Friday, December 6, 2013

Five On Friday - Lots of Boys & One Birthday

It's Friday. It's a good Friday for so many reasons. 5 actually. How fitting for 5 on Friday!

First things first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Momma!

Momma, Mammaw, Mamee, Tambone, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I'll see you in 16 short days.

This happened... yeah.. it was EPIC! 

 Now that I know someone famous, don't you feel like you JUST HAVE to be my friend/follower/fellow Twitterer? I kid. But serious. I about died. I stalk follow the ladies from NJ and never have I gotten a response. But Scott? See he is a gentleman and knows never to leave a lady waiting. Much love Scotty.

I am loving my new blog design. I finally decided to go with a professional look and feel instead of rigging it up with Blogger templates. It's clean and simple and I'm digging it. 

My husband is a good man. I mean... goooooood. He got me tickets for my birthday to spend the evening with this man and our date is tonight.

 James is not a fan of John, where as I can't get enough of him. I've been a fan since my body was wonderland worth visiting. Tonight, it's you and me Johnny. Tell Katy to stay home. Pahhlease.

Sometimes a photo of a 13 month old, 45 minutes before bedtime isn't the best plan. Especially when said toddler wants something he can't have and doesn't like the word no.

Kid was heartbroken. Every time I would tell him no, he couldn't have the Mickey Mouse ornament from the Christmas tree, he would lose it... LOSE. IT.!! I had to snap a few photos of him actin' a fool because according to everyone, C is a saint and can do no wrong. Well here is proof that he deserves the nickname Frank(ie) from time to time. He was being a real monster!

Happy Friday, ya'll!


  1. How exciting that Scott Foley tweeted you back!! I'd let out a little scream if it were me. If Justin Timberlake would tweet me back, I would maybe just pass out....LOL! Also, LOVE the new blog design. It came out looking great! :)

  2. Newest follower here! I know that tantrum to well! Haha! I have a two year old boy. Have fun on your date tonight!! How fun! ;) -Sarah

  3. I LOVE Scott Foley, I prefer him to Fitz. And that episode had so many OMG moments, I'm going to be so sad when we have to wait for new episodes after next weeks finale.

  4. I would be ridiculously excited if a celebrity had replied to my tweet. Wooo!

  5. Not that the old page looked bad but the new one is very clean looking!!! Looks like $ well spent!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mama! :D And I would flip if someone famous tweeted me

  7. First of all, your blog looks great! Second of all, that picture of your little guy throwing his fit is freaking least he looks cute while he goes nuts! And Scott Foley tweeting you might be the coolest thing I've heard in a looong time ;)

  8. Hahah! Don't you love those photos of them throwing tantrums. I try to catch all of my nieces and nephews in these moments. They'll think they are hilarious is 25 years!

  9. Happy Birthday to your momma!
    LOVING the new blog look. So fresh and so clean, clean (name that song).
    Have a great date night!!

  10. I'm going to start following Scott Foley right now! I've loved him since felicity!

  11. Love your new blog design. Looks great!

    happy birthday to your momma :)

    That is so cool about scott foley!!!!

  12. I am slightly jealous!!! Scott Foley?!? I LOVE Scandal!!!

  13. This is the cutest post! My son still loses it when I tell him he can't have the Mickey Mouse ornament on the tree. Usually he has some very well thought-out reason for why he absolutely needs to be touching it.

  14. Haha it's always so nice when famous or people that you admire tweet you! its so exciting!

    Loving the new look of your blog as well! Great background!

  15. I don't watch Scandal but I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who freaks out when celebrities interact with me on social media.

  16. Just popping by from the 2014 Blogger Challenge! I love your #2 I've had a few 'famous' replies, and it always makes me smile (and run and shout it from the rooftops so everyone knows, ha!)


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