Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So What! Wednesday

Happy So What! Wednesday!
Here is what I'm saying So What! to this week along with Shannon and the crew:
... it takes both James and I to clean Connor's snotty nose. Not only does the chore completely piss Connor off but he is such a strong little guy. Doing it solo is impossible so we have to team up on him. Even with help, we can never get it all so we end up giving C a bath to rid him of his snotty face (eyebrows, hair and cheeks).

... I have 4 Old Navy Super Cashes and wanted to order online through Ebates to earn 7% but ON's website will only let you use 1 per transition. You win this round Old Navy online. Off to the store I go...

... James is going to Ohio next week for business and I'm not one bit sorry I'm not going with him. Ya'll can keep your snow and frigid temperatures. I'm out.

... Plans to workout with a friend at the YMCA fell through thanks to Connor not feeling well. I guess I'm just meant to be the chubby girl.

... Speaking of working out, after my Bible Study/Workout session at church on Friday, I could barely walk on Saturday. Sitting down to use the restroom was physically painful.

... I watched Teen Mom 2 last night.

... I can't tell you the last time I cleaned the upstairs in our house. It's a good thing no one but the 3 of us ever go up there. I would die of embarrassment if someone saw the mess. 

... Connor took 3, 10 minute naps on Tuesday and was the world's crankiest child as a result.

... I don't know how to relax yet never seem to do everything that needs to be done.

... I won Globetrotter tickets through a Facebook giveaway and can't wait to take Connor on Friday. Who knew the Globetrotters still existed?

... I lack self control when there are Girl Scout cookies in the house. 

What are you saying So What! to this week?


  1. Love this! And totally love Teen Mom 2, no shame. Don't spoil it for me though, haven't watched this week's episode yet :)

  2. ...I eat frozen homemade cookies because I'm to impatient to let them thaw.

  3. I've started my first career job and once I get home around 6 all I think about is sleep... so soon after, I go to sleep. So what! Lol

  4. Our upstairs is pretty pathetic too. There's been so much work surrounded in getting our house just put together and presentable in the areas that people DO see, that the places people DON'T see are horrible. One day all of these rooms will be pretty...I swear.

  5. I leave my hair in a baseball cap for 3 what! I am a mom, blogger, daycare provider, cater and a wife! Hey at least I showered. LOL!

  6. Love it. I have some embarrassing rooms in my house too that I just keep ignoring. Maybe I'll get around to them one day! (I also dvr'ed Teen Mom 2.. shh! Don't tell anyone!)

    You'll get to the gym! You can do it!

  7. Love it! Here's mine...

    "So what if I haven't done much housework this week, and let my kids watch a little too much TV. Putting on an anti-slavery event is hard work!

  8. PS: Let me know if you ever decide to add a linky to this, because this is a meme I could totally keep up with. :-)

  9. Lol!!! I love this. Brings a smile to my face. ~Will be taking care of two ramped up kids today off of 3 hrs of sleep. So What?

  10. I love teen mom. too.
    I'm still in bed till I leave for work later. So what

  11. Right there with you on our upstairs. I cannot remember the last time it got a proper cleaning. Who has time for that? And, if we're being real, my downstairs isn't looking the best either.
    I hope C starts to feel better, and less snotty, soon!!

  12. I also hardly ever clean the upstairs of our house, and when I do it's just the boys rooms. I badly need to clean our bedroom!

  13. I watched Teen Mom today, Kristian hates it but I love it.

  14. I so hear you about the upstairs of our house! And we just deep cleaned it for photos and house showings a week and a half ago. How did it get that messy that fast? Oh well thank goodness for "upstairs."

    Last night I was sitting trying to "relax" while making about 500 different to do lists.... yeah it's never done and I'm never relaxed - how on earth do we fix that?

  15. I had that same problem last week with it being physically painful to sit down due to a new work-out. No bueno.

  16. Haven't shaved my legs in a week due to the shower remodel. So what!

  17. Catching up on your blog. Have you tried the Nose Freda for snot. I've never tried it... it grosses me out... but I have friends that swear by it. And holy crap--I am so jealous that you got free tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters!! They have been on my list of things to do before I for for 30+ years. Was it as awesome as I am imagining?


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