Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Pajama Party Link-Up

When Darci mentioned that she would be co-hosting a Halloween Pajama Party Link-up, I knew that I just had to link up! I mean, not only is Halloween my second favorite holiday, but our little pumpkin has some awfully cute pj's to wear this year! This virtual pajama party is the perfect way to share all the cuteness with ya'll!

Connor has a few pair of Halloween pajamas but these are my favorites. I remember watching "It's Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" as a child and loving every minute of it.

You can catch It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on ABC October 31 @ 8PM, ET.
I'm excited to start that tradition with Connor this year. And what better jammies to wear than this cute Snoopy Halloween pj's? I'm sure C is tired of me photographing his every. waking. move. but I just had to document his first real pair of Halloween pajamas. This might be his second Halloween but last year we were still in the hospital so I'm going to make up for it this year.

Please note that Connor had to "pose" with his Halloween/Pumpkin ducks. Baby boy is festive!


  1. Super cute PJs! Ok I have to ask -- aren't you worried about him getting out of his PJs or his feet getting cold? My C is 17mo and hasn't sleep in anything but feety PJs (which is why we have no Halloween ones this year) because she takes all socks off and I'm pretty sure would pull the shirt off if it was a 2 piece outfit! Maybe I'm over worrying? Sorry for the ramble C looks really cute in his PJs!!

  2. What a cutie!! :) I can't wait to watch Charlie Brown Pumpkin with my two this year!

  3. Loved Charlie Brown! We are going to have to watch The Great Pumpkin on Halloween.
    C is too cute in his festive jammies.

  4. Found you via the link up! Sounds like our boys are super close in age as we will be celebrating a big first birthday this weekend! :) Love the Snoopy Jammies!

  5. I love the duckies! So cute. Those snoopy jams rock!


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