Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hot Mess Moments with a REAL Mom

Being a parent, especially a full time stay at home Mom, can be overwhelming. There are moments when you think to yourself "What in the world have I gotten myself into?". Other times, you hope and pray that no one just witnessed or finds out what you just let happen. No matter how much of your day is spent with your little one(s), please know that in every home across the country, there is a Mom who is just like you, dealing with whatever the mess of the day might be.

Because I know I'm not the only Mom who doesn't have it all together, I asked some girlfriends and fellow bloggers to share their messes with us today. Here are their REAL stories...

... when my daughter was 1-9 months she would not sleep. I was so scared to wake her at night not only did we co-sleep, my husband was pushed to the couch, and on one particularly rough night I had to pee so badly in the middle of the night, I held her and peed in a Nalgene bottle that was in our bedroom.

... back in 1996 my husband and I brought our 3 (now adult) kids to Disney and stayed on the Disney property. One evening we decided that we needed or wanted some grown up time so we ordered a room service pizza, talked to the kids about the hotel room rules, put our oldest daughter in charge and explained that we would be downstairs in the lobby restaurant and would call every (literally) five minutes. They plopped themselves in front of the television and started eating their pizza. We went downstairs and called them immediately. The oldest answered and said everything was fine. Five minutes later as we were being seated at our table we went back to the lobby and called again. (SN- this was so long ago, it was before cell phones were normal) This time when my husband called the room the person on the other line answered with 'Room Service.' My husband in shock said 'Hello?' and they said, 'Yes, your daughter called us because your son pooped his pants.' Yes, my daughter called ROOM SERVICE because her brother was too scared or too lazy or too busy to walk to the bathroom and go poo in the toilet. We all still laugh at this and I am even laughing now as I type this.

... Henry (almost 4) asked to paint with do-a-dot paints. I thought he'd easily be occupied with that while I gave his baby brother his bottle. It got a little too quiet, and I came out to find my boy with a bright green mustache (more like mustache and half beard!) and a red streak across his forehead. Let's just say bath night that night was not pleasant (face scrubbing - ouch!), and I will definitely re-think my keep him busy while I feed the baby activities!

... when Maddie was an infant we went to target and I was in the dressing room trying things on, I couldn't get the cart in so I just set her on the bench. She wasn't a seasoned sitter at the point and fell off the bench head first ripping all the skin off her nose. She had a huge scab on her nose that took about a month to heal. Oops.

... when Dylan was a newborn, I had put him in the Moby wrap and ate some chocolate chips because it was that kind of day. Later I went to take him out of the wrap and this new mommy panicked because "poop" was all over the side of his head! After later inspection and a taste test, I discovered it was melted chocolate. 

... during one of those early morning, keep the lights dim, diaper changes Ezra torpedo pees all over the changing table. I quickly cover him up until he's done peeing, finish the diaper change and wipe up the mess. It's not until I pick him up and start to cover his little face with kisses that I realize he's peed ALL OVER that too.  
Moral of today's post
Don't be too hard on yourself as a parent. 
You aren't the only mess out there raising America's future.  


  1. You tasted the chocolate lol brave I remember one time I had left a bag of hershey kisses out and the baby got a hold of it and smeared it across her head I thought it was poop she was eating it and everything I almost died. I didn't discover what it really was until later when I went to look for my hershey.

  2. Cute post. I have so many messes! When my son was learning to crawl I was trying to "encourage" him to go forward one day with a gentle push. My gentle push actually made him take a nose dive into the hard wood floors and we went from happy moment to screaming instantly. His poor little nose was so red! I felt so bad

  3. Hi there! First time reader by way of Jenny Jacobson from Growing Up Jacobson. I love this! I always find comfort in reading material from other moms who have a realistic and real take on parenthood. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. these are so funny! I tried to pick a favorite but they are all so funny

  5. How many times have I been forced to taste test the chocolate? But the day our oldest walked up and put poop in my hand, I knew I'd been a little too slacking in the attention department.

  6. Hilarious and good stuff! I needed that chuckle today!

  7. LOL! This post is hilarious. The joy of children. I'm not at that point in life yet, but I know when it comes, stories like this will be coming.

  8. Girl your brave. I do the smell test! I have REALLY bad luck haha.

  9. Awesome post.
    Most days are hot messes around these parts.

  10. I don't believe I had any of these moments (been too long, I can't remember) but the stories were very entertaining.

  11. Such a fun idea, S! These stories still have me cracking up!! Thanks for
    Putting this together!


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