Monday, October 21, 2013

Our 1st Week in Ohio

The week leading up to Connor's birthday party was jammed packed with visiting with friends and having fun. 

Connor came down with a bad cough 3 days into our trip. Which isn't shocking since every time we travel, he gets sick. We thought it might be croup (the first night was the telltale seal like bark) so we spent Monday and Tuesday hanging out in the hotel.

When Connor felt better on Wednesday evening, we went to the mall for a few things and Connor rode a truck while we were there.

We've been cosleeping a lot this trip, which is new to us. C doesn't like the pack and play the hotel provided and wakes up every night between 2-4. It's just been easier to put him in bed with us then to fight him going back to sleep. 

We spent time shopping on Friday picking up last minute things for his party. I guess we shopped a bit to hard for him.

Connor does so well traveling and being out of his routine. We try to stick to a 9PM bedtime still but hotel life doesn't always allow for it. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I can't wait to share pictures and details with you about Connor's party!


  1. he is SO handsome... and those long eyelashes!! sorry to hear he was sick but glad he got to feeling better quickly.

  2. We aren't big co-sleepers, either. The only time we do it is if M is super sick (he's prone to croup, too), or if we're in a hotel.
    Your trip sounds like it's been pretty amazing.
    Can't wait to see Connor's party re-cap!


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