Saturday, November 30, 2013

13 Months - 11.30.13

How is it possible that we just celebrated your first birthday a month ago? While it feels like time has flown by, I still find it hard to believe you are this big this fast. You are the apple of my eye and your Daddy's pride and joy. You have really blossomed this last month and we are loving every minute with you!
Love you to the moon baby boy!
Momma and Daddy Papa

Friday, November 29, 2013


First, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and made it through Black Friday unscathed. 
Now to announce the 3 LUCKY WINNERS of my ahhhmazing Shutterfly giveaway...

Congrats to..
Danielle, Liz and Kellie

I've contacted each of you via Rafflecopter. You have 24 hours to claim your prizes. Please contact me directly for your gift certificates -
Happy Friday!

Black Friday Sales

If you are reading this, lucky you!! You survived large amounts of tryptophan - you know the stuff in turkey that makes you oh so tired afterwards - just in time to enjoy some amazing Black Friday specials with Wife Mommy Me. And for those of you reading this AFTER braving the crowds for Black Friday shopping, you are much more adventurous than I am. I passed that up this year. 

Below you will find great sales and companies to work with to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Many of the companies listed are my favorites, ones I shop with when I need a one of a kind gift. All the vendors listed below are small businesses looking to add a little extra to your holiday shopping. Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home, hopefully still in your pajamas!

Moms love to celebrate their kids. Give a mom some brightly-colored tissue, twine, and a few party planning minutes on Pinterest and you’ve got yourself a rockin’ good time. But you don’t have to be Crafty Cathy with loads of free time to give your kid a custom celebration that captures their totally cool and too-cute personalities (tantrum-throwing and public displays of embarrassment aside, of course). That’s where I come in! I’m Kristen—a crafty mom who does pretty amazing things with a party and paper. The generic, cookie cutter invites and d├ęcor are so not your scene. Affordable custom designs for your child’s celebration absolutely are. Are you ready to party? Pour some pinot grigio into your sippy cup and get cozy—we’re about to make party rockin’ magic for your little one! Visit Little Laws Prints for more details or email us at for 10% off using the code LLPeep.

Giving a gift “From the Heart” is easy at Cordial Lee! Count on us as your go-to place for one-of-a-kind gift ideas as well as a boutique collection of children’s clothing and accessories. Our beautiful boutique features an extensive collection of only the best and most unique Monogrammed Gifts for women, children, and baby. Nothing says, "I went the extra mile to find you a special gift" like a Monogrammed or Personalized Gift does. For every occasion, we have what you're looking for: an extensive collection of unique monogrammed & preppy personalized gifts... just for you!! Save 10% on your purchase with code CL10.

Howdy! Have Your Cake is a Pfluegerville, Texas based bakery that works from home kitchen under the Texas Cottage Food Law. This means that we cannot take payments over the internet, we must meet face to face. Additionally, we can not ship any products but offer delivery and pick up from our home. Place an order between today and Christmas, mention code WMM2013 and save 10%. 

Hey Yall! Tis the seaon' it's hard to believe that it is time to start Christmas shipping for all those special people in our lives! Thirty one has so many great products that so so many people would love! There is something for everyone- from your teacher, mailman, friends, and family! There are so many options available for personalizing to make it your own, you can choose from several fonts and font colors for just 7.00! Check out the Holi-Buys for the month of December! For every 35.00 you spend you can get one of these items for just 5.00- Littles Carry-All Caddy, U R U Littles Carry All Caddy, Perfect Pet Leash, Every day wristlet, Perfect Bottle Thermal, and the Tote-A-Tablet! Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in placing an order! You can also shop directly with my personal 31 site here.  

