Monday, November 18, 2013

Cara Box Exchange - The Best of Fall

Kaitlyn organizes the Cara Box exchange as a way to connect other bloggers and share encouragement. Each month you are paired with two women (you send to one and the other sends to you), you get to know them through e-mail & stalking their blog before sending them a box filled with goodies that align with a theme.

October was the first month that I joined the exchanged and due to some last minute enrollments (mine included), I was paired with just one person instead of two. That worked out to my advantage. Lucky me, I got paired with Danielle. The theme for October was "THE BEST OF FALL". Which if you know me at all, you'd know that Fall is the (second) best. ever. season.

I was matched with a lovely lady from Maine. Danielle is amazing. AHHHMAZING!! Other than us living in completely different climates - she lives close to the North Pole (Maine) and I live near the gates of Hell (Texas), we are so much alike. Both are first time Moms to sweet little boys and are both still somewhat newlyweds. The best part?? We both are so inappropriate and it doesn't bother the one, one bit. WIN WIN in my book! I love nothing more than a dirty mouthed, sarcastic boy Mom.

I received my box days before Connor's 1st birthday and sweet Danielle was kind enough to include a little something for our birthday boy!

And can I say that everything in my box was perfect for me! Danielle did such an amazing job picking up items that I would love.

Kara Box Goodies
  • Christmas decorations - yes please! The NOEL wooden sign and Maine Christmas ornament will get plenty of use, starting Black Friday.
  • Bath and Body Works products - both are travel size which work great in C's diaper bag.
  • I love this LL Bean water bottle. 3 of this and I've got my water in for the day. Plus, blue is my favorite color.
  • Sweets - while the candy corn M&M's were a bit strange, Danielle hit a home run with the gummy lobsters. Rumor has it, she is sending me more. 
  • With colder weather right around the corner, I have plenty of lip care to protect my lips. I've never used the EOS brand so hopefully it's a winner winner.
  • Maine syrup and jam. I'm waiting for a good chilly weekend morning to make breakfast and use these goodies. 
  • A losing (whomp whomp) lottery ticket. D said she would share the winnings with me had there been any but I'm not so sure. She seems a bit shady. Kidding.
All in all, Danielle nailed it with her box. While neither of us really stuck to the fall theme there were bits and pieces here and there.

Danielle, I'm so happy I got the chance to "meet" you. While you are a little harsh from time to time and you said I love you far too soon for this lady's liking, I think you're someone that I grow old with. Bahahaha! 

If you want to join the Cara Box exchange, hop on over for details on the next box theme. You'll be glad you did!


  1. I have always loved the idea of the Cara Box, but have never joined in. And it sounds like the best part is making a new friend or two! Your box looks awesome!

  2. I need to remember to sign up for that! You definitely got a fabulous partner!

  3. Haha how sweet, sounds like you guys are a match made in blog heaven ;)

  4. What a FUN idea! Checking it out! Your son is precious!

  5. FABULOUS Cara Box! And, I like the idea of being paired with one partner. The theory of two is nice, but it seems like I could *really* get to know just one swap buddy.

  6. What a neat idea! EOS lip stuff is pretty good. :)


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