Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being a BOY Mom

I've always wanted to be a BOY mom. Well, once I opened up to the idea of being a Mom at all. I've always felt comfortable with the idea of parenting a boy. Something about raising a girl seems intimidating to me. Maybe it's because I'm not that girly. Also, 8 out of 10 times, I don't even like other females. All my life I've been "one of the boys". I can handle rough and rowdy opposed to dainty and soft. Raising a girl would have been something that pushed my knowledge and comfort zone to the max.

While pregnant with Connor and before our 20 week ultrasound, I knew he was a boy. I know all Moms-to-be think they know what they are having before they really know but in our case, I did. I could just feel it. I was MADE to be a boy Mom. God knew what He was doing when He blessed us with our boy. 

Over the last year, I've thought a lot about how life would be different if Connor would have been an Emma or Zoe. Connor is all boy and I am very much a boy Mom. And I very much love being a Mom to a boy.

Why I Love about being a Boy Mom
1. I am the only girl in our household, leaving me to be spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.
(Even our dogs and cat are boys)

2. When we need to have "the talk" with Connor, Daddy will get that privilege. Boys part, boy smarts. Good luck James! 

3. It’s fun to play in mulch, pretend to be dinosaurs and growl. One day, I'll get to cheer Connor onto victory while he plays ball. Boy activities are just fun! No tea parties or dress up in my future.
4. Connor will always know how to treat a lady because as his mother, I will make sure he is taught the correct way to care and love someone.

5. Mother-Son dates. I die.
6. I will always be the first girl/woman Connor ever loved. Sure he will find the girl of his dreams one day and yadda yadda but even then, he loved me first. 

7. Boys require much less maintenance. As do I. 

8. How else would I have learned so much about dinosaurs, trucks, trains and bugs? 

9. Boys can pee anywhere. (I'm a bit jealous of this trait really).
10. There is no sweeter, stronger and more powerful bond than the one that a mother and her son. I know the bond between any parent and  their child is strong, however, there is nothing like the love of a Momma for his little guy. 

Being a boy Mom is what I was meant to be.
I love my little man, dump trucks and dirt included.

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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I've always wanted a daughter but I do absolutely love having a son for many of the reasons you listed. I can't picture not having a little boy. I would still eventually like to have a daughter as well though just to get the experience of raising both. Plus seeing Hunter and a little sister would be the cutest thing ever.

  2. You are so funny!! So I take it no more little ones??? I love my boys and they are so spoiled...the poor girls who marry them some day! :) My girls are funny and so very different...but I am like you and have never been very there is not cheerleading or that kind of stuff in their future. :)

    But there are days when I wish that I could be the only spoiled girl in the house....and now that Hannah is 13....well lets just leave it there!!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  3. We are all built to be the best mom we can. So glad you have found your groove as a boy mom. I feel exactly the same about being a girl mom - just with a few different activities (although we do many of the things you listed to!) :)

  4. I always got along much better with the boy (and still do). Girls can be so… catty. Nothankyou.
    Like you, I just *knew* M was a boy. Shoot, I dreamed he was a boy before I was even pregnant with him.
    Boys are the best!!


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