Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Goals

The following is a list of goals, activities, projects and expectations I've chosen to strive for in the new year.

I will be joining over 400 bloggers as member of the 2014 Blogger Challenge.

I have set person goals to read 24 books in the new year. To help reach my goal, I've joined one virtual book club and created another with fellow Moms here in ATX. The first book my local group will be reading is Me Before You.

As much as I love being home with Connor every day, I do miss working outside the home. I loved the job I left before having Connor for a few reason. I miss spending 40+ hours with some of my favorite people. I miss having goals, tasks and projects. I miss being a member of a team that kicked ass. Mostly, I miss being challenged. Learning something new. In 2014, I am going to sign up for a few classes to keep my mind fresh and to help mingle with folks over the age of 1. I've done a little research already and have found a few classes - baking, cooking, photography, web design - that I am interested in. My goal is to take 1 class per quarter so that would give me 4 new "skills" by year's end.

Debt. What an ugly ugly word. As a family, our goal is to become completely debt free in the new year. I'm a easy target for good online deals or even deals in store. Pair those with the cashback perks 2 of my credit cards offer and the next thing you know, I've racked up a hefty credit card bill. Cutting back on our spending and sticking to a budget also applies to this goal. No one likes being on a spending freeze but the pros outweigh the cons. I am also starting this savings bank, care to join us? 

Organization used to be my middle name. Thanks to a severe case of OCD, my life was always in order, things placed neatly in their home with no dust, finger prints or dog paw prints to be found. Unfortunately, that's not the case these days. Life has taken over and my OCD has been hunkered down in the corner since, I don't know, we brought Connor come from the hospital. My goal is to tackle one room every 2 weeks with the intent to de-clutter, clean, organize and purge ourselves of things we don't need. I was thinking I would work on the garage in early Spring and have a garage sale (read earn some extra money) or even donating our unwanted items to the Goodwill.

Health and Fitness. I'm sure you knew this one was coming. But seriously, 2013 was spent focusing on making Austin home and learning how to be parents and raise a little person. I let myself go. I'll be the first to admit it. I know all too well what I'm working with here. I want to focus on changing our diets, our activity level and our quality of life. Austin offers tons of outdoor activities and I want to take advantage of those this Spring and Summer and do it with a body that functions the way it should. I've heard great things about yoga and plan to start that after the holidays. I am really looking forward to getting ourselves in shape. 
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  1. Great goals for the new year! Especially like the- taking classes plan. Will have to write up some goals & link up soon

  2. Wow - you've got a lot to do!! Put your mind to it and you can achieve them all. Stopping my from TXWB FB page - HNY!

  3. Great list. Good luck! I think the best part of setting goals is gaining the clarity in what you feel you are missing or needing more of.

    Have a great New Years and I hope you enjoy fulfilling your goals this year!

  4. I love the idea of taking classes...since I've started staying home with Grayson I definitely feel like I need something to get my brain thinking on an "adult" level again. And I'm with you, I've got to get organized! It's so hard with a little one running around getting into everything all day long, but it has to happen! Good luck in all your goals and Happy New Year!!!

  5. Great list! I would love to read more books as well but since I have had a baby I haven't had time to do that. Maybe in 2014 when she gets older. Love the list. Good luck!

  6. Lots of good goals! I think you're going to crush them too!

  7. I love your goals for the year - Happy New Year! Esp your goal of being debt free. I can't wait to get out from under student loans. ick. Sounds like a good year for mind, body, and soul - good luck working on them all year!


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