Monday, January 6, 2014

The Name Game

For some parents, naming their baby is a no-brainer. Maybe they have a name they’ve always loved, a family tradition to pass on or a relative to honor. Some women dream about their babies’ names in the same way they dreamed about their wedding day. When the time comes, it’s simply a matter of making the dream a reality.

When we got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to name our son Connor. In this post, I detailed the reasons we choose Connor's name. You'll notice that his middle name isn't what we had originally planned. Something about Connor Ross didn't sit well with me so we decided to go with Connor James instead.

While picking a name was so easy for us, I know there are plenty of Mommas-to-be that struggle with the perfect name (Hi Sara! Hi Kim!). I mean, where do you begin? The resources and opinions are never ending. If I were to have to pick a name for Connor's sibling someday, here are a few steps I would use.
  1. Look in a book. There are hundreds of baby name books available at your local library or book store. Not only are you going to come across names you've never thought of, you'll find their meaning. A former co-worker let me borrow her baby name book and that's how I learned that Connor is Irish for strong willed. Imagine that? 
  2. Think about the place you conceived the baby, the time of year or your favorite vacationing spot. Keep thinking of places that are particularly special to you. James and I have visited Florida more times than anywhere else as a couple but unfortunately, the name Flo Rida is taken. Just our luck! 
  3. Think about your personal taste. Sometimes the influence of others can get you off-track. Remember to pick a name that speaks to you. Think about whether you like traditional or contemporary. Maybe traditional names like Sarah or Robert fit your family better than Liam and Emma (the most popular names in 2013).
  4. Years ago when my Mom worked L&D, she took care of a baby named Anita Gold-Dick. Think about that for a second. Now, consider how that name will influence a person's childhood and life. After reading this article, all I could think about is that her name is Beautiful Existence. I find her hard to take serious. However, girlfriend (sometimes) has her act together. I would stay away from names that are going to cause your child to be bullied. Nowadays, kids have it rough and that last thing they need is a bad name like Spike and Bear Blue making them a even bigger target.
  5. Create a list of your top 10-15 favorites, without revealing it your partner, while they do the same. Then look at it together and see if your lists share any names. Odds are if you both list a common name, you both like it enough to consider it for your child. 
14 months later, I still love the name we choose for our little guy. He is a Connor, our CJ, Conman, Buddy Connie, Conna Conna. And for those wondering, if I were to get the chance to name another baby, here are some of my favorites. For a boy, I like Noah and Deacon. For a girl, I like Matilda and Evie.

What names do you love? What is the worst baby name you've ever heard? If you can bet Anita Gold-Dick I have a tall latte with your name on it.


  1. I absolutely cannot beat that name. We were living in Devonshire, England while I was pregnant so we knew that whether our baby was a boy or a girl (we wanted to be surprised) we would name them Devon. Our daughter is now our permanent souvenir of our life abroad. :)

    1. What a great way to honor your time overseas! And I love the name Devon. The first person I ever met with the name was a roomie in college.

  2. Naming our son was SO HARD for my husband and I! I love quirky, unique names, and he just could not get on board. Also, he's Armenian and we had a lot of pressure to choose a traditional Armenian name. Finally we found the name Grayson, and just kept coming back to it because it was literally the only name we both liked. It must have been meant to be! He is Grayson Cash Aslanyants, because my maiden name is Cash, so it's meaningful to me for so many reasons. Love the name Connor, btw!

  3. We talked about using my maiden name but it's not a good option in our opinion (Akers). I wanted a more creative middle name but we just couldn't agree and I like the idea of Connor being referred to CJ when he plays sports.

  4. Hunter was a name we discussed prior to ever even getting pregnant yet when i got pregnant and found out it was a boy we fought over the name for a while before realizing that Hunter was the one name we both liked and had always liked. Not sure why we tried so hard to pick something else. Now had I been able to pick the name totally by myself I probably would have chosen something else but I think his name fits him well.

  5. We had a boy name all picked out and ready to go before we were thinking about having a baby. But, it took us ages to land on a girl name we both liked after we found out our boy name was useless! I can't believe how many people can't pronounce Aria though. It is suppose to be like the opera solo aria, but people usually guess rye bread. I think people overthink the name, drives me nuts.

  6. I'm certain that if we would have had a girl she would still be nameless. S and I could not agree on a girl name. In fact, we already have a 2nd boy name picked out (if and when that ever happens).
    Names are tricky!!

  7. I can't even remember 'how' we decided on Henry's name, but I know that now it fits him perfectly and we have never thought twice about it. Jeremy and I are really fond of the 'older' names and I really love the name Alice or Evelyn for a girl and Monroe for a boy.

  8. When I found out I was pregnant I fell in love with the name Landry as soon as I heard it. I could never find a girl name that I liked so I guess it's a good thing God gave us a boy. My dad's name is James so when it came to picking a middle name that was easy! So we have a Landry James and you have Connor James, I'm sure those two could be best friends!

  9. Perfect post!! We are currently looking for names for our baby girl. For a boy, I already had a name, but a girl, not so sure! Currently we like Zoe :)

  10. We named our baby girl Kristofer MayAnn (our mothers middle names put together). Two other names I loved were Summer and Hermione. She goes by Baby K or BK.
    If we had had a boy his name would have been Castiel Rayden (our fathers middle names put together).
    I guess we probably fall into the category of weird baby namers.

  11. Jason used to have a good friend named Phuc Dong (pronounced fu¢% dong). And I grew up with a girl named The Ho. It amazes me when people are able to wait till after the baby is born to name them. I had to lockdown that name as soon as we had a gender.


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