Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Let's link up with Shannon, shall we? Happy So What! Wednesday, folks!

... I made nearly 2 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies yesterday. For no reason. Connor can't eat them yet and James is out of town. That leaves just one person to enjoy the sweetness.

... I am so excited to decorate for Connor's birthday party. I love the theme, colors and decor I found. It's going to be a blast!

... Connor can now stand from a squatting position and it makes me so proud.

... Gone Girl is boring the hell out of me but I'm invested and want to know how it all plays out.

... Blogging from the Blogger app on my phone takes patience I don't own. I must find my laptop charger.

... We have talked about purchasing a new dining room table for a good 3 months now but have yet to actually go look at options.

... Whenever I think of Christmas in Texas, I get a little blue. I can't picture Christmas in a warm climate. I need chilly winds, frost warnings and a dusting of snow.

... Miley's new CD is enjoyable. As long as you don't have to see her singing it.


  1. Your last comment "... Miley's new CD is enjoyable. As long as you don't have to see her singing it" is AWESOME and yet soooo true!

  2. mmmmm cookies. i would come turn on xmas music, light some holiday scented candles and eat all the cookies with you!! the ending of gone girl wont make you any more happy than you are right now.

  3. Christmas here is always a little different. I love me some palm trees... Just not in December.
    Is it bad I really want the new Miley album? I think she is a good singer... And crazy.

  4. Snort to that last one. Pretty much lol.

  5. I'm with you on Christmas in Texas - it's hard to get in the spirit when it's 80 degrees.

    Hang in there with Gone Girl!

  6. I am excited to see how you decorate for Connor's first birthday!!!! Poppy's big day is right around the corner, too, so birthday planning is all I think about these days!!!


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