Monday, November 25, 2013

Celebrating The 5 Days of Christmas

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just days a way, I want to share with you a CHRISTMAS themed linkup party that kicks off next Tuesday, December 3.

Please don't think I'm disrespecting the Bird. We all know how I feel about that. I just want to share this great linkup I'm part of so you can join us in celebrating the holiday. Each Tuesday in December, Jenny, Courtney, Jenesha and myself with be linking up to share Christmas goodies, festive clothing, home decor, traditions and hopes for the New Year.  For a more detailed description of what each Tuesday represents, visit Courtney's page. She does a great job of detailing the 5 Days of Christmas here. The linkup goes live at 7AM (Eastern) and you will have until the following Monday to linkup so don't worry if you are fashionably late. No one will ever notice. Be sure to grab my button and link up each morning. Don't pull a Stephanie and schedule your post and THEN FORGET to linkup. We want to share the holidays with you and this is a fun way to do it from afar.

Wife Mommy Me

We hope you will all celebrate the 5 Days of Christmas with us! Get your festive on, take pictures, write posts, grab a button, link up, make memories, have fun and meet great bloggers along the way!

Be sure to enter to win Leah's AMAZING birthday celebration giveaway! 


  1. This looks like fun. I hope I have the time as would love to link up :)

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