Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Cool Kids

The only day it occurred to me that I'm not a "cool" blogger. I love blogging and how it gives you a glimpse of other peoples lives around the country but I think there are areas in which all bloggers are united. Many of those common traits I don't have.
... I don't care about fashion nor do I take OOTD photos. I once had to ask what OOTD stood for. For those of you who don't know... it's outfit of the day. Your welcome.
... Additionally, you will never find me sharing photos of my food. A) I'm far too busy eating it to share a photo and B) simple, boring food doesn't make for exciting photos.
... I have people that do my DIY for me because I'm that bad at crafts.
... Most of the photos I post are iPhone snapshots although we have an amazing DSLR.
... I don't attend fancy get togethers/parties/events.
... 99.8% of my makeup can be purchased at any local drugstore.
... I am not a fan of personalizing all my belongings.
... I'm not a runner. SO MANY bloggers are runners.

But the impressive thing about blogging is that you can be totally different and still have these amazing bonds with people you've meet only through their written word. Some of my favorite people are bloggers. It's great how opposites can attract even through the world wide web.


  1. I love your blog because you write about who you really are instead of trying to be the "cool kid". I've found some blogs where I like and then realize its giveaway after giveaway over and over again. I don't want a blog where I have to give stuff away just to get readers.

  2. I will join the group. I am not a "cool" blogger either.

    I am not with fashion, usually I wear the same things. I don't really need a lot of clothes as I stay at home. Also I don't really have a fashion sense. I look to other bloggers for this.

    I don't attend parties or get togethers very often either.

    My makeup is purchased at the drugstore and I am so not a runner!!!

    Your not alone!!! but I think it's pretty neat how we are all different and have different strengths and weakness but yet can all come together online :)

  3. You're not alone. I'm not a runner. Never post outfit of the day photos. I don't have a lot of clothes..I do post food pictures because I started as a food blogger and I love food. Don't compare yourself, you write about REAL things and I love your blog for that!

  4. I only do like two of these things occaisionally, I only post an OOTD if I really really like my outfit that day but I think I've posted almost all of my outfits already so I haven't done them as much lately.

    Oh and I would rather see cute Connor pictures than a photo of what you had for lunch anyway.

  5. You stated exactly why I love blogging!!!
    PS - I love your blog also!!

  6. Nope, not a cool blogger at all. I read/see all these cute blogger meet-ups with so many of the gals I follow. But, I'm not one of the cool kids who sits at the cool table during lunch... However, I still love everything this blogging community has to offer! :)

    P.S. I had to google what OOTD meant... Clearly my yoga pants do not fit any OOTD requirements. Whoops.

  7. i love this. pretty much the only category i fit into is running. and now baby. i talk a lot about baby these days. you and i would get along so well... can we move texas and maine closer please?!


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