I am Hollie Bruss. I am an independent Scentsy Consultant. Scentsy Fragrance is a direct selling company and international leader in fragrance, offering a variety of home and personal fragrance products. The simplicity and value of its flagship product, scented, wickless candles heated in decorative ceramic warmers, provides a better alternative to burning wicked candles. Scentsy Fragrance also offers the Scentsy Buddy, plush animals with a fragrant Scent Pak inside, and Layers by Scentsy, a personalized fragrance experience comprised of 17 body and laundry care products. Scentsy Fragrance products are sold through a network of Independent Consultants running home-based businesses throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. I would like to offer anyone who is shopping on Black Friday 15% off your entire order. You can shop at my personal Scentsy site by clicking this link. In order to get the special I am offering you will need to email me your order at or text me at 937-684-1094

Such great discounts, right? Be sure to let each vendor know I referred you. I don't get anything for it, of course, I just want them to know how great my readers are.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Get Your Shopping Done with Cash Back

Who REALLY enjoys Black Friday shopping?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Just the crazies of the world. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good deal and if nothing else, shopping at 3AM allows for some interesting people watching. I've been Black Friday shopping once and while the company and deals were amazing, it's something I would never do again. Ever.

Getting my shopping down without the long lines and busy stores is easier than ever. I shop online. From my couch, while in pajamas and listening to Christmas music. Usually while C naps. Win, win and win. 

And when shopping online, I always always shop with Ebates. Ebates is the leader of online Cash Back Shopping. The company was founded in 1998 by two attorneys so you know your transactions are secure. So go ahead, sign up and start shopping now. Joining Ebates is always free and four times a year or more, you will get a  Big Fat Check, or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you'd prefer. Since joining in late 2012, I've earned over $250. People often ask: "This sounds too good to be true, how are you able to do it?" It really is quite simple. Just like almost every other online shopping center, Ebates gets a commission from the stores when you make a purchase. Instead of keeping that money - like almost all other sites do - they share it with us. #winning

Not only does Ebates offer cash back but often times, they have great coupons to your favorite stores so not only are you getting paid to shop, but you are saving as well. I recently purchased our Christmas cards through Walgreens. I used a coupon code provided by Ebates and saved 33% off my photo card purchase, used a free shipping code and earned 8% cash back. In the end 40 Christmas cards (before postage) cost just $23.56 (less than 60 cents per card).

Be sure to join before starting your online shopping for the upcoming holiday. You'll be happy you did when you start earning free money. And really who hates free money? No one.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{SUPER} Shutterfly Giveaway

It's hard to believe it’s that time of the year again, the holidays are upon us. If you’re anything like me you’re wondering where 2013 went, right? Time waits for no one, and that is why I am excited to tell you about the amazing Shutterfly 2013 Holiday Card Collection as well as the photo gifts they have available. I encourage you to head over to Shutterfly and see all that they have to offer, get your orders in early and cross that “To Do” item off your list.
Here is a list of the New Shutterfly 2013 Holiday Card Collection designs:
  • Classic: Traditional colors, iconic illustrations, aspirational sentiments, snowflakes, monogram
  • Contemporary: trend forward colors, texture and layering, water color techniques, shine, glitter, Instagram pictures are perfect for this style
  • Whimsy: humor and nostalgia meet, fun sentiments
  • Merry and Bright: all about color and having fun
  • Religious: metallic type treatments, incorporated story ideas
  • Photo Basics: multiple colors, vertical type, family name highlights
I know that there is just so much to chose from in the Shutterfly 2013 Holiday Card Collection. It took me a while but I narrowed down my card selection to these favorites: Be Merry Sparkle Holiday Card, Holiday Hues Holiday Card and Simply Wonderful Christmas Card.

I also love to create photo books and calendars as gifts for family members.  It’s personal, one of a kind and always truly loved when given as a gift.  I am sort of addicted to Shutterfly calendars and am currently working on a few for gifts for family members, but shhhh don’t tell them! Shutterfly has been celebrating our families milestones and holidays for many years and now 3 lucky Wife Mommy Me readers have a chance to create one of kind gifts and cards for your family this Christmas season for FREE.

3 winners will receive gift cards for the following prizes:
15 free 5x5 or 5x7 cards, 20-page 8x8 photo book, a 12-month wall calendar and 50 4x6 prints

Lucky you right? 3 readers will walk away with 4 different gift cards. 
All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter entry form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 25, 2013

Celebrating The 5 Days of Christmas

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just days a way, I want to share with you a CHRISTMAS themed linkup party that kicks off next Tuesday, December 3.

