Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Book Bucket - Christmas Countdown

It's Christmas time. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Our house is decorated (and has been since the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving - judge away) and I'm ready to start making memories, begin new traditions for our little family of three. This year is especially exciting since Connor is a bit older (last year he was 5 days shy of being 2 months old) and can really participate and enjoy celebrating the holiday and learning about the true reason of the season.

While we have plans for a few traditions to continue (visiting Santa) and start (church on Christmas Eve), I wanted to start this holiday off with an Advent Calendar, one that would get Connor excited. While Pinterest has more ideas that I could ever put into action, I did find one that fit perfect for our book lovin' family.

Like his Momma, Connor is a huge fan of reading. Books are an extension of him some days. He enjoys turning the pages himself, pointing out his favorite parts. After much thought, I choose to get 25 books to use for our Advent calendar, placing them in a bucket and letting C pick one each evening to read at bedtime. To keep cost down without losing quality content, I purchased my books from Better World Books. If you are looking for gently used books at a great price from a company with a stellar mission on raising money for libraries and literacy, check out their site. For every book YOU buy, they donate one. Awesome, right?? With my purchase of 16 books, they matched that with donating 16 books. Amazing. Just amazing. 

Some of the books I picked up for Connor are:

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Spot's Thanksgiving
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Donald's Christmas Gift
The Night Before Christmas
Spot's Snowy Day
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
A Kiss For You!
Elmo's Big Lift-And-look Book
Merry Christmas, Mouse!
Bright Baby Touch & Feel Merry Christmas 
On Sunday, the 1st of December, we began our Christmas countdown. I think it's safe to say someone was more than a little bit excited. I'll let these photos speak for themselves.
Last night was more of the same excitement for C. Both evenings he picked out books that are Sesame Street which makes me wonder what he will do when he gets a book not featuring his current obsession (Elmo).
Words can't express how blessed we are to have this little person in our lives. He brings so much joy to our lives every day. It's amazing how much someone so little can do that. The next 25 days are going to be busy and full of to do's and visits and parties but what I'm really looking forward to ending each night with our baby picking out his book for bedtime reading. It really is the little things, you know?

To see more photos of C picking, unwrapping and enjoying his books, follow me on Instagram: scx11 or search #cfamilymemories. How do you countdown for Christmas? I'd love for you to share ideas, maybe I'll find one to use next Christmas.


  1. What a great idea to count down to Christmas!

  2. My kiddo is older but I think we could still do this, awesome idea! And thanks for the link to Better World Books, I had not heard of them before.

  3. This is a great idea. C looks so excited!

  4. You already know how much I love this. Seeing Connor's face is priceless!

  5. We did this last year with our little one and we LOVED it. It's a fun way to have a different story for bedtime each night.

    Your little one looks so happy :)

  6. I love this idea!!! He is so cute. I love the photos you posted :)


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