Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prayers for Jesup

A couple months after finding out I was pregnant, my aunt found out she was pregnant as well. Kristy has 2 teenagers already, the youngest being 14. To say the 3rd pregnancy was a surprise is an understatement. But the new baby was welcomed with the same excitement and anticipation as the ones before. Additionally, it was a blessing to have someone going through a pregnancy with me. As a first time Mom, I loved having Kristy to talk with during my pregnancy. We went through this amazing time together! 

Jesup was born December 5, making her just a few days shy of 10 months. She is the sweetest little pea and is spoiled spoiled! There is no doubt she is the baby of the family.

Jesup was born with a cleft palate. Her palate isn't the obvious type that is easy to see. Her lips are perfect and from first glimpse she looks like any other baby. However, she has the cleft which has caused some delays with her eating and speaking. Really though, she is just perfect in every way! 

Jesup had surgery this morning to repair the palate. This surgery is going to make life so much easier on Jes as she grows. Her chance of having a speech impediment is now decreased. She will be able to eat normal foods like any other baby. Sure there are some delays and she may need some therapy but really, she is just more perfect than ever before.

Keep baby Jesup in prayer. The road ahead is going to be rough and last I heard she was in a bit of pain. Like any Mother, we just want our babies to be better, healthy and happy. I know the power of prayer and the effect it has. 

We love you Jes! We can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Connor can't wait to play. 


  1. Sending prayers to the sweet little lady for a fast and pain-free recovery!

  2. Definitely keeping Jesup in the prayers for a speedy recovery.


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