Please don't think I'm disrespecting the Bird. We all know how I feel about that. I just want to share this great linkup I'm part of so you can join us in celebrating the holiday. Each Tuesday in December, Jenny, Courtney, Jenesha and myself with be linking up to share Christmas goodies, festive clothing, home decor, traditions and hopes for the New Year.  For a more detailed description of what each Tuesday represents, visit Courtney's page. She does a great job of detailing the 5 Days of Christmas here. The linkup goes live at 7AM (Eastern) and you will have until the following Monday to linkup so don't worry if you are fashionably late. No one will ever notice. Be sure to grab my button and link up each morning. Don't pull a Stephanie and schedule your post and THEN FORGET to linkup. We want to share the holidays with you and this is a fun way to do it from afar.

Wife Mommy Me

We hope you will all celebrate the 5 Days of Christmas with us! Get your festive on, take pictures, write posts, grab a button, link up, make memories, have fun and meet great bloggers along the way!

Be sure to enter to win Leah's AMAZING birthday celebration giveaway! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Macie Jane

3 years ago today, you came into the world, completely changing everything I've ever felt for a child. You made me believe that becoming a parent was something that I could do. That I was able to stop being selfish and focus all my attention, love and energy on this one little person. I've never loved anyone has much as I loved you from the moment I held you.

You are beautiful, inside and out.
You are smart and sassy and I love every part of your personality.

You make me laugh and smile and act like a child again.
You are my little porcelain doll with your flawless skin and big baby blues.
You are my best friend.

Macie Jane, you are the very best thing to ever happen to your Momma and Daddy. There is not doubt that the moment they welcomed you into the world, that you became their center of their universe. You are the life of the party, the brightest light in the room. No matter how far I may be from you, today is your day and I will be celebrating you. You hold so much of my heart in your tiny little hands. I hope that no matter where life takes you or me, you will always know that TayTay loves you with her whole heart. You are my number one girl and no distance or time will ever change that.

TayTay and the stars
Macie and the moon.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Mae! I love you to the stars and to the moon.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five On Friday - Thanksgiving Edition

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I want to dedicate this Five On Friday to the holiday that often times gets mistreated thanks to Saint Nick and his bag of goodies.

{one} This is Connor's second Thanksgiving but the first he can really enjoy and celebrate. Last year, he was just a wee little thing. Can you even believe how big our little guy is now compared to last year? #timeslowdown

{two} I was a bit worried that either a) I was going to have to attempt to make a Thanksgiving dinner for our family or 3 or b) James was going to insist we go to dinner on Thanksgiving. While I may have been able to pull something together and going to dinner wouldn't have been all that bad, I can't imagine not sharing the holiday with others. Thankfully, my girl Pitt step in and invited us. All I have to concern myself with is bringing something sweet and be there at 3. Done and done!

{three} On Thanksgiving, we will be completing this questionnaire and taking this quiz. Of course, we will be enjoying lots of yummy food and watching more pigskin then James wants. We will also be watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

{four} This will be my first Thanksgiving away from my parents and brothers. I'm not okay with this but as a grown-up, have learned that there are times when you have to sacrifice. I sent lots of Thanksgiving cards out and am counting the days until we are in Ohio for Christmas.

{five} 100% truth.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Everyday Love Birthday Giveaway

Leah over at Everyday Love is turning 30 tomorrow - welcome to the club lady! And to celebrate, she is giving me all this amazing things you the chance to win some really sweet items. Check them out!

I mean, seriously? How happy is the lady who wins this going to be? 
Now, go back to what you were doing BEFORE reading this post. Actually, forget you even read this.

Being a BOY Mom

I've always wanted to be a BOY mom. Well, once I opened up to the idea of being a Mom at all. I've always felt comfortable with the idea of parenting a boy. Something about raising a girl seems intimidating to me. Maybe it's because I'm not that girly. Also, 8 out of 10 times, I don't even like other females. All my life I've been "one of the boys". I can handle rough and rowdy opposed to dainty and soft. Raising a girl would have been something that pushed my knowledge and comfort zone to the max.

While pregnant with Connor and before our 20 week ultrasound, I knew he was a boy. I know all Moms-to-be think they know what they are having before they really know but in our case, I did. I could just feel it. I was MADE to be a boy Mom. God knew what He was doing when He blessed us with our boy. 

