Thursday, January 23, 2014

My 2014 Reading List

I've mentioned time and time again how much I love to read. Reading has been part of who I am for as long as I can remember. Most of what I read is fiction but I've decided to start reading some non-fiction pieces to add a little variety. Some days I can spend a good hour reading while others I am lucky to get a full 15 minutes. 

I am currently hosting one local book club with some friends and we just finished Me Before You and will be reading The Fault in Our Stars next. I'm also a joining Michelle for a virtual book club. As members of each club, I will read 24 books this year which is what I set as my year goal at the beginning of the month. However, I'm fairly confident that I'm going to read more than what's read in my book clubs. I've recently joined Litfuse Publicity Group and BookSneeze. Both sites will provide me with a free book for my honest review (which I will share with ya'll). Because I have so many opportunities to read this year, I've upped my goal to 30 books.

A few friends and fellow bloggers have asked what books I plan on reading and I thought I'd share it with you all in hopes to give you some ideas of books to pick up this year. 

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 Me Before You
The Fault in Our Stars
Gone Girl
Water For Elephants
The Book Thief
What Alice Forgot
The Happiness Project
To Know You
The Thirteenth Tale
The One I Left Behind
The Husband's Secret
Shine Shine Shine
Kisses from Katie
Descending Son
Big Little Lies
(updated as of 8/20)

The novels listed (17 total) are the just the ones I will have (hopefully) read through June. I'm still gathering options for July-December for our book club. I want something fun and light for July, maybe something similar to Bossypants. In December, I want to read something similar to Paper Angels. Do you have any suggestions for our group? Any one book that you think is a must read?

Feel free to visit my Goodreads account to see what books I have sitting on my bookshelf to read this year. Also, join in and set a goal for yourself to read as much as possible this year! I promise you won't regret it!


  1. Gone Girl and Water for Elephants are GREAT!!!!!

  2. I am obsessed with John Green's books although they are super easy reads. TFIOS is getting ready to become a movie and I can't wait!

  3. Awesome list! I LOVED reading The Fault In Our Stars... so good.

  4. I read and really liked Gone Girl (hated the ending though) and I finally finished My Husband's Secret last night (which I started in August!) and I actually really liked that and thought the ending was great. I'm hoping to find more time this year to do some pleasure reading.

  5. This is awesome! I am always looking for new books to read on my nook! Thank you for sharing and good luck on your reading lists :) Oh! I am hosting a new giveaway today if you would like to check it out :)

  6. Love this list! I've recently found my love for reading again so I've been trying to get some ideas.

    I might have to borrow a few from your list :)

  7. This is a great list! I need to add some of these to my list I have going. The Happiness Project was a good read. I'm hoping to finish up The Alchemist soon. The Four Agreements may be a good one to check out if you haven't already! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week :-)

  8. Love your list. I am adding a few to mine. Thanks!

    Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog via GFC.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Printing this list off.
    I'm BEGGING you read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It's is the most amazing, true story of survival during WWII. It isn't my "typical" read, but I could not put it down.

  10. In addition to sharing these books, thank you for sharing info on the two book sites. As a published author and a blogger, I am reading up on how to join both. Thanks so much, Stephanie!


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