him cry. I'm in the same boat. Miss A uses her to sleep and in the car. Rarely at home. I have no idea when I want to try taking it away from her but after reading your story I have hope it won't be so bad!

  4. AHHHHHHH! your baby had reflux too?? so did mine! it was terrible! glad you both, like us, made it to the other side!

  5. Way to go momma! You're doing great. Before you know it C won't even remember what a paci is!
    Give him an extra squeeze from me.

  6. Awesome! You are doing great for not giving in. I don't think I could do it.

  7. Agreed, it's not a big deal! He'll break of it eventually :)


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