Over the last year, I've thought a lot about how life would be different if Connor would have been an Emma or Zoe. Connor is all boy and I am very much a boy Mom. And I very much love being a Mom to a boy.

Why I Love about being a Boy Mom
1. I am the only girl in our household, leaving me to be spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.
(Even our dogs and cat are boys)

2. When we need to have "the talk" with Connor, Daddy will get that privilege. Boys part, boy smarts. Good luck James! 

3. It’s fun to play in mulch, pretend to be dinosaurs and growl. One day, I'll get to cheer Connor onto victory while he plays ball. Boy activities are just fun! No tea parties or dress up in my future.
4. Connor will always know how to treat a lady because as his mother, I will make sure he is taught the correct way to care and love someone.

5. Mother-Son dates. I die.
6. I will always be the first girl/woman Connor ever loved. Sure he will find the girl of his dreams one day and yadda yadda but even then, he loved me first. 

7. Boys require much less maintenance. As do I. 

8. How else would I have learned so much about dinosaurs, trucks, trains and bugs? 

9. Boys can pee anywhere. (I'm a bit jealous of this trait really).
10. There is no sweeter, stronger and more powerful bond than the one that a mother and her son. I know the bond between any parent and  their child is strong, however, there is nothing like the love of a Momma for his little guy. 

Being a boy Mom is what I was meant to be.
I love my little man, dump trucks and dirt included.

This post is included in the Texas Women Bloggers Sunday linkup series:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Today starts single parenting for me since Cox heads out of town today and won't be back until late Friday. Let's kick off what will be 3 days of chaos with a little So What! Wednesday, shall we?
  • during C's 3 hour naps, I could accomplish so much yet never seem to
  • this photo captures my opinion 1,000%
  • I have a problem with setting priorities
  • going one day without a Diet Coke was celebrating my drinking one the following day
  • I painted my nails which included a statement nail and I'm now addicted
  • family photos are scheduled for Saturday and it's suppose to rain. FML
  • Connor will be sporting asphalt marks on his nose in said family pictures
  • any time Eric Church is one the radio or Pandora, the channel gets switched
  • reading this article made me think twice of the photos I take of Connor

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


If there is anything I've learned from becoming a Mom is that every person's experience as a parent is different. Each Mom puts a different value or importance on one thing or another. Some make being a parent look effortless while others (this is my group) spend their days riding The Hot Mess Express. Either way, becoming a parent is life changing. Something that shakes us to our core, erasing everything we knew before and making us focus 100% on this little person. In the last year, Connor has taught me much more than I could ever learn from a 9-5 job or some how to book.

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of a Mom group. Without many of these ladies, I'm not sure I would have made it through the last year alone in Texas. They have truly been the best support system. A few of them have shared their thoughts and feelings with me on their experience as a Mom. After reading their comments, I've came to the conclusion that while we all do things differently, live lives that are as opposite as black and white, we have the same goal in life: to raise the world's best person. To make our children proud of who we are as their Mom.

Ashleigh, mother to a 2 year old and a baby due in December...
What do you think the best part of motherhood is? What is the hardest part for you? 
The best part of motherhood for me is the deep bond we share. Having my two-year-old stop playing to come give me a hug, kiss and an "I love you" fills my heart more than I ever thought possible. The fact that she laughs at my silly faces and noises is a huge bonus, too. The hardest part is consistency - it began with breast feeding then sleep training followed by discipline and potty training. I know it's important but it is so difficult to always be consistent in the method we choose.

Cynthia, mother to an 18 month old little girl...
If there is any one lesson/moral/advice you could pass down to your daughter, what would that be?
That her sense of worth & importance comes from within herself. It doesn't matter what the other girls say, if a certain boy notices her, or how many "likes" she gets on a social media post. It matters what she thinks of herself. Be kind & compassionate, show determination & motivation in meeting her goals, & be strong - all for herself. If she has this knowledge in her pocket, then she will recognize the people around whom she does not feel important & uplifted, and she will be able to let them go.

Andi, mother to 2 boys...
Raising a boy is not for the faint of heart. What do you find to be your biggest strength as a mother?
That was a tough one, I really had to think about it. I'm going to say my biggest strength is my creativity and my desire to do new things all the time. Since we have only lived in Austin a few years, I still like to explore the city and that's fun for the boys because we're always doing something different. 

