Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Garden

Last month, when we were visiting our family and friends in Ohio, I knew that one place we had to take Connor was the garden we were married in.

James and I were married at Wegerzyn Garden in Dayton, Ohio in June 2011. If you are familiar with the area, you know how beautiful the gardens are. It doesn't really matter what time of year you visit, the grounds are amazing. Wegerzyn is a very popular spot for capturing stunning photos. It's just THAT pretty! The day we visited, there were easily 6 different groups taking photos.

Since Texas doesn't have the traditional Fall foliage Ohio has, I wanted to make time to visit Wegerzyn and show Connor the exact spot where Momma and Daddy said "I do". And snap a few photos while I was at it.

The day we visited was a picture perfect Fall day. Something that makes me miss Ohio. I love Fall in Ohio. Hands down, it's my favorite time of the year.

Is there a place that you consider your favorite? One you look forward to sharing with your children? Wegerzyn is our place. Our garden.


  1. this post is so weird... i was looking through pinterest this am, thinking about asking you where/when you got married, and then this popped into my email. that place looks gorgeous, and your pics are awesome! you all look great, glad you got to take him there!!

  2. Love the pictures, what a beautiful place to get married.

  3. You got some lovely pictures. It is great that you got to share it with Connor, and that you call it your garden.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Just found your blog, looking forward to some mommy advice. I expect my first child in March.


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