Monday, January 27, 2014

A Little Dash of Quircky

Every one of us have little things that make us slightly strange to others, maybe even a bit Rainman-ish. I'm no different. There are some things that I have to do or have done a certain way or I'll sit and obsess over how "it's wrong" until I have the chance to make it right and remedy the problem. I'm OCD and have no issue admitting such.

When listening to the radio or watching TV, the volume always has to be set on a increment of 5. Always. If it's not, it's nearly impossible for me to enjoy the song or show. It must be fixed for me to listen or watch.

I hate when lights are left on when you aren't in the room using them. If there is anyone who is guilty of doing this on a daily basis it's my husband. It drives me insane. Currently, there is not a single light on in the house and I'm completely okay with that. If there were, you can bet your last dollar that I'd get up and turn it off. 

I don't like there to be water in the kitchen sink. Let me explain. When I'm finished rinsing the dishes and loading them in the dishwasher, I dry the sink out with a hand towel. I can't handle a wet sink. The same goes for counters of any kind.

When sleeping, I have to be able to see a clock and know the time instantly. I know I have a cell phone but that doesn't cut it. If I wake up in the middle of the night, the first thing I do is look at the clock and if I can't see the red numbers glaring at me, I either permanently move so I can or I change the placement of the clock so I can see the time no matter what. 

My towels have to be folded a certain way so that they fit on the shelf in the best space saving way possible. James doesn't get this and that's okay. Whenever he folds towels, I usually go behind him to fix them the right way. I should just be happy he did the laundry but I can't be (sorry Coxy). I have to have them folded my way or I start to tick. 

When texting, I use correct spelling and punctuation and if I misspell something, I fix it with and indicate that I caught the mistake with an asterisk. Just because you are texting doesn't mean you should talk/write like this: C U soon. B there n 5. Seeing a sentence like that pop up on my screen makes me cringe.

Going to the grocery store requires me to create two lists but I only take one with me. I first write out what we need and then rewrite the list grouping the items together by their location in the store.

If you have a paper calendar in your home or on your desk at work, please for the love of all things Holy, make sure it's displaying the correct date. I can't handle visiting with you on January 27th and seeing your desk calendar displaying the date as January 5th. Maybe you shouldn't have a desk calender if you can't keep up with it. 

Does this list make me sound like a whack job? Probably. But that's okay because I'm a whack job who is always in order. You don't have to tell me I'm a bit off or even extremely weird or OCD. I know I am. I'm sure there are things that you have to have done just the right way although I'm sure they are done the wrong way. I kid. Sort of!


  1. LOL!! Let's see...I can not stand for a bathroom door to be left open. I don't care how clean, pretty it is. I want that door closed.

  2. 1- Shower curtains must be shut
    2- Not sure if this makes sense but things have to be 'even'.. for example.. if I kiss my daughters cheek I have to kiss the other one.
    3- When I kiss my husband, if I miss his lips I have to kiss him again so our lips touch exactly on point.. I'm weird like that.

    Totally agree w the clock issue!

  3. This is quite interesting, lol. I have to do things in even numbers, i.e for you the tv volume has to be in increments of 5, for me it just has to be an even number.

    I also have to floss and clean my teeth after EVERYTHING that I eat. Even if it's just a piece of candy, it doesn't matter.

    Also, I absolutely HATE to see the bold font from unread messages in my inbox. Even if I can't address the message right then, I'll mark it as read, lol.

  4. I'm not sure I have enough time in the day to list all of my quirks haha but I do almost everything in sets of 4. Example: 4 pumps of soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.

    Numbers have to be even like tv volume, radio volume, ac temps.

    Everything has a spot, position. If someone moves or touches something I have to "fix" it.

    So many more. I tend to drive those close to me nuts but I've come to accept these things. Its just me :)

  5. I've definitely got some quirks of my own too. I hate having lights on, I have to fix something immediately if it's out of place or crooked, I can't stand water spots on mirrors in the bathroom, and I always set the volume on my tv at an odd number. It was fun reading your quirks! :)

  6. I'm totally with you on the lights. If the sun is out, there are absolutely no lights on in our home and Jeremy is SO BAD about leaving them on (the tv too) and it drives me crazy.

  7. I do the same thing with the grocery list! If I don't then inevitably I forget something. I'm also the same way with wanting to see the clock as soon as I wake up otherwise I feel totally disoriented.

  8. I'm not too bad, but the first thing that comes to mind is that I can't go to sleep if my bedroom door is not completely shut. When I was younger, I couldn't stand for it to be closed.

    I used to be bad about the closet doors always needing to be shut but somewhere along the lines I gave that up, although it still annoys me.

  9. When I'm in the car, the thermostat must be set at 60, 62, 65, 68, 70, 72... You get the idea.

  10. I actually do a few of these myself, lol. And I could add to your list, of course, with my own nuances. :) Happy Monday!

  11. I can totally relate. Whens setting my alarm clock I can never wake up on an even number. I have to set the clock to an odd time. Usually have it set for either 6:29 or 6:31 am.

  12. What a fun list! I have some awfully annoying ones...

    1. The shower needs to be shut when you get out of the shower and on the outside of the tub.
    2. I cannot run the heater in the car. I'll turn it on for a second to get the chill out but then it's off because I feel like it's choking me.
    3. The apps on my phone are organized into folders and arranged in the order that I always check them.

    I agree about the wet sink--the kitchen looks cleaner with a dry sink!

  13. We have so much in common.
    I canNOT handle the volume being set on an odd number. It drives me batty.
    I sleep by the clock in our room. I just have to. I also have to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door leading into our room.
    Poor spelling and punctuation in a text is THE worst.
    Lastly (but there are about 1.5 million others), I MUST make my bed every day. Even if it means right before getting back into the damn thing, I have to make it.

  14. This is such an honest, refreshing post :) I'm just like you when it comes to correct spelling and punctuation in texts! Something I do that's weird - if I'm eating m&ms (or skittles or other colored candies) I have to eat two at a time and they have to be the same color. All the leftovers that don't have a match get eaten all at the same time. LOL

  15. I'm laughing about the paper calendar being on the wrong date. I hate that too!

  16. This is awesome!! :) I know exactly how you feel about the clock thing! I need to see the time when I go to sleep and wake up! Keeping being you! :)

  17. Awesome list! I have the same "issue" with the time while sleeping, wake up, check the time and calculate how many more hours I can sleep and then fall asleep in seconds. It's not bad to have a little OCD, this is what makes us unique!

  18. Seriously--the lights, the calendar, the clock by the bed (although I am okay with my iphone because it's also my baby camera, so I can see the time readily)...I completely agree. The text stuff is hard because while I detest the shortening of words, my preggo fat fingers have definitely led to more spelling and grammar errors and I've just given up :)

    I appreciate you for "putting it out there"...and for some belly laughs in doing so :)


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