Kim, a soon to be mom of 3...
How do you think life is going to change? What worries you about bringing another little person into the mix?
I think life will change because our children are relatively independent now. We are able to go out and do things without worrying about who will need to be fed or changed or needs a nap. The thing that scares me the most is balancing the older children's activities with an infant. I'm worried about the baby needing a nap when I need to pick up E from school, or we need to leave for dance class. Or the baby crying when I'm helping E with his homework, etc. The logistics scare me, but I know every family with more than one kid survives somehow and we will too.

Chrissy, mom of 1...
What is one of your most memorable moments as a Mom? A time that you will never forgot and always hold dear.
There are so many....aside from the first time I held her in my arms....a lot of the "firsts" come to mind the first time she said "mom" & the first time I heard her laugh the laugh has to be my favorite! Nothing compares to hearing your baby's laugh it was a simple sneeze that brought out the high squeals of laughter! I'll never forget that to this day even a fake sneeze makes her laugh. 

Kelly, mom of 2...
As a mother of two, how do you divide your time so that you are giving both your children enough of your attention?
When I was pregnant with my second child, I was terrified that there wouldn't be enough of me to go around. It took so much of my time and energy to raise one child, so how would I have time to care for a newborn too? I worried that my daughter would resent her baby brother because he required some of the attention that she was used to having all to herself. But when I had my son, I realized that my fears were unfounded. I had plenty of love to go around and I could share my time between both children without feeling like I was emotionally scarring either of them for life. Now they are a little older, and it can sometimes be difficult to find a good balance. I have a 5 year old daughter that is a little spitfire...she demands my attention and gets plenty of it. All day long she commands "Look at me, help me, do this for me, watch me, play with me". Then there is her laid-back brother, who is two. He often acts content to let her steal my attention and time, but I know he craves my attention too. I have to be intentional to carve out special time and attention for him, because he will not demand it like his sister. Most mornings, he crawls into my bed and we snuggle for 30 minutes before starting our day. I try to make sure that I get on the floor and play trains with him or do something specifically with him every day. I give him extra high fives and hugs, and look for ways to make up for the fact that he does not typically get the same amount of attention as his sister. Each child gets what they need, but they get it in different ways, because they have different needs. I have learned that my children don't necessarily need an equal amount attention, but they both need quality time with me, when I have put down my smart phone, turned off the TV, and given them my undivided attention. I believe that whether you have one kid or ten kids, the secret is being intentional about spending some quality time with each child.

After reading those responses, I am sure you relate to them far more than you ever imagined, right? I know I do. From the outside looking in, these ladies appear to be completely different than me or you. However, we have a bond that is unbreakable. We are all mothers, giving our all to our children.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cara Box Exchange - The Best of Fall

Kaitlyn organizes the Cara Box exchange as a way to connect other bloggers and share encouragement. Each month you are paired with two women (you send to one and the other sends to you), you get to know them through e-mail & stalking their blog before sending them a box filled with goodies that align with a theme.

October was the first month that I joined the exchanged and due to some last minute enrollments (mine included), I was paired with just one person instead of two. That worked out to my advantage. Lucky me, I got paired with Danielle. The theme for October was "THE BEST OF FALL". Which if you know me at all, you'd know that Fall is the (second) best. ever. season.

I was matched with a lovely lady from Maine. Danielle is amazing. AHHHMAZING!! Other than us living in completely different climates - she lives close to the North Pole (Maine) and I live near the gates of Hell (Texas), we are so much alike. Both are first time Moms to sweet little boys and are both still somewhat newlyweds. The best part?? We both are so inappropriate and it doesn't bother the one, one bit. WIN WIN in my book! I love nothing more than a dirty mouthed, sarcastic boy Mom.

I received my box days before Connor's 1st birthday and sweet Danielle was kind enough to include a little something for our birthday boy!

And can I say that everything in my box was perfect for me! Danielle did such an amazing job picking up items that I would love.

