Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy {FIRST} Birthday Connor James!


Today is your day. A year ago today, the world became a happier, more loving place because you born. You are by far the most amazing part of our world. We have loved watching you grow, learn, change and become the little boy we love so much. 

Your personality has evolved so much the last month. And if I'm going to be real with you, you haven't been the easiest to deal with this last month. You've been sick the majority of the time and since we spent 2 weeks in Ohio, your schedule was pretty much nonexistent. Along with those factors, you have been very attached to me this month. But as always, you have a way of being a complete mess one minute to making me laugh and smile the next.

 I don't have the specifics on your height and weight but I would guess you are close to 22 pounds and (maybe) somewhere near 30 inches. You are can wear 9 month pants (you can think Momma and Daddy for the short legs) and 12 month tops. Your Halloween costume is actually 6-9 month so you're all over the place in regards to clothing. You have been eating so well and today we introduced whole milk into your diet. And because you love food like your parents, you drank it with no problem. I haven't found a food you don't like just yet. Some you just like more than others. A favorite? Grapes and mandarin oranges.

 I am so glad I got a photo of this face. You have been doing this with your lips a lot lately. It cracks your Daddy up. I think you just love the attention so you do whatever you can get the attention you want. Your vocabulary has grown as well this month. You can say: Momma, Dadda, Ru (Rudy), Get it, Oh and Wow. You make lots of other noises too but you are really starting to communicate with us more. You point too, which cracks us up. If you see something or want a certain toy, you point. Sometimes with both hands if you are super excited. And if that doesn't get you want you need, you scream. That's been fun, let me tell ya!

This is happening. Enter the need to pad everything! You usually take a good 5-7 steps before falling down. You still prefer to crawl as you can get to where you want to go much quicker that way. I'm fairly certain that you'll be a full fledged walker by Christmas (just in time for another trip to Ohio). 

Rudy just walked in your room. You get so excited when you see him for the first time each morning. You love your Ru Cat and he must love you, too, because you get away with torturing him on a daily basis. You pull his tail and drag him around. Just this week, you hit him in the head with a puzzle piece. And what did Rudy do? Nothing, just laid there like he does. 

Connor, so much has happened over the last 12 months. More than anything, Papa and I have fallen more and more in love with you. You bring so much joy, happiness and pride to our world. You really have blessed us more than you will ever know. I love everything about you. Even when you wake up at 4 am because even then, you are sweet and loving and it's the best time to cuddle. You have taught us so much this last year. No matter how old and big you get, you will forever be our baby boy.

Happy Birthday sweet Connor James!
We love you... to the moon and back!
Momma and Daddy


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet little Conner! He is so cute...this age HAS to be the best!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet, adorable Conner!!
    This stage is seriously one of my favorites (but I think I've said that for every stage:))! There's nothing better than watching their little personalities grow, and being able to legitimately interact. Love it.

  3. Ahh this is so sweet! My world turns 1 Saturday and I still can't wrap my head around it! Boys are so much fun :)


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