Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Last month, a handful of us from my Mom Group visiting a local pumpkin patch for the morning/afternoon.

Being that Texas, doesn't really have the fall I'm accustomed to, I was pleasantly surprised with how awesome Sweet Berry Farms was. Sweet Berry offers you the chance to pick your own pumpkin - they have hundreds!! - and enjoy a hayride, a Texas hayfield maze, paint your own pumpkin and the chance to get up close to horses, goats and chickens. Also, in the Spring, you can pick your own berries. Across the road from the farm is a beautiful flower garden. While we didn't have time to visit this fall, I'm hoping to get a chance to spend some time picking flowers in the Spring.

The outing was Connor's first pumpkin patch experience and he loved it!! The weather (in my opinion) was a bit warm for pumpkin picking but everyone had a blast.

This face. He was telling me all about something.

Connor is a little too young to paint a pumpkin this year but the big kids enjoyed creating their own one of a kind masterpiece.
Connor looks less than pleased to be taking another picture but I couldn't pass this up. I love how Sweet Berry made the entire place picture worthy.

Farm animals scare me. My mind runs wild and I imagine them attacking me. Maybe it's because I was bit by an emu once in Gatlinburg.

Our little farmer!
I am really looking forward to next year when Connor will be close to 2 and watching him experience Sweet Berry Farms. It's safe to say, during our next visit he will be much more involved in the festivities.


  1. Girl! Give that boy a paintbrush! He's not to little to be painting. He probably would have made a mess, but he would have had fun doing it. ;) It looks like a great place to visit!

  2. If you can't wear a sweater to a pumpkin patch it is too warm. We've been in t-shirts the past two years and I'm *aching* for cooler weather!!
    Looks like it was a blast, and that cute little man of yours seemed to enjoy himself.

  3. that looks like a great pumpkin patch! And he seemed to love love the tracker! :)
    ps great photo of you guys!


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