Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The 5 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Today is your first chance to join The 5 Days of Christmas linkup. 

Today's topic focuses on goodies. While most of you think of baked goods and tasty homemade treats when you hear the word goodies, I'm working with a sweet little cup of goodness for my MOPS Moms.

Each cup is filled with chocolate candies, in a sweet holiday themed mug. Something simple, easy but just enough to show each girl at my table I'm wishing them a Merry Christmas. The cup of goodies was easy enough to assemble so I added a special touch with homemade gift tags that were a breeze to make.

I printed this tags after Googling free printable Christmas tags. After adding some hugs and kisses and my name, I used double sided tape (which I use for nearly every project... seriously!) to attach the tags to blue card stock and cut each out in a square. Next, I hole punched 2 holes so I could attach the tags with ribbon around the bags. Using some ribbon in our gift wrap box, I added the tags for the finishing touch.

Simple, thoughtful gifts for my fellow Moms.

What's your favorite go to gift to give? Something filled with tasty sweets with a homemade touch?
Be sure to link up and share your Christmas goodies.


  1. Such a cute idea! I need a simple, cute gift for several people in my life, and this would be perfect!

  2. I'm legit obsessed with card stock. Newly too. I had no idea all the fun things that could be card stock-ed!!! Double sided tape is a staple around here too. Love all the simple crafts these two items can accomplish!

    Those are really cute tags. I think I've just been inspired to add gift tags to all my presents this year =)

  3. What a cute little mug! I do a lot of baking for the holidays and wrap it up in festive treat boxes. I bake mostly for our campus janitorial staff to make sure they know how much they are appreciated!

  4. What a great and easy gift idea!

  5. Cute mugs are cute. I think I'm giving away a few mugs this year as well.

  6. These turned out great! Good job! I may do something like this for Hunters teachers this year.

  7. Well look at you being all crafty. I love this and your pictures are so great!

  8. I love that you made gifts for all your MOPs moms! so sweet! and you did a great job with those home made gift labels!


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