Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Parenting Style

A few months ago, a friend sent me an article from the Huffington Post detailing a new parenting trend. As a first time and somewhat new Mom, I hadn't quite figured out what type of parenting style I displayed. However, after reading the Huffington Post article, it was very clear that I practice the CTFD parenting style.

CTFD? Calm The F**k Down. Now before you think I shower Connor with daily eff bombs, the CTFD statement is for me, not for the child. Here are some examples:
  • When I begin to question if I'm doing enough to help Connor grow and learn at the rate of other 11 month olds, I tell myself to "Calm the f**k down" and stop comparing CJ to other children.
  • Connor doesn't seem as interested in the same things as other little boys and I begin to wonder if something is wrong. Hold up and "Calm the f**k down" and let him enjoy what he enjoys.
  • Bath time and bedtime kicked my ass and I forget to brush Connor's teeth. "Calm the f**k down" and brush them in the morning.
  • Something in the back of my brain causes me to doubt myself and my ability to be a good mom. Quit the pity party and "Calm the f**k down".
If you have been around the Mom Stephanie enough, you know I'm very much a go with the flow type of Mom. I don't get worked up over much. I tend to ONLY get bent out of shape when I can't get Connor to look at the camera and when he decides to tell me he is down eating by spitting his food in my face. Obviously, those are trivial things and as Connor matures, both will be eliminated.

But honestly, when things start getting to me and I can't see how I could possibly get through another hour let alone make it to bed time, I just look at this amazing little person that I'm molding and shaping and raising to be a wonderful, respectful, loving little boy and I tell myself that each child is different and Connor will get to where he needs to be on his own time, when he is ready, that life is a journey and not a race. But when these too practical pieces of advice don't sit well with me, I'll remind myself to just...

Calm the f**k down.


  1. I think I'm pretty go with the flow as well, in a lot of ways I think I treat Hunter more like a second child than a first. haha

  2. I regarding to parenting I think I'm pretty much go with the flow. In other aspects of life? I'm wound pretty freaking tight. The hubs often tells me to calm down... Which in turn pisses me off. Vicious cycle I tell you.

  3. Sometimes I really think people would judge harshly if they knew just how 'go with the flow' and laid-back we are as parents. I often concern myself in thinking that I don't worry ENOUGH about things regarding Henry. It's almost like he's my 2nd child instead of first, haha!


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