Thursday, January 30, 2014

15 Months - 1.30.14

Today we celebrate you, little guy! And what a little guy you are. At your 15 month checkup, we learned you really are small for your age. That's okay, you are just perfect the way you are. This month has been a bit of a rough one for you as you've been sick with allergies and today we discovered you have a slight sinus infection. Poor kid, you just can't win. Sick or not, you are always full of personality and have a big voice to go with it. You make your presence known, that's for sure. You sing and talk all day long. You have been very attached to me this month and we have been working on getting some distance between the two of us so hopefully you will grow out of this stage (and soon). The next month is going to be a big one for you and I hope that you take the change well. We plan to take your pacifier from you in February and we are going to cut your hair for the first time when Mammaw comes to visit. This time next month, you are going to look more like a little man and less like our baby boy. Daddy and I want to start documenting the funny things you say and do so that we don't forget along the way. This month, when Daddy asked you if you needed your diaper changed, you walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a diaper and the wipes. We were so impressed. I taught you how to sing "Five Little Monkeys" with hand motions and nothing is cuter than you "singing" with Momma. You have grown so much this month and it's been so fun to watch it happen.
We love you Connor Frankenstein!
Momma and Daddy Papa


  1. Isn't it great when they get little things like "say cheese"?! Such a cute photo!

  2. So adorable!! Gotta love when they start fetching things for you, too :)

  3. What's that saying about great things coming in small packages? Obviously the case. :)

    Happy 15 Months, C!!

  4. He is so freaking cute! Hunter loves the 5 Little Monkey song and whenever he jumps on the couch I sternly remind him of how the monkeys fall off and bump their head so he needs to SIT DOWN! haha

  5. Now that you live a thousand miles away and we cannot hang out when we want to, don't get to talk on the phone like we used to, and spend way much more time apart then together... But I can say this much, the time we do spend together whether in person, on the phone our Skype...I truly cherish every second of it! Now I have even more ways to see what my little big sister is up to. I love you guys and I'm proud to say you're my sis!!!


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