Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Happy Tuesday, ya'll! Can you believe we are a week away from Christmas Eve?! 
Where has the time gone? This year has gone by so quickly. 
Today is the third day of Christmas in our link up party and it's time to share our decked out halls!

This is the first year I've had to decorate a home in Texas. Although, we are leasing a two-story home, I only decorated the first floor! Let's take a look at some for the decorations we have up. 

 I love our Christmas tree for a couple reasons. A - it was a wedding gift from my Mother in Law and I will forever cherish it since she has since passed away and B - it's the most effortless Christmas known to (wo)man. I'll let you in on our little tree secret. Our tree is a Thomas Kinkade pre-lit pull-up Christmas tree. Seriously! Check it out here. From start to finish, it takes about 15 minutes to put up and decorate our tree and taking it down is just as simple. 
Our mantel is the focal point in our living room and I wanted to make it pop out. I mixed pieces I had from previous years with a couple of new items from Hobby Lobby. I've always wanted to decorate a mantel. I wish I could have hung our stockings there as well but with the MERRY CHRISTMAS banner it was too busy. The entertainment center has a few pieces of holiday flair and the couch is in our entry room. The music box gets a lot of attention from a certain little boy. 

As a Christmas gift to ourselves this year, we purchased a new dining room table and chair set and I am so happy with our purchase. Not having a lot to work with from years past, I made the centerpiece from what I had on hand. Not too shabby! Our (very empty and oh so neglected) stockings are hung in the entry room. 

We haven't gotten as many cards as we usually do which makes me a little sad. Not only do I love snail mail but Christmas cards are my favorite. I placed the handful we have gotten on top of the fridge, out of the reach of the baby boy, dogs and cat. I'm secretly hoping to come home from Ohio and have a mailbox full of Christmas cheer (wink wink nudge nudge).

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my Christmas tour of our humble abode.
Be sure to link up and share your Christmas decor!


  1. Your house is so beautiful--it looks like a store display! I love the new table! I'm with you on the cards. We cut back--and I'm glad...as of last night we have received THREE. But, with postage, I get it (kind of ;)).

  2. I've never decorated our upstairs so don't stress on it! I love what you've done with your decor! The garlnad over the mantel is adorable! I love how the couch and coffee table decor just seamlessly flow together! Great work!!!

  3. We've also gotten fewer than expected Christmas cards this year! It makes me so bummed to come home and not have any to open.

  4. I love your mantel and the bunting! All of your Christmas Decorations are so cute!!!

  5. I love your red pillows and the red snowflake one is so pretty. Beautiful home!

  6. reason number 456 why i neeeeed hobby lobby in my life!

  7. Everything is so pretty!

    And I LOVE your mantle--it's just perfect.

  8. I love your holiday decor! It's beautiful and simple at the same time!

  9. Beautiful decorations but I keep seeing this Elf thing everywhere. I need an explanation. What is it and why do people keep movin' it?

  10. Wow! You did so much! Everything looks amazing. I love it all!!! I have big dreams of one day owning a k-a prelit tree. If you are going to go fake, you should go all out in my opinion. Real is so pricy year after year. I love Christmas ornament wreaths - I contemplated making one for all of two seconds.
    Your new dining room table is gorg. I love dark wood! I hope you get more Christmas cards when you return =)


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