Kara Box Goodies
  • Christmas decorations - yes please! The NOEL wooden sign and Maine Christmas ornament will get plenty of use, starting Black Friday.
  • Bath and Body Works products - both are travel size which work great in C's diaper bag.
  • I love this LL Bean water bottle. 3 of this and I've got my water in for the day. Plus, blue is my favorite color.
  • Sweets - while the candy corn M&M's were a bit strange, Danielle hit a home run with the gummy lobsters. Rumor has it, she is sending me more. 
  • With colder weather right around the corner, I have plenty of lip care to protect my lips. I've never used the EOS brand so hopefully it's a winner winner.
  • Maine syrup and jam. I'm waiting for a good chilly weekend morning to make breakfast and use these goodies. 
  • A losing (whomp whomp) lottery ticket. D said she would share the winnings with me had there been any but I'm not so sure. She seems a bit shady. Kidding.
All in all, Danielle nailed it with her box. While neither of us really stuck to the fall theme there were bits and pieces here and there.

Danielle, I'm so happy I got the chance to "meet" you. While you are a little harsh from time to time and you said I love you far too soon for this lady's liking, I think you're someone that I grow old with. Bahahaha! 

If you want to join the Cara Box exchange, hop on over for details on the next box theme. You'll be glad you did!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Five On Friday

As always, I'm glad the weekend is here! Mister was away on business Monday through yesterday and it will be so nice to spend 2 days with him. Hope ya'll have some fun plans this weekend - we do!

{one} The temperature dropped this week here in Texas which gave Connor the chance to wear his first pair of fleece pajamas and of course, I picked the snowman ones. How cute is he? His giving his dog a hug. My boy... he is just sweet sweet sweet.

{two} I came across A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving AND A Charlie Brown Christmas on Amazon for less than $15 for both and grab them up as quick as I could. I can't wait to watch them with little man this season. We watched (and by watched, I mean I watched while Connor ran around like a mad man) The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on C's birthday. I want to start a tradition to watch all 3 each year.

{three} Someone mentioned I should try Peppermint Mocha creamer... oh my world?!? Amazing!! As someone who isn't a big coffee drinker, this stuff makes drinking a full mug easy! But then again, nothing is better than peppermint and chocolate. You could spread both on lettuce and I'd dive in.

{four} The Mister and I purchased a new dining room table and chairs as our Christmas gift to each other and it will be here on Black Friday and I can not wait to get it. We are in desperate need of a new set and I am in LOVE with the one we picked out. I am already looking for the perfect runner for it along with a Christmas centerpiece.

{five} And the highlight of this Five On Friday. You know how much I love the holidays, right? Well, simply put Christmas is my favorite, hands down. And to celebrate the jolliest season of the year, I've teamed up with 3 other bloggers: Jenesha, Courtney and Jenny to create a 5 week Christmas link-up to share some of our favorite Christmas themed activities. Here is a sneak peek of what we have in store for ya'll! More details to follow.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Last month, a handful of us from my Mom Group visiting a local pumpkin patch for the morning/afternoon.

Being that Texas, doesn't really have the fall I'm accustomed to, I was pleasantly surprised with how awesome Sweet Berry Farms was. Sweet Berry offers you the chance to pick your own pumpkin - they have hundreds!! - and enjoy a hayride, a Texas hayfield maze, paint your own pumpkin and the chance to get up close to horses, goats and chickens. Also, in the Spring, you can pick your own berries. Across the road from the farm is a beautiful flower garden. While we didn't have time to visit this fall, I'm hoping to get a chance to spend some time picking flowers in the Spring.

The outing was Connor's first pumpkin patch experience and he loved it!! The weather (in my opinion) was a bit warm for pumpkin picking but everyone had a blast.

This face. He was telling me all about something.

Connor is a little too young to paint a pumpkin this year but the big kids enjoyed creating their own one of a kind masterpiece.
Connor looks less than pleased to be taking another picture but I couldn't pass this up. I love how Sweet Berry made the entire place picture worthy.

Farm animals scare me. My mind runs wild and I imagine them attacking me. Maybe it's because I was bit by an emu once in Gatlinburg.

Our little farmer!
I am really looking forward to next year when Connor will be close to 2 and watching him experience Sweet Berry Farms. It's safe to say, during our next visit he will be much more involved in the festivities.