Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Mask Photo Props

One of my favorite parts of Connor's birthday party was a last minute idea the girls and I came up with and I am so thrilled we were able to incorporate it into his party.

My Mom had purchased hay bales from a yard sale for a buck a piece. She wasn't sure what I had planned for Connor's party at the time but for that price, she couldn't pass them up. When we started getting things together for his party, I knew I wanted to use them, I just wasn't sure how. Girlfriend Kari had came across a few different Halloween Photo Props on Pinterest that we thought we could use as well. 

After some brainstorming this is what we came up with. I love the outcome and it made for some fun keepsake photos for our guest!

We taped black table clothes to the wall and stacked the hay bales on the floor for people to set up if need be or to just add to the background. The masks were found on Pinterest and we attached them to dowel rods purchased from Hobby Lobby. The pieces hanging against the black backdrop were purchased at Party City. 

This last minute, completely thrown together idea, provided for some great fun festive photos of our friends and family. 

I hope ya'll enjoyed Connor's birthday as much as we did. It was fun (and yes stressful) putting together a party that I could be proud to give him. I know he doesn't remember the day itself but I know when he is a bit older and I show him how hard his Daddy and I, along with the girls and my Mom, worked to make his day special, he will see that at his first birthday, he was showered with love.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love little photo corners/areas at parties. A lot of the time I forget to take pictures so if I have a spot where people are suppose to get a pic it works so much better. I am definitely going to do something like this for Aria's first bday!

  2. so cute! ok so youre going to come to maine and help me for henrys 1st birthday, k thanks.


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