Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Connor's TEXAS Birthday Party

Because one party wasn't enough.

Since moving to Texas, the boys and I have made some really great friends. The relationships we have started here are far more important and precious to me than I would have ever imagined.

When planning Connor's first birthday party in Ohio, I knew that we couldn't exclude our friends here in Texas so I planned a smaller party for his friends. And to keep things easy on me (and James, for that matter) I went with a Halloween theme and used many of the same decorations/ideas as his party in Ohio.

Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with the silly eye Dixie cups? Such a great touch that took very little effort, time and money. Our local grocery had this cupcakes ready for any Halloween party, making it an easy go to dessert yet festive and perfect for our party.

Is this not the cutest pumpkin cake? Megan with Have Your Cake rocked our socks with this tasty treat. If you are in the Austin area, CHECK HAVE YOUR CAKE OUT! We served snack foods and pizza since the party was after lunch and before dinner. 

Simple clusters of balloons were the decorations. We had the party at our home so I was a bit limited on what I could do. The space is a bit small so I thought balloons would do the trick. I got some foam pumpkins from Target along with some glitter pens and markers and let the kids decorate their on pumpkin. Baskets of goodie bags acted as the favors for the party as well.

And of course, Connor was spoiled with the number of gifts. Our Texas friends are far too generous!  With Christmas just next month, it's safe to say our little man will be chin deep in piles of toys come New Year. What a lucky guy he is!

Needless to say, our little man was spoiled this year for his first birthday. Now that the dust has settled, I can enjoy having a one year, a toddler (what?!) and start looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!


  1. That jack-o-lantern cake!! Love it.

  2. I love the eye cups too! I've been seriously try to think of a party I can incorporate them into! :) So smart to stick with the same decor/planning. It was amazing so why not twice!

  3. You are so smart to keep things easy and recreate the same party twice, reuse reuse reuse! What a lucky little boy =) Aria's bday is in Dec. so I bet she will be swimming in toys soon too.


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