Friday, February 28, 2014

16 Months - 2.28.14

Here we are again! Celebrating your monthly milestone. I sound like a broken record but I don't know how you got so big so fast. Especially this month. You have turned the page and are much less baby and much more big guy than ever before.

You had a big first this month: YOUR FIRST HAIRCUT. We waited as long as we could but boy, I could only handle your bangs and mullet for so long. You did so well getting your hair cut. I was completely impressed. 

You have gained tons of confidence in yourself this month. The above picture displays that perfectly. You are no longer timid with your physical abilities but love to climb, jump, flip and move. It's been interesting watching you find your limits and discover what you are capable of.

We've lost track with the number of words you say. You use about 20-25 words on a daily basis. Your favorite is 'no' (of course) and you tend to use it all the time, even when you really want to say yes. You have decided to call Mom 'Ma' and now scream it on a daily basis. You can say 'George', thanks to your new obsession with Curious George.

I have grown wiry of trying to do chores without your assistance and now let you help with the laundry, unloading of the dishwasher and throw away trash. You love being such a big help, even if it means extra work on my end. 

We went 3 days without a pacifier before I caved and gave it back to you after you chewed on everything you could find in your crib, including your teething necklace (insert heart attack here). You just require your pacifier for naps and bedtime and that's that. We'll lose it eventually.

Another big step was made this month. You will be starting preschool in the Fall and I'm hoping you do well. You have a lot of growing and maturing between now and then so I'm excited to see how you react to going to school for the first time. 

You continue to be the center of our universe. You are such a happy guy, even on the bad days. Thank you for allowing us to see the world through your eyes, Connor J. It's been a wonderful ride and every twist and turn as been one that we will cherish for years to come.

We love you,
Momma and Papa Daddy  


  1. C looks SO MUCH like you in that picture! And, when did he turn 5?!
    Happy 16 months, buddy!!

  2. Just know he won't be walking down the aisle on his wedding day w his paci.. you have plenty of time.

  3. They grow so quickly. Enjoy every day. The best piece of advise I received was to take candid photos of all the ordinary things; sitting in a shopping cart, eating cheerios, etc. They are precious when they get bigger. He's adorable.

  4. He looks SO big! Holy cow! We finally got rid of Henry's paci - it was a long time coming, but like you, it was SO hard to take it away before because not only did he scream for hours at bedtime every night but he would put EVERYTHING in his mouth, even at 2. It was really easy this time to take it away however, because he understood why after a long conversation. He even helped throw them away and he hasn't cried once for them since. Maybe when he gets a little bit older it will be easier.

  5. I never believed all those women when they said "They grow up fast"
    At that point in time I didn't have kids. Okay. I get it now. My 9 month old is walking and I'm know you want to crawl a little longer...don'tcha?

  6. Why do they grow so fast?? Parker is starting preschool in the fall too and I can hardly stand the thought! Paci's are with us for naps/bedtime, car rides, and diaper changes. Other than that if he's having a rough day (sick or teething) we are fine to give it to him. It's not a big concern of ours either. So proud of him for using so many words and for being such a good helper!!!!

  7. so my 9 month old weighs 2 lbs less and is the same height... ugh! oh connor how i love you so!!!

  8. He is not a baby anymore, he is growing up fast. What a cutie!!

  9. 13 teeth is crazy sounding to me! Our little guy just now got his 8th tooth!


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